5 more reviews to expand your musical challenges for the next generation

SYK- I-OPTIKON- CD/LP/  Digital  ( Housecore Records)

This is the most  Avant of Avant Death metal I've heard in a long time and it from the very get go is making think of a few bands and styles that really come to the forefront . Are you fans of bands like  Voivod, Frantic Bleep, Virus, Madder Mortem, Made out of Babies and Cynic you have a very close Idea to where I'm heading with this  Monolith of metallic glory. If Julie Christmas,  Karyn Crisis and Agnette( Madder Mortem) vocals styles could be in one woman's voice then some of the best Crusty Hardcore vocals could come into the mix bands like  13, Damad , Oathbreaker and Jarboe come to mind as well. There is a nightmarish quality of torment and pain that comes from a band like this . SYK is a band that is not an easy pill to swallow but makes it all the sweeter to listen to as it's so complex..  Jazzy, Tech, Revisionist , Destruction, Rebuilding, Anti and Harmonic as the same time with these waves of cold sterlie audio sound waves mixed with some of the most colorful arrangements I have ever heard. I could really go on for days about how awesome this band is but you need to take the time to explore and understand the magic that is being created here.


Axis of Despair - Mankind Crawls- CD/ Digital ( Give Praise )

So if I was to say two band names what comes to mind???  Nasum and Coldworker... Well it very much be Grindcore and Noisy Crust music as if not then you are living under a rock yes if you like bands like  Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Noisem and Exhumed then you my faithful have found your album that you will be playing over and over and over again, Short and sweet blast of sonic chaos never fail to inspire and release the aggression of the youth and those with troubled mental outcomes. Axis of Despair has this down as the mid tempo moments thrash out like a mother fucker just as much as the grinding passages. The fury in the vocals and the very buzz saw guitar tone works like a charm to make this a Grindcore album not to miss.


MORD'A'STIGMATA- Hope- CD/ LP/ Digital ( Pagan Records)

4 Tracks of Hypnotic, Lush , Drifting Post Metal with a strong embrace to  Black/ Doom of the late 90's and early 00's this reminds me so much of bands like Dolorian, Shining, Bethlehem, Nortt,  Deinonychus, Moonspell and Lifelover. There is a desperate feeling that comes from bands like this the mix of Goth, Doom and Horror like vocals . There are moments I hear Septic Flesh and Samael too. This is a rather impressive journey into the darkness of extreme music that has a melody and a soul. The meloncoly elements of this bands really are dragging me into a sound and style I enjoy very much with headphones as night alone with my eyes closed and drifting off to land of slumber, This is the music that makes me understand that I'm not alone in the way I feel or how things really are in this world of so many bytes of data passing me by so quickly.


BodyVoid- Ruins- LP/ Digital ( Crown  & Throne LTD)

My oh my what do we have here . A Sludge , Crushing Doom band with a grinding harsh punk overtone this very much is reminding me of Cavity, Noothgrush , Buzzoven and  Graves at sea. The Noisey Dirty Doom that is coming from this band is just what the doctor ordered. The spite and venom that is coming from this album is all I could ask for this kind and style of music is not suppose to be pretty or happy. This is for those of us that like the dark and will search for what is actually hiding in the dark and try to find a way to open contact with it so we can collectively destroy all that is around us that we don't like and what to disappear but any fashion that is needed. Noise rock has some strong feelings coming from Body Void as well. I really feel this is the next evolution of bands like  Melvins , Worship and Eyehategod and yes you can hear this in every riff and wave of feedback coming from your speakers!!!!


Fall of Rauros- Vigilance Perennial- CD/ LP/ Digital (  Bindrune/ Nordvis)

Avant  Post Black metal with sounds of Prog and Doom all coming from the speakers at the very same time . The Folk, Heathen and even Jazzy dissonant element make this a very special release in deed. You can hear bands like  Fen, Code, D.H.G, Wolves in the throne room, Stilla, Woman is the earth,  Panopticon and even  hear elements of Isis and Anathema at times. There is a very fragile and familiar side to this band that many will never have. There is also a massive dark emptiness to songs where that concussive and epic tone plays a very major roll indeed. This is ritual music this is for your personal reflections and to understand of the world doesn't forget the past and lets it's traditions fade away with Fall of Rauros they will be the keeper of the records so none shall forget  and we can make sure those around us remind this. Thank you Fall of Rauros for making such a breathtaking and stellar album.