4 new reviews to bring in 2017!!!!

Ulcerate- Shrines of Paralysis- CD/ Digital ( Relapse Records)

At the heart of this monster is a Death metal release . Where the twists and turns come from are the mix of Tech, Prog and Post Metal to a place that this is a very modern and futuristic sounding Death metal release with some very epic elements. I hear movements that bands like  Red Harvest, Gorguts, Meshuggah , Gigan and Avangelist to name a few. This massive sounding album and there are these times through out were its  just a guitar over effected echoing in the distance and you get that chill knowing that your listening to something special and albums like this just don't come around in the Death metal realm every day. Very very stunning and you need to experience it as well.


The Black Scorpio Underground- Necrochasm-CD/LP ( Husk/ Prison Tatt)

There are  Three bands that have given me this same feeling they are very few and far between and the three that come to mind are MZ412, Valefor and Kerovanian . If you have heard these bands you get were I'm going with this . This is total Black Noise with heavy doses of  Occult Power electronics as well. There are moments of Steel Hook Prostheses and TOMBS going on in this beast. Samantha from TOMBS guests on this as well so that would make sense . I even hear parts of Stalaggh in this creation as well. This is made my fractured minds for sure that are not here to help they are here to cause  mayhem, Chaos and torment all that are very clear on a recording like this. This is eternal the madness doesn't stop and will make sure if you let it . The madness will take you with it.


Science of Sleep- Hellmouth- CD/ Digital ( Bastardized Records)

Were some extreme metal forces work in one canvas there are many others that see the ways of mixing colors and tones into something that takes the old, new and something that would not be thought of as a traditional style to the fold and rewritten that idea. Science of Sleep is doing that by mix Death metal, Hardcore, Experimental Noise Rock and Grindcore into a world that has no rules and will need to be paved by Power, Fury, Volume and Exploration. This is one powerhouse of a extreme metal album and will not disappoint for a moment . There are some strong Swedish and Dutch  Metal touches going on through out the tracks. I can hear a lot of heavy slamming grooves too that really work for the album over all.  Science of Sleep is not any easy listen and great music never is . Yes I said great music and for the extreme music scene this is a step forward to a bright future.


Netherbird- The Grander Voyage- CD/ Digital ( Black Lodge)

When you hear melody, darkness , sorrow , hope all in a very progressive death metal package an album will make you turn your head and with Netherbird you hear all this and so much more . Prog Metal, Gothenburg  Death metal, Post Black metal and very much that early Avantgarde Doom metal vibe is all going on at the same time with this unit. This reminds me of all the great challenging metal records from the late 90's / Early 00's there is even that Viking/ Bathory tone from time to time with Netherbird. I here so much Thyrfing, Falkenbach,  Dissection, Kataonia and Dark Tranquility going on here . Ok I'm going to just end this review saying I love this album and with each listen it's  Melodic Blackened Doom/ Death story makes me see why I loved this style of music for over 20 years now.