6 Composition's 6 Hymns to Madness 6 different Ideas good or bad....

Ancient Lights- S/T- CD/  DLP/ Digital (Ritual Productions)

Droning and Drifting Ambient Doom with a very ethereal over tone and element is what I'm getting from Ancient Lights. There is a surreal haunting and post rock style coming through out this as well. I could call it Post metal but is just to minimalist and lazy in the dark tones being presented for it to be metal.  I see this is a creating by Ben of the band 5ive and a label I released material on ODD Halo . and Adam of a Doom band called Rameses. There is a very Dark Wave, Doom and Post Black metal side to all of this . We are talking about Occult vibes going fullon here. I have a lot in coming with Wolvserpent , Tribes of Neurot and Trail of the Bow then I listen. I'm really digging what I'm here . Loving the  Primitive Drumming , Fuzzed out guitar in the distance Then we get Bluesy and Doomy with those Chanting vocals. Ok Ancient Lights you are winning me over . This album is odd, weird, moody and caustic all at the same time with all we have spoken about. Ritual Production interesting indeed. 


Nekrokraft- Servants- CD/ Digital ( The Sign)

Blackened Death with melodic and symphonic overtone is what is coming from this Swedish force. If your a fan of Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir or Immortal this is going to get you right in the heart and feel you with the majestic blackend sounds that will never let you go. There is a bombastic  Epic Death/Thrash/Black triple threat going on with this mother fucker. The production doesn't let you down at all either. The vocal snarls are perfect with the razor sharp guitar work and those blasting percussion movement and the strings and choirs in the backdrop. Lets not even get in to the sing along choruses going on with Nekrokraft.  Servants is modern sounding while keeping that Northern European Blackened Metallic song writing in tact so you really are getting the best of all. You can feel Bathory and Marduk with in this as well . Nekrokraft keep it up the 2nd time is better then the 1st. I look for more to come.


Witch Hammer- Canadian Speed Metal- CD/ Digital ( Nuclear War now !)

So this is a collection of demos and singles of a Thrash/ Speed metal band of the 80's and early 90's and yes I'm sure this was cutting edge in 1987 for 30 yrs later. I just don't see the need for this.When there are so many new and impressive band releasing music on Nuclear war now!. If want to hear old killer bands I have them all at my heads. This is one of the biggest let downs I have had in while to review. The music really is doing nothing for me listen to old Hellhammer, Sodom and Kreator to get what you really need to listen to. Ok I'm done and rather pissed for I went into a review for this.

A Forest of Stars- Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes- CD/ Digital/LP ( Prophecy Productions )

With each release this band come more into a landscape that very few others even dare to touch as the elements the mix are very dangerous to say the least to do well or correctly as they can come across as messy, amateur or just down right ugly. A Forest of star mix  Folk,  Goth,Viking, Post Black, Celtic and Doom metal into something that is as breathe taking and disturbing and mind altering. If you like bands like  Tenhi, Dorenriech, Negura Bunget, Arcturus, Secrets of the Moon and In the woods. then you need to start with day one of this bands career on Prophecy and move forward. The Complex Prog Black Doom mixed with Folk and Heathen elements are really second to none this band really does make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up with the level of talent and songwriting period. Bands like this a major undertakings and need to be respected for that alone and then when they are this good it's truly next level shit. Get this and all their back catalog or just plain miss out .


Morne-To the night unknown- CD/ Digital ( Armageddon/ Morne )

So an amazing music shop in Providence Armageddon home for the amazing Dropdead is giving me Morne  and from what I'm hearing this is going to be a massive Doom release with some strong Crusty Hardcore, Industrial Metal and Sludge moments ripping through out the album. I so hear the love of bands like Bolt Thrower, Swans, Unearthly Trance,  Disembowelment, Dusk and Mindrot just to name a few. Words can not explain how excited about listening to this . It mix elements of Goth Doom, Industrial doom to of  Phobos and Godflesh. Morne other album were always good but this one is clearly a cut above. Morne sound massive on this album alike a mountain of power, fury and pain and still have the epic fragile moments and emotions coming through out . This seems to be a split release as well on there own Morne label too . I love the Post Metal meets Sludge with those Industrial tone. Damn I know I'm repeating myself a bit but if you like the bands above I'm talking about this is going to be an album you will not want to miss. 2018 has had some great doom releases this is right on the top of them as well.


Helrunar- Vantias Vantiatvm- CD/ Digital/LP ( Prophecy Productions)

There are very few times you can put on an album and just know what your getting and this is some of the best Epic Black Death I have heard in a while  are you fans of  Dissection, Dawn, Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral, Aeternus, Vital Remains and Immortal . Well then it's time for the 7th chapter from Helrunar folks . Its really that simple.  Yes that are German and the vocal style makes it darker and more grim but the amazing soaring riffs and amazing percussive moments are all there and that amazing warm and full bass tone. The Symphonic and Acoustic work so well.  Bands like this is were Behemoth awoke and became the band they are today. Helrunar are as majestic as they are brutal and chaotic. Keep the black flame alive in all you do and let's make sure there are many more albums to come after this one.