Malignant Records Artist - Abjection Ritual Interview

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1. As I've read the new more Industrial Doom sound a change in path?  Tell us about the how Abjection Ritual sound came here?
I've always had the intention of eventually adding in more instrumentation and have actually used guitar and bass on older recordings albeit heavily effected and unrecognizable . I was growing bored working with the same equipment and composing methods that I had used in the past and missed the visceral impact of a live band set up .
2. I hear  Swans, Neurosis and  P.H.O.B.O.S in " Soul of  Ruin" what bands have brought you this the style we hear in 2018?
Neurosis , Godflesh , Halo , Skin Chamber , Swans are all major influences
3. How does the album cover play into the themes of  " Soul of Ruin" as there seem to be a strong story going on here.
The album cover is the artist's interpretation of the album title. I gave no suggestions at all other than the title and lyrical themes . I am very pleased with the results .
4. You have been with  Malignant Records for a few records this is the most Hardcore and Metallic release on label that is known for Harsh industrial and Dark electronics . What was the initial thoughts from label?
Jason Mantis ( Malignant ) was very supportive and enthusiastic about the new direction . I was initially a bit worried about what he would think but he ended up liking it a lot .
5. If you were to explain the band’s sound on new album in 4 words what words would you choose?
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6. What is a live performance like for  Abjection Ritual ?
To date , I've only ever played either alone or with one other person when performing as Abjection Ritual . As we speak I have been practicing with a full band version and it's coming along rather well . Our first show as a full band is in a few weeks so we shall see how it goes . It's really just a test run for the Darkness Descends fest in Cleveland on June 16 .
7. If you could make a proper video for any song off the new album?  What track and how would you wanted it presented
Hmmm.... I would probably choose Carnassial Passage due to it being the most cinematic sounding track and also the subject matter would make for an interesting video . The song is about mutual cannibalism and is loosely based on a case out of Germany Victim of cannibal agreed to be eaten
8. How have things like  Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter  and Digital media changed underground music in 2018. How does an underground band get noticed and thrive in these digital days?
I feel that the internet has ruined " underground " music in a way that negatively affects both labels and artists . People seem to feel entitled to get everything for free and there is a level of devaluation in regards to physical releases . Streaming has made this problem much worse in my opinion . Although it is easier now to promote and release music we have reached an oversaturation point . Too many bands and too little quality control .
9.  Where do you see the Future sounds and style of Abjection Ritual heading for next releases?
I'd like to more successfully incorporate the electronic / industrial elements within the traditional band instrumentation . We will continue down the road of " Blood Mother " and   " Old Sins " . At the same time , if a track doesn't require any electronic elements then we are okay with that too . Whatever serves the song .
10. What are the members of Abjection Ritual currently listening to?
As far as new stuff for me - Stromstad , COC - No cross , No Crown , Spectral Voice , Portal - Ion , Ghastly - Death Velour , Black Salvation -Uncertainty Is Bliss , Vassafor - Malediction , Primitive Man - Caustic , Skin Crime -Ghosts I Have Been , Mania -Little Pieces Of Violence , Godflesh - Post Self
11.  Do the members have other projects they work in you would like to talk about at all?
Zach (drums ) and Dave ( live bassist ) both play in a band called Black Moon Mistress which is definitely worthy of your attention .
12. If you could collab with any artist who would it be and why?
David Bowie because he's fascinating and amazingly talented . He's dead though so maybe David Lynch .
13. Let's say music wasn't an option what other creative outlets to you think the members of Abjection Ritual would stir the pot in?
I can't speak for the others but I myself would try writing and /or documentary film making .
14. How does image and art play into extreme music for a band like yours?
The artwork on the releases is extremely important . It should be a whole cohesive package , the audio and visual aspects should be thematically unified . I love immersing myself in an album and staring at the artwork , reading the lyrics while listening . This is the reason that I cannot stand streaming music and the devaluation of physical product . It just goes to show how fucking lazy people are and how convenience is valued over art . As far as any " image " goes , we don't really have one in the sense that we don't dress up in robes or corpse paint or whatever . The music is inspired by and reflects the human condition , extreme emotions and the feelings of living in a world devoid of any meaning . I don't feel the need to play dress up in order to express these themes in a live setting properly. It's just naked animalistic emotion that I want to tap into .
15.  Thank you for the time; any closing thoughts here

Thank you very much for your interest and support.