3 Doom Hymns for a quick review taste from yours truly ...

Dark Buddha  Rising- II- CD/ Vinyl/Digital ( Neurot Recordings )

This is a very Trippy Ethereal  Doom Journey that is taking a ride into the  experimental  Post Metal realms as well. They left the very left field to work with Neurot for the last two album and both are master works of  Avant , Spacial and Other Worldly elements.  With  Dark Buddha rising we get Done and Sludge elements as well .   II can be as ugly as it is beautiful in presentation . You can hear bands like  Cult of Luna, OM, Melvins , Earth, 3rd and the mortal and Early Cathedral in this .  We have a band that  crosses  genres and boundaries like it's nothing at all . There is so much power and fury in most of this and the way it lumbers along the two very long tracks . I would even say it has elments of bands like  TAD, Crowbar and C.O.C at times as that blues dirge comes in. The vocals are so crust/sludge filled you can feel the nightmares coming from the speakers. Ok enough gushing ..  Clearly just get this or your missing out.


Body Void- I Live Inside A Burning House -Digital/Vinyl/ Cassette/CD ( Crown And Throne Ltd/Dry Cough Records/Seeing Red Records)

This is mind-numbing Painfully slow sludge crust in the way I love my Doom in the way bands like  Cavity, Buzzoven, Grief, Eyehategod , His Hero is gone , Corrupted and Noothgrush have given us over the year as world of new bands  but i'm old so going with the bands I know and love. This is soul stealing , bleak, hateful Doom in the way that it actually takes those feelings from the fan and makes the music extra spite filled, nasty and razor sharp. This has very punk feel to it like all the bands above do. I adore this album and want to just see them live . As I need to witness this madness on stage and see if it can transition itself to that surrounding. Body Void is truly the next wave of  Sludge Crust and the production is so heavy and clear. I reminds me of a few Relapse/ 20 Buck Spin  bands too Unearthly Trance , Inverloch and  Graves at Sea ..  This is a punishing album to say the least . 


 Slomatics/ Conan- Split- Digital/LP ( Black Bow Records)

So we have 3  Tracks by each 1st I'm listening to  Conan as they are the A side of this release. Conan to me is a more Doomy  Clutch mixed with elements of  Kyuss and Morgion if that makes since at all. Conan is a very Ethereal Doom band to say the least. I hear a lot of a band called  Black Cobra in them as well.  Now on too the Slomatics this is  Sludgy Doom with that low end groove that makes it noisy , blues and trippy at time . I never want to call Slomatics stoner but that have those elements in same way Monster Magnet does is the Magnet were a sludge doom band you have it here . I really think I have said it all this is  DOOM and if your looking for 6 tracks of  DOOM then look no further. Stunning work by both sides of the release.