A Few After Christmas musical mayhems to close out the year...

Bolzer- Hero-CD/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead)

This has two very different but yet compatible metallic overtone that take you the end result in a very unique and inventive way. There is a Gothic Dark Doom metal over tone that you would get from bands like Moonspell, Katatonia and My Dying Bride but then there is a very Industrial Death element to that make it all the more avant as we move along. If you could Bring in elements of  And Oceans, Fear Factory and Red Harvest into something very very interesting and special . The tones are hypnotic and monstrous all at the same time  . This is a power and epic release that will make many uneasy with the gothic clean vocals mixed into this war machine of Dark and Entrancing metal work.  You really do feel like you are going through the plains of different realities with this album very nice work Bolzer.


Death Fetishist -Clandestine Sacrament - CD/LP/Digital ( D.M.P)

The afterlife is something many of us are uncertain of and what it really is going to mean for us. Band like  Death Fetishist and labels like D.M.P . I going to for better thought of an idea of how this sounds all it Spectral Occult metal. This is Black metal you would get if you went to the Astral plane and recorded this with evp equipment . The reverb is massive here and so are the bleak and haunting melodies. I know some would call this Depressive Suicide Black metal but it is so much more then that. This comes from Avangelist and Panzergod member with help with members of Bethlehem and Gnaw their tongues . A Noise element is very present here and it adds to the over all unsettling way this album comes across to you. There Light vs Dark , Good vs Evil is very much in the overtone of the album and makes it all the more inspiring to listen too. Post Black metal just takes you to the tip of the iceberg here. This journey will take you to the deepest reachest of your thoughts and leave you questioning all the more. 


Rudra- Enemy of Duality-CD/ Digital ( Transcending Obscurity)

I don't hear many bands from Singapore but this one will leave you just in awe I tell you . There is so much going on in the Death/Black/Thrash zone for this band mixing in Eastern and Celtic elements into the music as well . I have no lie in just two track heard elements of Orphaned Land, Celtic Frost, Kreator and Carcass in what is being presented to up. Now as we move along I hear Bathory, Marduk and and Septic Flesh. You see what I mean there is a whirlwind level of talent and skill going on here. This is something that is just fantastic to say the least and is closing my 2016 as one of the more impressive albums I have heard this year. I don't know where you were but I'm so glad to have the chance to listen , absorb and respect all the musical mastery that is going on through out your album. I hope this is just the beginning of great things to come for Rudra . I have no close what " Vedic Metal " all I know is I very much want more .


Simulacro -Echi Dall'Abisso-CD/ Digital ( Third I Rex)

Avant, Massive, Awe Inspiring, Fragile, Brutal, Violent , Dark and Oppressive all of these fit what we have going from this Post Metal force. There is so many Post elements of the band  ( Post Industrial, Post Rock, Post Black metal, Post Punk) where to begin in the need to listen to this and understand they came from the place bands like  Triptykon, Code, D.H.G , V.B.E this is really where the root of this all comes from. There are elements of bands like  Wolves in the Throne room and Mayhem going on there too. I would even say that many of the bands on labels like  Anja Offensive, DMP, Season of Mist and Nordvis all have much in coming with a band like this. There is so much beauty in pain and sorrow if you look at it from the correct angles . The Prog and Jazzy element are just icing on the cake for a band like this . So much talent and inventiveness in the arranging and just riffs and structures chosen in an album like this. I understand this is not for a mass audience but those of us in the underground that seek this out and there are many this is going to be a gift that keeps on giving. Brilliant work Simulacro...


Rest- S/t- CD/ Digital ( Third I Rex)

This is a much more direct monster to explain so if your into Grindcore, Post Hardcore and Noise rock . Rest is going to be you new best friend. Blistering short , fast and pissed off tracks that like to add a Blackened Crust element to it . So we can tie this up in a nice bow to end out 2016. This band is angry and they are going to let you know about it at break neck speed. This is all about releasing the demons on you with grinding tone and noise sludgy break downs. You know what it's fucking great at it too, So don't be a snob and check out rest as they are going to impress you in skill and fury.