4 Movements into madness for my flock... Amen ...

DØDSMASKIN -Fiende-CD/Digital ( Cyclic Law)

Dark electro driving industrial with some clear Power noise elements going on here as well as Power electronics. DØDSMASKIN  are quite a pissed off and angry Duo from Norway indeed. I can see why they Malignant and now  Cyclic law has this force under their belt. Death industrial is also a term I would not say is out of the question for  explaining the sound of  DØDSMASKIN.  The nightmarish machine tone work so well with the driving rhythms and harsh noise . So Glad I got to this album now as its a perfect soundtrack for my evening . As we move further into the album there are droning Symphonic elements going on as well that just make the album all the more haunting and chilling to say the least . These are 5 Tracks that truly never let up or fail on you and keep the mind swirling and wanting more through out. Droning Industrial Noise with a side of Power noise or good measure that is what I'm getting and I'm sticking to it . Time for you to get off your ass and witness it as well.


HYPNO5E: Alba - Les Ombres Errantes- CD/ Digital ( Pelagic)

Oh where to begin with this as this is going to an album that Changes musical perception for sure .  They are French and music from that nation as always been cutting edge for me think of  Old Dead Tree, Aosoth, Blut Aus Nord, Gojira and Alcest to name a few and this is more on the Progressive and Cinematic side of the post metal world with amazing vocals, acoustics, string and classical elements all in the picture. I'm not sure what it is but this is a stunning and epic under taking to say the least. They come very much from that Alcest, Anathema, Antimatter in the way it is presented even very much like Porcupine Tree. Hypno5e clearly know how to create and drive an album to amazing levels and breathe taking sounds. I will just end this review with is you like bands like  Tenhi , Green Carnations, Klmt1918  and Dorenriech then this is a win on so many levels .


LLNN-Deads-CD/LP/ Digital ( Pelagic )

Gee what little gem of sonic Destruction was I just presented with ? This is Post Metal, Post Hardcore, Post Doom and a heavy dose of noise rock thrown in for good measure . Are you fans of Cult of Luna, Converge, Neurosis and His hero is gone . Well welcome to the promised land my friends as if you put a fist fight with bands like Deadguy, Fudge tunnel and  Halo we have achieved the goal in mind here. Fragile, Unstable, Loud and Melodic at the same time as Droning , Drifting and massive is all we have going on hear. The vocals are just in the constant torment that music is releasing 90% of the time. This is a a record if you like the bands I'm talking about you should be running to listen to . 2nd album from Pelagic and 2nd one impressing the shit out of me. This label needs way more exposure for sure and I'm just the man to help them with this .


ASSUMPTION - ABSCONDITUS- CD, LP, Digital ( Senitent Ruin Laboratories )

Another Duo there must be something to having two creative forces in a band huh... Well with Assumption I hear Post Doom mixed with Slow and sickly Doom/Death. If there are anything I hear from this there is a Crust and Grind element to the over all style but I would say it more a mix of Disembowelment, Dusk, Worship and Incantation in how is coming it's almost a Sci fci Slow Death metal band with the love of haunting and creepy Doom Death is what I'm getting .  Oh here come the Esoteric and Dolorian elements for sure. Ok I just fucking love this band hands down. I needed this band in my life . I hear Thergothon and Evoken at times too. Oh sweet Father Wotan this is just getting better with every note.  Looking at this there are just two glorious long tracks to sink your teeth into as well. I need more and will be going to the back catalog to get my fix as I'm sure you will as well.