6 new rituals for a Holiday weekend in USA..

Necrot- Blood Offerings-CD/ LP/ Cassette/ Digital ( TankCrimes/ Sentient Ruin)

AH the mix of old school Death metal, Extreme thrash and those amazing Bay area riffs we all know and love. Wow is come to me as a cross between Early Crusty / Grind Death metal. Are you a fan of  Band like Mid period Napalm Death, Demigod, Brutal Truth and more current Behemoth. I really digging the sound of this band and the album has a massive sound and production that helps so much for a band like  Necrot.  You can hear a lot of earlier Bolt Thrower too. You know what you're getting from Necrot and if you like this side of more Melodic Based Crusty and Bombastic Death metal this is going to be a classic in the making for you my friend. I even hear elements of Dismember and At the Gates going on here so yes this is a very classic Crusty Death metal force that will be making this guy listen to " Blood Offerings" a few more times to say the least.


Perpetual Rage - Empress of the Cold Stars- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

Hold Crap full on retro power metal in the way three bands has sounded for over 20 yrs and the moment you begin listening to Perpetual Rage  you will hear these three band.  Helloween, Iron Maiden and Grave Digger. Damn this album could have been recorded in 1982 and it would have been something you would have ran to get with new Maiden album if you were a metal fan. I was not ready for this total immersion of classic power metal tones and arrangements in a way that is truly second to none . Empress of the cold stars should be opening for Iron Maiden on this tour and they would has hundreds of thousands of albums sold by the end of the tour. Hands down. The areas would be full for them as opening act just by word of mouth. Ok there's in not more to say. You know what hour mission classic metal fans.


Kabbalah - Spectral Ascent- CD/ Digital ( Twin Earth )

I was taken a back by what I just got here and the shock is a very pleasant one indeed this band should be on Svart records as they sound like many of the artists on the label mixing the 70's fuzzed out style with Doom rock side of the scene I love the two bands they remind me of because of the amazing female vocals mix with the Dark Rock and Occult elements are  Sabbath Assembly and Ides of Gemini . There is a total alignment with Hexvessel and  Jess and the Ancient ones too. I totally loving this band more then I ever should with this amazing angelic vocals and full of dirty fuzzed out guitars, organs and jazzy drums. I feel like i'm watching some 70's Italian Horror movies or  Art house feel that has me going in a very bad place. Think Grindhouse films ... Kabbalah is thr Mother F---king Cats Meow folks. This was a great surprise and so glad to get a chance to listen and hear the talents in front of me.


A Flourishing Scourge- S/T- CD/ Digital ( Begotten Records)

Mmmmm another avantgarde extreme metal band from from the Pacific North West of the United States. I swear they are starting to plant them yearly for harvest there. This crop is called A Flourshing Scourge and from the Rainy and Dreary Seattle area.  Full on Post Black Death with elements of Epic metal, Prog Rock and Occult movement . This you are a fan of many of these bands that like to mix old and new into something that would have more come from Norway or Sweden 10 yrs ago bands like CODE, DHG, Borknagar, Ihsahn and Satyricon. Then you are about to have a very amazing musical journey. The band has made one hell of an album I can tell you that and there is not a bad track on the album that I can hear. It's just more of the same and these bands need to space themselves out some of find something to be all there own all those bands did that  and there is were the magic came. A Flourishing Scourge has the the Potential to be something very impressive .. Hone your skills and you will get there for sure.


Bury the Machines - Wicked Covenant- CD/ Digital ( Midnite Collective)

So I'm reading a bit about this project and it seems to be ex member of Yakuza a band I have always been very impressed with taking elements outside of extreme metal and bringing them into to make it fresh and innovative and with Bury the Machines this seems to be mixing element of Post Hardcore, Industrial, Electronica, Doom  and Black metal and adding another very Ethereal layer to it all to make them have that other worldly over tone come out and really shine. Bury the Machines like to mix the Beautiful , Ugly , Angelic and Sinister into some one that doesn't sound like any one but sounds like many of the fringe bands you will very much like that mix the Electronic,industrial and Noisy Post Metal realms into a wonderful new horizon of music. I will not mention bands here as you will hear them through out the three new tracks here. The three track have a run time of over 22 mins so it's a long EP and will worth the listen. The Industrial Doom over tone I think is what is truly winning me over though and now it's your time to explore and see what gems you can pull out of Bury the Machines. There are so many..


Ordem Satanica - Monte Da Lua- CD/ Digital ( Signal Rex)

Raw Low fi  Occult Black metal from Portugal . I swear this was recorded on a 4 Track Tascam Cassette recorder at a show through the wall of another room. There is grim and cult and then there is a band trying to sound like the early demos of black metal from Norway, Sweden, Germany France and Poland. There is is only static, high end, noise and nightmarish vocals going on. I  know this was all done on purpose and it works well for the aesthetics . I really get  all they are trying to do and make it as nasty and un-listenable for every one but those that have the understanding of were this style of music came from. Black Demo Noise should be a new genre as many of the Tru Cvlt Bands of 21st century are going for this again. I do like this as I started listening to Black metal with Bathory and Mayhem.. This is going to be off putting by many and I'm sure they are wanting that .  This for fans of labels like No Colours, Pagan Records and Van Records.