Cyclic Law Artist- Beyond Sensory Experience Interview is up

1. The Sounds of BSE come from a very unnerving part of ones mind . To my readers need to your experimental dark noise meets avant industrial style . How did the sound we know today come to be?
BSE: We believe our sound has been there since day one. After a long preparation period where we searched between different modes and styles of music we ended up with our distinctive BSE-ambient. The name BSE was also chosen to reflect our style and sound.

2. Sweden has always be a focal point for darker experimental and extreme music why do you think so many bands like Raison D etre, MZ412, Puissance, Deutsch Nepal and Sophia just to name a few?
BSE: In Sweden we had the luxury to spend time on experimenting and creating while growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. All it takes is a few dedicated persons to get a movement going. When you analyze the scene you realize that there isn’t actually that many people behind the different band/project names.

3.  BSE albums all seem to tie together with a common theme of mind experimenting sounds almost where it sound like you are trying to guide the listener to emotional peaks and valleys would you agree?
BSE: Yes, absolutely. With our music we attempt to get beyond the normal listening experience and touch the subconscious window of emotions.

4. You have worked with such legendary experimental labels as Old Europa Cafe, Cold Meat and now Cyclic Law . Other then Cold Meat closing what has been the difference work with these labels and do you see Cyclic Law as the proper home for BSE now?
BSE: Yes we do! We’ve always been impressed by the concept of Cyclic Law and also the label have a good sense of quality to it which is hard to maintain over the years.

5.  Your website seem to put your albums all in Trilogies with the 3 labels you worked with was this all done on purpose?
BSE: Already since day one we wanted to express ourselves in the trilogy form since it’s an appealing concept with enough time to explore our different subjects more thoroughly. The End of it All also mark the end of our third trilogy, hence, the BSE-trilogy format has now come to an end.

6.  What are the feeling on this new Digital horizon being that you band has been around over a decade now long before the raise of Facebook, You tube, Soundcloud and Spotify???  Does is feel like any bedroom artist can flood the market with music these days or does the cream still rise to the top?
BSE: This is a difficult subject. In one way digitalization is positive since it gives an opportunity to everybody to reach their potential audience, however, the amount of music available makes the search for new interesting music more difficult; therefore, it is quite easy to end up listening to old familiar/favorite acts. Call it the cream or whatever but it’s kind of a function of force of habit.

7. I know you both work with other projects as well are there any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about outside of BSE?
BSE: Not really at this point. We’ve focused quite a lot on BSE lately. There are some fragments of new material in the horizon but it is too early to mention anything particular here.

8. What music or soundscape projects are currently impressing the both of you?

BSE: Nothing that comes to mind at this point. In fact, while creating new material we try to stay away from the ambient scene.

9. How does BSE create albums is there a tone or sound that begins it all or is there a them or story that you want to take from visual to Aural?
BSE: We start off with a concept, a story framework if you will, then we start to compose music in line with what’s been sketched out.

10. How does BSE differ on album then live and what do you want the listener to get from a live performance?
BSE: Our goal is to deliver a somewhat different experience where we tie everything together with new mixtures of our different songs combined with carefully selected visuals. We spend a lot of time getting the modes, visuals and sounds prefect for our live shows.

11. If you could release music for any label to complete a dream what label would it be any why?
BSE: This is a difficult question since the labels are not what they used to be, in other words if we could go back in time there would be interesting labels to release for but not really at this point.

12. On the same theme is there any artist or band that you feel would be brilliant for a full on Collaboration with BSE?
BSE: It would be interesting to collaborate with a vocalist from a totally different genre…

13. If BSE ended today what do you want people to say about the project and did you get to express the sounds the way you wanted to?
BSE: Well, we are definitely satisfied with what we’ve put out so there is nothing else we want to add in that sense. What we’d like people to say? “BSE-ambience gives me an experience beyond sensation.”

14. Does Image play a role in this style of avant industrial/ harsher ambient music?
BSE: Image does play a too big a role in this style of music. Sometimes it gets in the way of the actual music and that’s not really what we need.

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here..
BSE: We’re all part of eternal structures so stick together and never stop creating.