Twin Earth Artist- Kabbalah interview is up

1.Tell how this trio of female Occult Rockers came to be Kabbalah?

C- Marga and I started it, after being in a previous band together. We didn't discuss anything about genres, but put ideas together and what came as a result was a dark occult style. Alba arrived some time later, fitting perfectly with the sound and style, and bringing more dark ideas. I can't conceive Kabbalah now if is not with the 3 of us.

2. I so much of bands on the Svart label esp bands like Sabbath Assembly, Jess and the Ancient ones and Hexvessel . But also hear elements of Ides of Gemini as well.  Were did this  Occult 70's rock sound meets Italian hammer horrror  movies soundtrack come from?

C-Is not something that we have pursued. I guess it has just come naturally.

3. The music is so infectious . Was that the plan to start with. The Fuzzed out rock with amazing Dark Pop elements all mixed in with that Proto Doom style?

C-We really didnt had a plan... apart from being fans of Black Sabbath. We all bring ideas and the mix of them is the result.

4, What is the theme behind  " Spectral Ascent" ?

A There really is no theme that unites all the album songs

5. Twin Earth is a very new label to me . How did you sign with them and how has it been so far?

C-Ric, from the label, contacted us, and we started to talk about how cool would be to work together. So we did it, and has been great so far. The label is promoting our music and it's reaching a lot of new people. And that's what we want, to get to as many people as posible.

6. Whats the underground scene in Spain in 2017 there seems to be a growing scene ?

A. There are many good bands everywhere if you look for them

7. What bands are impressing  Kabbalah at this time?

C-Impressing Kabbalah, as a whole... I think we are all very much into "Om" lately

8. Were do you see the sound of Kabbalah heading on future albums?

C- So far is getting darker and darker, but who knows.

A- Since the recording of Spectral Ascent we have worked on a new secret song we can't say anything about. And making new songs together is getting easier as we do more and more

9. How does the live performance differ from the album and what do we expect as a stage show?

C-We try to be as coherent as posible, that's why we mostly record the songs as we are going to play them live, and work on the voices a lot when rehearsing. We feel dissapointed when we see bands live that use prerecorded choruses. We try to create a dark atmosphere on the shows, with the music but also with attitude, candles, incense...

10. Are the members of Kabbalah fans of 21st century Social/ Digital Media  ( Twitter, Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram etc)

C- We use bandcamp, facebook and youtube to promote ourselves.. trying to keep an updated twitter account these days. You have to adapt to these times, guess, but always buy records.

11. If you could cover any song what would it be and why?

A. We don't do covers live. If we had to because it was a matter of life, I wouldn't like something obvious like Black Sabbath

13.  What would a proper video look like for Kabbalah and what track would it be for?

C-We have a few videos actually that you can check on youtube. We have used so far fragments of old dark movies related with the theme of the song. Soon will be out a new video, for the song Resurrected that we have filmed ourselves.

14. Do the members of Kabbalah have other projects they record or play with if so tell us about them.

A. I play and record on and off with Prehistoric Mermaid

15.Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

C- Enjoy the darkness, and thank you!!

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