Inverse / Third I Rex/ The Braves Artist - Oddhums Interview is up

1. I have to ask were did this mix of Post Metal, Grunge, Shoegaze, Fuzzy Drone Doom and Trip rock come from?

Will – Well, I don´t know exactly how to answer to this question. We were clear that we wanted to make something blunt and dark at the same time, and all those genres are the soundtrack of our lives, so I think that the whole process has been natural for us.

2. I got the Promo for The Inception from both Third I Rex and Inverse label how did you come to work with both ?

W - We met Joni from Inverse through Daria, a fan from Russia. We both got good vibes immediately and he helped us in all the EU promo. Roberto from Third I Rex contacted us a few weeks later. He made us a proposal to launch our work collaborating with our label here in Spain, The Braves Records. They all understand music in the same way as we do. We are very happy to work with all these guys.

3. Your music is something that reminds me of bands like Shudder to Think, Aeges , Obsidian Kingdom, Killing Joke, The God Machine, Soundgarden and Earth all mixed into something haunting and wonderful at the same time. did you have a focus on the sound of album or this it take a left of it's own?

W - We really like all those bands you mentioned, but we didn’t have any of them in mind when we started composing the songs. We try to make the music that we have inside as best as we can and in the most honest way.

4. When you perform live what is the live show like and what kind of crowds are the ones that really draw to you is it more Heavy indie rock crowds or the Experi metal folk?

W – We’re starting the tour in a few weeks time, so we still don’t  know how it will be working for people. We don’t like tags, so we invite all kind of people to hear our music and come to our concerts. Maybe someone unfamiliar with heavy music would be surprised.

5. What is the theme behind The Inception release?

W - As the name suggests, is a start. With its uncertainties, difficulties and satisfactions. The songs speak of the disagreement with oneself and with society that each one through his life.

6. What bands are impressing Oddhums currently?

W - Deafheaven, Oathbreaker and Oranssi Pozuzu are bands that blow our minds away.

7. If you have the funds to make a proper video what would you want it to look like and what track would express that best?

W - I think that ‘Big Brave’ is the song that we choose. I think is the song that best represents our concept of sound. We really like Glich Art, so we think that the video could be in this direction.

8. Has the digital age changed the way bands present the music and does it make it easier for a wider expression of musical ranges where before you were on a label with like minded artist ?

W – I think that in general terms digital age is a good thing to spread the music and reach as many people as possible all over the world, but It is still pending that all the money that moves through the network within the music industry have repercussions to the bands.

9. What the underground music scene currently like in Spain I dont get many releases from there sadly. What bands do you perform with in your area most often or feel a kindship with?

W - If we talk about Spanish bands, you can find incredible bands like Santo Rostro, De La Cuna a la Tumba, Degraey, Grajo, The Dry Mouths, Buensuceso, Pylar, El Altar del Holocausto… The list is endless. We just need to start to believe in ourselves and work hard to spread our music abroud.

10. How does image play a role in this band and what are you wanting your fan base to see or is it more just the musical overtones that plays on the themes of Images?

W- We know that the image of a band is important, but we also think that image can’t be more important than music.  Unfortunately, nowadays we can see many bands putting the image in the first place.
11. If you could cover any song what would it be and would you want to cover it note for note or make it your own?

W – We prefer to do our own music, but I recognize that I would like to make ‘Murderer’ from ‘Low’ and do it our way

12. If a major label came an offered you a deal is it something that you think would work for Oddhums or are the days of the Rockstar truly gone?

W – Those days died in 90’s, my friend. But in the hypothetical case of that thing would happen ... fuck yes!. That meant that there is intelligent life outside the mainstream.

13. What would you say to new bands starting out to get noticed in 2017?

W – Work hard, take it easy, play it loud and enjoy the ride.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here..

W – Thanks to you guys for the work you’re doing here. It’s nice to find people that really cares about underground music and musicians. People like you make this worthwhile.
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