Enter the Ugly side of metallic sounds

Blight House- Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre- CD/ Digital ( Nefarious Industries )

So we get album # 2 from this Duo out of Rhode Island. What do you get from a band called Blight House.  Gory Grinding Death metal with a strong Industrial over tone. I would say if Napalm Death meets Older Ministry at Nailbomb show. There is this odd Futuristic feeling to the Gore/ Horror and Grind going on with that blistering Death metal back Drop .The Samples are priceless of Murder, Torment and Torture. I feel elements  They do keep the tradition of  Exhumed and Impaled Alive I will say for sure  There are some very old school elements too of bands like Embalmer too . This is short and ugly each and every track and it needs to be this way . The more I listen the more there is a catchy side to all of this esp in the drum machine and way bass lines are done with the over the top effected vocals. You just need to give it a listen and see the sick brilliance of a band like  Blight House.


Trappist- Ancient Brewing Tactics- CD/ Digital /LP ( Relapse)

Well God Damn a new band with Chris Dodge  of ( Dodgeball and Slap a ham) fame and Phil Vera of ( Despised You and Crom) what the hell do you think your going to get Short/ Fast and Blistering crusty Punk meets grinding hardcore riffs and you would 1000% on track for that you got with Trappist. Dirty, Ugly and Nasty is what you are getting with the vocals and stellar productions were you can hear all the bluesy crusty hardcore that is supposed to come from a band like this. This gets very fast anarchist punk at times and those songs are really the ones that shine. It reminds me of those bands in the late 80's you would see at squats like ACB NO RIO in NYC.  Also if you bands like  Born Against, His Hero is Gone,  Drop Dead and Tragedy you are going to love this full on.  Now it's your turn get on this and enjoy...


Lecherous Nocturne- Occultaclysmic- CD/ Digital ( Willowtip Records)

Chaos comes in many different forms and sound and with Lecherous Nocturne comes Brutal and Tech Death metal in the highest of orders. The talent and skill level are second to none in arrangement and song writing. Making memorable extreme Death Metal is very hard to do and Lecherous Nocturne does it again wth this album. Now on Willow tip after a run on labels like Unique Leader and Deepsend. The Speed and Heaviness is so stunningly heard from the bass heavy production and the vocal assault coming from the speaker. This really is one of most impressive Death metal bands currently in the USA.  The do add some Blackened and Hardcore elements but they never over shadow the Death Metal Core at heart. Willowtip got a gem of an album in the making. This should be a top extreme release in 2018 for sure . Just take a listen.