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Of the Sun -Before a human path -CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This is not what I was expecting at all . When you use term like  Progressive Death metal  I was looking towards something with not so much of an edge and aggression coming from the speaker and then it come on full on more like what hear from a  Tech Death band and out of nowhere then comes the Melody and super proggy vocals and rifts. This reminds me very of Meshuggah,  Pantera, Gorguts and a band I still love today called Deadhorse.  There are some very Devin Townsend moments going on through out the album as well as a band called Watchtower. I have to say Of the Sun comes to me as a major surprise and rather exciting change of pace. As they love good Thrash, Melodic Death and Avant metal movements into something that is as challenging as catchy.  The vocals really are  Pantera meets Meshuggah and they work so well with the over all tone of the album.  Check this out if your a metal fan that like to have many twists and turns as this album has this and more. 


Undrask- Battle Through Time- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

This album has a very positive upbeat vibe going on with in the extreme metal realms and it works so well this is a mix of Folk, Viking, Power metal and Melodic Death metal. I want to say this is a mix of bands like  Thyrfing, Scar Symmetry , Dark Tranquility, Sentenced and Amorphis are what come to mind when I listen to this band. I know some say Amon Amarth but don't hear it . This is too polished and bright and not so Viking metal. There is almost a Bal Sagoth and Gamma Ray element to the over all way the album presents itself to the world. I do like the very Viking metal vocals that do come but its more of a Tradional Viking metal sound like Mithotyn and Tyr. I can very easily see myself listening to this over and over again.  This band is far more talented then many bands of the of the current breed of Melodic Nu Death metal forces out there. Love the harmonic and catchy solos and the way the bass drives with the drumming and how it is almost orchestral in the way the music is delivered . The production really is impressive too so full and complex you can hear everything on this album. Ok enough gushing about a band just come and check them out .


Resonance Cascade/ Jarnbord-Hyperaskui-  Split CD/ Digital ( Wooaaargh)

So I dig into a split with two bands on the mighty label of Wooaaargh which has been handing me some stellar  grind, noise and crusty hardcore over the last year +. With Resonance Cascade you have elements of  Thrash, Grind, Noiserock and Industrial movements all with a very war like overtone . If Kreator and Sodom were Grindcore bands they would sound like this . I love this it has that Dismember Guitar sound . You know where I'm coming from I'm sure . I love the vocal Venom coming from this reminds me of Carcass and Entombed early on.  I'm going to call this bands style  " War Grind" and I want more you hear me right ...
Jarnbord is a very different creature within that Grindcore/ Death style. This has a much more  Crusty/ Punk over tone and comes from the  Hardcore speed world of music. This is what I would  say is from Dropdead, Extreme Noise terror, His hero is gone and Tragedy would of the music scene and I can tell you the low end much more dirty sound is just what the doctor ordered for this guy. I want you to know two bands from Scandinavia that are kicking some major ass in the Grindcore  Extreme music scene.. Impressive !!!!


Vermilion Whiskey - Spirit of Tradition- CD/ Digital ( 10 South Productions)

This  Bayou Bluesy Dirty  Heavy rock with element of Metal, Hard Rock and Southern Charms that you only hear from bands that know what the crossroads are . Yes there are elements of Corrosion of Conformity, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Down, Clutch and Electric Wizard all come to mind listening to this . There is so much groove and soul in this band.  They remind me a lot of Kill Devil Hill at times too. I Don't like stoner music and this not what this is there is too much drive and passion in this and they are not trying to be a Sabbath or  Blue Cheer clone they just have those elements at times. The power of the riff sometimes is a very good thing and with Vermilion Whiskey this is very much so. Hank III sound be very please with this album and you will be the same.


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