Week starts Aural waves will be explained

Post Pulse- Halls of the Damned- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

They are ex members of two bands I have not heard of  The Eating-Man Tree ( Century Media) and Hung ( The End Records).  This is very complex/ Tech Death metal with a melodic side of it as well. They have a very Jazzy modern Death metal sound for me. Remind me a bit of Gorguts, Cynic even elements of bands like Gigan and Mithras. This is a very talented force to say the least and they go all over the Death metal genre sometimes in to a very Prog and Tech side that almost make them have a sci fi element to all that is going on.  Don't be fool this is very much a Death metal force the guttural vocals and in your face guitar work will never let you forget that. I can see why Post Pulse got signed to Inverse they are I very impressive new band out of Finland waving the banner for it's nations extreme metal very powerfully.


Siberian- Through Ages of Sleep -CD Digital ( The Sign)

Here we go again this mixes, Post Hardcore, Sludge metal, Noise rock and and some futuristic tones and elements. I love to call this kinds of music Post Metal as it works on so many levels there are even Oriental and Eastern elements in the tracks being created here. This Swedish force would be just as home on labels like Neurot, Hydra head or Southern Lord in the sounds that are coming from here there is so much going on here . This is what the future of metal will sound like for years to come there are even some very cool Post Black metal feelings going on through out this massive attack of any album.  I will be giving this albums many spins to be for sure.


Gridfailure- Scathed- CDR/ Digital (  Earsplit/ The Compound/ Darker Days Ahead)

Dark Industrial, Twisted and Tormented Sounds. Darkness on a level that few experimental bands are creating these days. This brings to mind the old days of labels like  Release, Malignant,  Dark Vinyl, Loki Foundation, CMI etc. There is a sickness and a unease coming from the speakers here . This is a truly pissed off minimalist noise album that reminds me of many of the best things that have come from these labels and more. Nordvargr, Masonna , Inade, Whitehouse would all be very proud of what Gridfailure is creating here and if you like anything I'm talking about here you would be a fool to not check this out !!!!


Dead Asylum- Death Always Wins -CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Melodic  Swedish loved Death metal with a very crusty underbelly. This reminds me so much of bands like At the gates, Early Inflames, Dismember and Carnal Forge. This is everything you loved about darker crusty death metal in the late 90's then they get a bit tech and over the top guttural death too. Oh wait then we have a death metal vocal with full on thrash metal riffage. Ok Dead Asylum are more then meets the eyes my friends. I was not ready for this German/ Bay area thrash explosion to come from this band that was bludgeoning me a few moments ago with the most brutal of death metal tones and songs. This can be a amazing ride just you stay with what Dead Asylum is doing with this musical adventure. There is nothing more that needs to be talked about now it's your turn to listen.


The Ruins of Beverast- Exuvia- CD/ Digital ( Van Records)

Dark Metal that comes across as haunting and otherworldly. There is something just not of this earth about this band and they mix Doom. Black, Industrial and Occult elements into a Pagan Dark metal event of wonder and mystery to say the least. This will not be any album for everyone this is some of the material you come into after listen to Doom and Black metal for a while as there are some veyr dissident tones and arrangements that are just down right bleak and terrifying at face value. There is a very cold and distant ethereal side to all of what  The Ruins of Beverast present to us . If you like bands like Bethlehem, Beherit, Cult of Fire and Aosoth are very brothers in the same realm. Again this will not be an easy journey but it will be a very fruitful on if you take the time to explore a band like this properly and let all the waves of aural chaos soak in and see that is coming from the other side.