Profound Lore Artist- Of Feather and Bone Interview

Interview done by Alvino Salcedo 

1. With  Bestial Hymns I've made my intro to the band tell me how the  guttural grinding Black Death sounds differ from other releases?

The sound on this release has been in the works for a while now. Our last record was written and recorded a year before it saw a release. Upon that, we toured on that record for a year. By that time, the sound has already evolved into what you hear now even before the last LP was released. That’s why we did the 2016 demo. It was a way to ease listeners into what we were going to really strive and aim for on the full length.

2. Is this your debut with Profound Lore I see early album on Good Fight how did you come to work with  Profound Lore and what are you hoping from the partnership?

We had just wrapped up the tracking and basic mixing of “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” when we came into contact with Profound Lore. He heard the album and we immediately clicked as a partnership. Thus far, profound lore has been nothing short of amazing to work with.

3. I hear elements of Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Marduk , Immolation, Nasum, Napalm Death and Dismember in the music and vocals . What are the bands that influenced the new album?

We never really set out to let any particular band be overly influential in the way we write. We play what we would like to listen to. There’s definitely comparisons people can make to our sound, but when we write we aim to stay as creative as we can.

4. How does the  Of Feather and Bone  differ live from on record?

When we record we mainly use all the same gear we do live. We try to sonically capture in the studio what we are able to do live. As far as a live setting, we just want to be as fast, loud and heavy as we can be but still let the riffs, vocals and drums shine.

5. I have to ask where did the band name come from and how does it play into bands ideals?

It came from bouncing a ton of ideas off of one another a long time ago. When we came to the name, it was unique enough that we knew no one would ever take or use it. And it’s stayed with us this long because it’s not something we really overly think about. If anyone wants to solely judge our band based off of the name, then it’s their problem if they don’t take time to check the content out beyond the name.

6. What music is impressing the members of the band?

Currently: bands like mortiferum, fetid, superstition, tomb mold, the new grave upheaval, ascended dead and a ton more. There’s a lot of cool bands coming from the underground recently that we all try and check out.

7. Is  Of Feather and Bone the only musical outlet for band members or do you have other projects you like to talk about?

PW (drums) plays in a few rock style bands here in Denver but nothing serious. Of feather and bone takes a lot of our time creatively and just in general, that it’s made life a little easier to just keep this band as our main focus.

8. If you could pick any song of  " Bestial Hymns" and make a proper video what song and how would you want it to look?

I can speak on my own personal behalf, but I think “hymn of Perversion” sonically represents a lot of the album. It’s chaotic yet crushing in its own way. I guess I’d imagine the visual video of it to be dark, gross, chaotic and something that just leaves the viewer pummeled.

9. How does  art, image and occult play into how  fan see Of Feather and Bone ?

As long as the art is gross, putrid, blasphemous and just overall dark; we’re happy haha. It’s a gateway to allow the listener to be mentally prepared for the sonic end of our band.

10. How has the digital age changed the way  Underground artist create and get noticed?

Mainly, I feel so much music is available to people now. Before, you had to go to a record store, take a gamble on a record and really
Oh man. Definitely. When I was younger, you’d gamble on a cd and if you liked it you’d read the liner notes and see other bands they thanked and you’d go buy those records. It was harder to connect with people across the world let alone in another city. Now, you can listen to whatever whenever and the over saturation of bands and music is overwhelming. One minute a band posts their new demo and the next week you don’t see shit about posted anymore. Now, you have to hustle maybe even harder than before. You gotta tour and push and promote so you don’t get lost in the mix.

11. The album art must play a role into the new albums theme . What is the story behind new album?

We sent the songs and lyrics to the artist and kinda gave him a gist of what the album was about. He took it upon himself to create the images. When he did them both, we all agreed that both versions would fit well. The album takes a stance against Christianity in the point of view of indigenous cultures everywhere. So many cultures and ways of life have been ruined and put to extinction due to the Christian plague.

12. If the member could no longer play music tomorrow what other things would fill that void?

DG (guitars) is an esteemed chef and has made a career out of it. PW (drums) is an artist and will always be in tune with art and music. clue haha.

13.  Does Denver have a thriving extreme underground music scene any bands there you like to give press too?

Denver is being noticed a lot these days for metal. With bands like Blood Incantation, spectral Voice, khemmis, Primitive man and more; our city has a ton of bands that span many genres and it’s awesome because we can all play shows together and the scene will support it.

14.  If there was one band you could tour with , who would it be and why?

I can only speak for myself cuz I’m sure the other dudes have their opinions: but personally, I’d like to tour with dead congregation. We recently played with them in Mexico City and I think they define modern death metal. Their set was flawless, they write incredible music and keep death metal where it belongs.

15. If you were offered a deal by a big label like  Nuke Blast or Century media do you think you would accept or is a home like  Profound lore perfect ?

Profound lore has been amazing cuz it’s so personal. If I have questions I know they will be answered. We both look out for each other’s best interest. The label is curated by taste and quality and  it necessarily for monetary gain. If a bigger label or whatever approached us, we’d cross that bridge when or if we got there.

16. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here

Thanks a ton dude for the questions. Listen to tomb mold.