7 Events of , 7 Visions of , 7 realms of .... Acceptance is the Key..

Steel Hook Prostheses-Calm Morbidity- CD/ Digital ( Malignant )

Darkness and Terror comes in many sounds, styles, ideas and levels of torment and nightmares. With Steel Hook Prostheses  this comes in the format of Dark Industrial, Power electronics and Blackened noise . This Texas duo are one of my all time favorites for the Occult driving sounds they create to subdue many into a panic mode or worse when they lull you into a false sense that you have have not choosen the left hand path for all the right reason and what has happened is you have just been seduced into that blackness by the ease of acceptance and belief that it all makes more sense then the path of the light. There is so much loss, sorrow and pain in the aural creations of S.H.P that takes you many listens to just get to understand what is happening. This is Doom music for the industrial music fan and followers.  Some of us hear  beauty in pain . Some of us feel  powerful in nightmares and Some of us know that there are forces around on that we can not control and need to experiment with do see how far the human mind can go. If you are there then Steel Hook Prostheses is a must listen  and own.


Nonexist- The New Flesh EP - CD/ Digital ( Mighty Music)

This is coming from ex Arch enemy, Dark Funeral and Defleshed so you have an idea of what you getting here  it's a mix of  Melodic Death, Thrash and Black metal that loves the harmony in the riff that catchy element that will take you to next level. It reminds me of bands like  Dimmu Borgir,  Soilwork , Dark Tranquility and Fleshgod Apocalypse .  The recording is massive in production and you can hear the way the Synth interplay with the Thrashing Death side of bands like  Kreator, Sodom , Voivod and Hypocrisy. I really do like the impressive undertaking on a band like  Nonexist. This is a very powerful release and I look forward to a proper full album as the gruff vocals work well with the avant and almost Prog metal at times I almost feel like I'm listening to Something Dan Swano as done as it becomes that epic, fantasy like and progressive yet still clawing at you heart . There are times were this is raw dirty and nasty too. Nonexist cross the two styles and makes them really work.


Dead End Finland- Slaves to the greed- CD/ Digital ( Inverse Records)

Symphonic  Blackened Death with a major  melody over tone. This very much in the Borknagar, 
Vintersorg, Ihsahn, Septic Flesh, Star Kill, Samael and Kovenant. I really like the electro industrial over tone through out the album with the Occult elements entwined . This album is simply amazing in the scope and layers it's presenting to the audience. I want to see them live as if they sound even close to this live . This is an arena band in the making as there should be a massive stage show with music like this . The Theatrics are built into the music period. There are some many emotions  Dead End Finland give to the listener there is no way you can not hear the passion pouring from a release like this. I will end with the future looks very bright for extreme with a band called  Dead End ....


Expire- With Regret- CD/ Digital ( Bridge Nine)

Old School Hardcore is not something to take lightly or to not have heard if your a Metal or Punk fan as it really is the other driving force of pits and aggression release from NYC, Boston. Cleveland, Chicago and LA  esp. This has a element of some of the bands I really loved growing up  Slapshot, Leeway, Agnostic Front, Bio-hazard and Cro-mags . Damn it I love this album. This is the much more in your face style of 80's early 90's NYHC and Boston Hardcore. The Break Downs are second to none and the tone of the guitars just make the hairs on my neck stand up these are anthems for the new generation. The shout out sing along choruses are just more then perfect for this old man sitting here finding the ultimate in joy listening to Expire and slamming along to each track. Bridge Nine you are one the only shining stars for hardcore in 2016!!!


Crator- The ones who create , The ones who Destroy- CD/ Digital  ( Self Released)

So if I would mention the following three bands  Origins, Skinless and Angelcorpse what kind of band do you think I'm about to present you with Crator. That fucking right an over the top Tech, Forward thinking  , Grinding Death metal band and surprise that is just what you have with Crator. This album is everything you want . Crazy tech and brutal compositions with a sense of melody and complex prog arrangement and a vocalist trying to tear the very life from any living thing around it. There are some just stand out Jazzy moment with this album as well. Brutal, Creative and  Down right kick ass . That is what I'm listening to and will be listening to over and over again Crator you have made one top notch Death metal album..


Auroch- Mute Books- CD/ Digital ( Profound Lore )

There is  something Dark, Sinister and Over the Top coming from this Canadian Death metal band.  There is a mix of  Doom, Sludgy Death metal, Tech and Noise all in something Post Metal about this . Even know this album as some blistering moment its the eastern and post metal over tones that make this band the most interesting to listen too. I hear elements of bands like Phobocosm, Mithras, Incantation and Gorguts. You know very clearly were we are going with a band like this .  Auroch is not going to be for everyone but if you listen to bands on labels like  Season of Mist, Willowtip and Dark Descent you are going to be in for a treat to say the least. There is some major musical experimentation going on in extreme underground music here and we at Absolute Zero media are glad to have had the chance to hear it and let the world know about such a stunningly talented band.


Master of Cruelty-Archaic Visions of the Underworld - LP/ Digital  ( Blood Harvest)

This South American  Noisy Black Death band starts out with a Dark Ambient very Occultish intro that almost sounded like something that would have been released by Dark Vinyl or  Old Europa Cafe from years past. Then we get into the band which is very much a mix of  Thrash, Punk, Noise rock and Raw Black metal into something that could be a mix of Venom, Bestial Warlust and Hellhammer. I don't know if I really love this as I've hear demo's like this through the 90's and though they are fun for a single listen this really just kind of get lost in the mix of everything else . There is almost a medieval  element to all of this as well in the way Slough Feg and Ophlthamia  mixed it in. I will say a really like more then half of what is going on and a band like this is growning on me. I just want it not to sound so retro and demo like but maybe that is what the band was going for.