5 Reviews for a new age of promise...

Mikko Joensuu- Amen2- CD/ Digital/LP (Svart Records)

 Cinematic Post Rock with a love for  Americana and Avant Indie rock. I hear elements of Pixies, Soul Asylum, Caspian,  Mogwai , Jayhawks and  Kate Bush in the way this is being presented there are so many layers going on here. It's Beautiful, Fragile, Lush, Personal and Reflective all at the same time yes there are even shades of minimalist electronica on the album but more just to give it that shoe gazing rock feeling that bands like  Slowdive and  Catherine wheel did. I will close this out that there is a strong gospel element to the over all presentation that makes it all the more magical to listen to. This is a stunning rock record that takes you were bands like The Byrds, Beach boys and Low have succeeded in taking you. Great album. A must listen indeed.


Oddhums- The Inception- CD/ Digital ( Third I Rex)

Doom, Avant Indie rock, Post Rock and Drone is where I getting the feeling from Oddhums. Imagine for a minute if  Jesus & Mary Chain or  Shudder to think found Earth , OM and  Early Soundgarden, You would have Oddhum to a tee. This album is heavy dirty and hypnotic all at the same time and will not disappoint and something new in tone and musical adventure comes around every corner of the next track your about to listen to. I know sometimes my reviews are a bit short but there are times where the music needs to speak for itself and with Oddhum this could be a arena band in the making and sell to a vast audience as this album and band are really that talented and needs to be heard but every college radio station in the world so they all can be getting the buzz of this band out to the great audio beyond. Words will never be able to say how amazing this is..


CSIGO- Rite of Sounds-CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This is a solo artist or one man band from Hungry and this was only originally released in his native country. I've been reading and is seems like CSIGO creates his own musical instruments and you can tell from the Avant and create style of the album.  What we have with Rite of sounds is noisy electronic mixed with coldwave, post punk and analog industrial elements. It gets very glitch and break beat at time and then sounds like Missing foundation and Throbble Gristle other times.  We have something very left of center and will be very impressive to some and others will feel he is just playing with sounds and knobs to make something different. This is a truly impressive undertaking for an Avant Noise/Experimental Industrial album and I can see this getting a very cult following .


JUNIOR BRUCE Endless Descent 12"

Junior Bruce- Endless Descent-LP/ Digital ( A389 Records)

So this album is amazing and it simply because it mixes the styles of three bands that I adore . Corrosion of Conformity, Gwar  and Cavity. The Punk, Sludge and Dirty Doom that comes from the speakers of this album are 2nd to none.  I don't really get into grooves often but fuck son this album has them going all day long and slow and heavy ones that are just so pissed off it's amazing. The southern blues over tones make this all the more important to this review as that Nola/ Cross roads blues element always makes Doom something more special to listen to. Ok Junior Bruce you have me hooked were to we go from here?


 Reciatations- The first of the listeners- CD/ Digital /LP ( Signal Rex/ Avantgarde )

I know we reviewers use words like  Occult , Ritualistic, Heathen or Pagan often but sometimes thats just what fits a band and with Reciatation I  hear elements of bands like Emperor, Mayhem,  Aborym, Code, DHG and Septic Flesh going  through out this release. It is clearly a Black metal unit with modern, Post Metal and Electronic overtones but still bombastic and grim and primal in the overall presentation to the world it being released too. There is clearly something very sinister in the arrangement of the music to make an album like this. The mixes are still very clear and you can hear everything even though there is a very noisey and raw overlay on this album done very much on purpose we must assume. I know there is is some deep story behind these tracks and as wee dig through them we will find more and more secrets I'm sure. There are even some very Eastern and Oriental sounds coming from this at times.  Reciatations is one of those bands like Nile and Salem that really have more behind them then meets the eye. Death metal,  Black metal, Avantgarde, Post Metal and Progressive moments are about to be heard once you pick this up and you should pick this up ..


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