SludgeLord Artist - Heron Interview is up

1. Tell how this Post Metal meets Sludge/ Atmospheric Doom sound come to be with Heron?

Scott - Heron had our first jam in the winter of 2013 with the Original lineup being myself, Ross Redeker and Spencer Clark on Drums . Ross and I had actually been talking for years about starting up an atmospheric type sludge band but instead we spent our time playing punk and grindcore influenced kind of stuff. Finally after 3 or so years of procrastination and general laziness Heron became our focus. We recorded our first EP and played a bunch of shows to support it. Spencer then decided to part ways around the time Jamie Stilborn had joined the band as our vocalist and noise Maker which shifted our sound. Shortly there after, Bina Mendozza moved to Vancouver and was looking for a band to join. That was essentially the real beginning of Heron. We had tied in the post metal vibe with atmospheric sludge and doom metal.  We recorded our second EP titled "Fire Twin" in early 2017 and did a few western Canadian tours to support the album. We also had the privilege of playing shows with High on Fire, Conan, Weedeater and the Dayglo Abortions last year. 2018 so far has been pretty killer for us.

2. Your 1st two EP's are self released and the new album " A low winter's sun" is only released digitally by label Sludgelord. How did how did you come to work with them and why not CD and Cassette with label?

Scott - Upon completion of A Low Winter's Sun we had decided rather than sitting on the album for an extended period of time to find a label we would self release it just to get it out. it wasn't a huge priority for us to find immediate support. I had setup a few reviews and track premieres to hype the album. One of them happened to be No Clean Singing. A few days after NCS had posted our first track I got a message from Aaron of Sludgelord Records. He was really stoked on what he heard and we were equally as stoked to have the chance to work with him! We were already set for release a week later so Aaron went hard to work making it happen in a short period of time, hence the reason why we self released A low Winters Sun on Cassette and Compact Disc. The outpour of support since joining Sludgelord Records has been incredible and we are extremely grateful to have Sludgelord getting our music out worldwide.

3. The album cover for " A low winter's sun" is stunning, eerie haunting and occult ridden. how does it play into the theme of the album?

Jamie - We went to an artist named Cryptworm who we have worked with before, gave him the titles and tracks, and he knocked it out of the park. The art and lyrics share themes and imagery like deep space, impenetrable forests, and forgotten ritual.

4. How do you fit into the current metal scene in Vancouver?? What is the live scene like there in 2018?

Bina - we appreciate our uniqueness in the Vancouver scene. Our style of slow and heavy with occasional blasts of speed have stood out at metal festivals this year. we keep connected, support the scene by going to shows and buying merch. we do more than just social media and we continue to enjoy the ride.

Scott - The live scene in Vancouver has been killing it for years. There are countless amazing bands here and always a couple of gigs a week to go to. We are lucky to be so close to the US border which attracts many touring bands coming through giving local bands the opportunity to play as support.

5. Do the members of Heron have other active projects they are working in or is Heron the focus for all now?

Bina - we are all focused on Heron and are present with this project. Were all very supportive of other projects. Jamie practices vocals with his other project being "fatherhood"
Bina keeps up her figure by playing drums in Mendozza, Momy Fortuna and Dead Friends, Scott keeps his marriage together by dooming it up with his wife and best friend in Sand Witch and Ross just needs some alone time.

6. In 2018 is a good Pr and Digital outlets what you need to get success in the underground extreme music world today?

Scott - I think it's very important to have good PR and some sort of representation in the online world. It starts to feel pretty old very fast when your constantly sharing your music and your band to just your friends on Facebook and Instagram. It will only spread so far. Having sludgelord records in our corner has definitely helped get our music out more across the globe rather then just in our own backyard. I also spend a fair amount of time sending out EPKs to blog sites, review columns, other bands etc. Never expecting to hear back but the response has been truly overwhelming. We are all very humbled and stoked that other people actually want to share what we are doing.

7. What bands are impressing the members of Heron currently?

Scott - we all generally have the same taste in music. It's no surprise that the new Yob album "Our Raw Heart" is at the top. Ross is a huge Sumac/ISIS fan (basically anything Aaron Turner does)
For me personally the last two Inter Arma albums are incredible. A very underrated band in my opinion. When we are on the road we always make a point to play anything from British grinders Cage Grind Noir. Killer road tunes!

8. Does image play a role in bands like Heron or is it the music pure outright that it's all about . As I really see image or visual play a role in how we as humans get fully emotionally attached to art.

Jamie - Try as we might, a band will never be just about the music. Artwork is a non-musical aspect that we can control but the audience seeing us live and in videos will inform their perception of our music. The only message we really try to convey with our image is that  we have a lot of fun playing sad songs.

9. If you could cover any song and make it sound like Heron what song and why?

Jamie - We absolutely would destroy a cover of 'Cocaine' by Eric Clapton. We would play it in A# and half speed. No head would be left unbanged.

10. Do you need Facebook, Twitter or is it more important to have music on Bandcamp and you tube today ?

Scott - We do not use Twitter but I think having a facebook page is equally important as having bandcamp and videos and albums on youtube. Events are easy to track as well as tour updates and recording progress etc.

11.  In four word explain your band to someone about to hear it for 1st time?

Bina - here's four sentences and some of these are quotes from fans

Best thing since prison
beating riffs to death
melting your face off
Insignificance existentialism loss doom

12. If you could make a proper video for any track on " A low winter's sun" which one and how would it look?

Jamie - We would make a video for The Great Attractor and it would be a shot for shot remake of the Michael Jackson Thriller video. We would even have scary cat eyes at the end!

13. If the members of heron stopped making music today how would you want to be remembered?

Jamie - We want to be remembered as the band that annoyed a 100 sound techs in a 100 hundred venues because we refused to turn down.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts place here