Wooaargh Artist- Bait interview is up...

1. Bait you have a  very interesting mix of of Extreme Post Hardcore, Crust and Noise rock elements I hear a lot of bands like Oathbreaker, Kiss it Goodbye and Converge in the music would I be out of the picture?

I wouldn´t say you´d be out of the picture. You´re right with Oathbreaker. We´re all listening to Oathbreaker, Amenra and all the other Curch of Ra Bands. An interesting thing is that I (David) started to listen to Converge after Sunburst was written. We've heard it a lot that we have some sort of Converge style, but we don’t know where it comes from.

2. Your musical tones are almost hypnotic while the vocals are beyond pissed off. What  are the thoughts behind the two extreme paths in one bands sound?

Our songs are growing out of an idea. A riff, beat or atmosphere. We always try to write a song which´s rich in variety and different moods in one song. The spirit and purpose of our music is to ever be pissed off through all the different genres we bring into our songs.

3.  The more I listen to Sunburst I do hear a lot of Post Rock movements as well esp  in the way the guitars seem to loop and reverb themselves and those haunting melodies. What bands influenced that side of the band?

Cult of Luna is one of my favorite bands and they are also the reason for our post rock side.

4. Your from Germany a place for over last few decades as being sending out some  stellar Death and Black metal bands but Hardcore has been a bit more quite at least on the North American front. What bands from your nation have really been stand outs in your musical adventures?

For us Bands like Der Weg einer Freiheit, Deathrite, Throwers, Omega Massif, Goldust (RIP) and a lot of smaller DIY Bands are stand outs in their musical genre.

5. I really get tired of every extreme Hardcore / Crust band getting a black metal tag of some sort . The sounds are not the same at all . It's more the extremity and vocal assaults people confuse. Where do you feel Black metal fits into your musical style?

I also recognize that many band are hopping on the Black Metal train. To be honest, I don´t know where Black Metal fits in our music style and besides I don´t care. We just like it, three of us are listening to Black Metal for over 10 years now and we´re just 25/26. We´re all just doing what we enjoy.

6. I know very little about Wooaargh who are they and how did you come to work with them?

The head of Wooaargh is Chris, a nice guy and good to work with. We got together via Sven from Tujeto Cult, also a label from Sunburst. He´s befriended with Chris and suggested we all should work together.

7. What is a live show from Bait about and how does it differ from the album?

I always wonder how a Bait show would be like from the other side of the stage! For me it is relieving and pure. It´s rougher than the album, with less quiet parts, more aggression and pretty loud. Our music is made to be played live so you can hear, see and feel it.

8. Where do you see future albums heading as there are really two different sounds of the band on Sunburst..

We´re already working on our next output and we don´t know where we´re heading. I´ve got something in my mind where I want this to go, but in the end you can´t tell if this will fulfill. Some Song might sound like it should be on Sunburst, others will sound new. We will see.

9. What are the members of Bait currently listening to are there any shockers?

It really varies a lot. The current hit list is containing even bands like Graveyard or Elder, but also Mantar, Regarde les Hommes Tomber or all-time faves like Nasum.

10. Are you fans of the digital age ( You tube, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc) or is this music more about the live show and personal interactions with the crowd and audience?

I would say the digital age is an opportunity for every band to bring their music to the world. But also there is an overstimulation of music so you have to work harder to stand out of the masses.
As already said our music is all about playing live, getting on the road, meeting different cultures and people, seeing new places and have a good time on stage, before and after.

11. If you were asked to describe Bait in 4 words to someone that has never heard you how would you go about it?

Drink beer and listen!
I know this was not the answer you wanted. But I can´t describe it in a better way.

12. What do the members of Bait think the reason Hardcore music for over 30 yrs now has made it such a timeless music through out the generations?

The Passion and Will that most of the Bands, Promoters, Fans or anyone else involved are participating. A big Plus is also, that the Music itself now has so many different Sub-Genres, that everyone might find his/her favorite one.

13. Do the members of Bait play in other projects if so tell us about them?

We all have been very active in the past and had several bands. At the moment no one of us has a real second band. Nico and Björn both have a jam band project, but nothing concrete at the moment.

14. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you very much for your interest and time. It’s appreciated!