11 New Reviews from Nightmares to Majesty!!!!

Der Rote Milan-Aus der Asche- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Epic and Powerful Black Death is what I'm hearing from this beast of a band. There is a melodic element to all of the end result that make this so majesty on top of it all. This album is a massive musical undertaking.  What I hear from Der Rote Milan are elements of bands like  Dark Funeral, Watain and Later Behemoth There is something sinister about this band that is different from others. The production is so even handed you can hear everything. They have a Gorgoroth feeling that comes through as well . I want to say the Polish and Swedish Black metal comes out from them more. There are lush acoustic moments then the blistering hatred of Black Death feeds to sniff out the light in any direction. The vocals are so toxic that it plays well with the extreme tempo of most of the album. Your going to dig this if you like the bands I mentioned .


Castle- Welcome to the Grave- CD/ Digital ( Van Records)

This going to be one of those reviews were I need to explain why I not an album I can fully enjoy I see. There are moments that are really amazing but then  Castle reverts to that retro groovy stoner doom shit I loath with a passion. The female vocals are really powerful. I just don't get the sabbath riffs rehashed over and over again.  They remind me of a band from the UK called Mourn and I like them as well but the retro sounds really got to me after a while. When Castle goes more the Ides of Gemni direction this is when they really impress me. Other then that this will never be more then a passing listen for me .


Goatcraft- Yersinia  Pestis- CD/ Digital ( I Void Hanger)

The album is nothing of what I thought I was going to hear. This is a dark neoclassic album full of lush pianos, haunting ambiance. There is passion and sorrow filled with every piano movement and arrangement. This would have been extreme music for the middle ages is the best way to explain Goatcraft as a whole. The Keys work and talent on the piano and synths are second to none here. I was really waiting for a full on harsh black metal album and I'm 5 songs in and its all a classical music adventure .. Very different and very special release something I think will impress most and stun others..


Summit- The Winds that Forestall thy return- CD/ Digital ( I Void Hanger)

Summit where the hell have you been all my life. This band is stunning on levels that are just giving me severe chills 3 songs into this masterpiece yes I said masterpiece. Post Prog Death metal in the same way bands like  Gorguts, Russian Circles , Jesu and Isis all did before them.. Damn there are so many styles going on here ( Jazzy, Death metal, Noise Rock, Prog Doom, Post Metal, Ambient music and Post Hardcore ) all is coming out of this beast known as Summit. The Ethereal Vocals mixed with buried doom/death vocals are just amazing. There are choirs of  voices that come out of no where as well. Labels like  Inside Out, Willowtip, Sensory, Prophecy Productions and Metal Blade would kill for bands like this  as that is the kind of Avant Proggish Post metal that is coming out of Summit.  I know I'm gushing about this release but it really is all that and more.. 

Temple Nightside- The Hecatomb- CD/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead)

From the land of OZ down under comes amazing crushing Black Doom band with some strong Grind elements going on . They do very much love bands like  Disembowelment, Incantation, Womb, Triptykon and Unholy..  Yes The Doom/Death side is but pull me in with the ultra guttural vocals and low end bliss but they love to add those grinding elements into the muddy mix.  There is such an occult element to the over all sound as well . This is a very very impressive album. I even love the 80's Celtic Frost  guitar moments that are going on here. Temple Nightside are one dirty and muddy sounding joy right for those of us damned by Doom/death with rituals around every corner.


Tides of Sulfur- Extintion Curse- CD/ Digital ( Black Bow Records)

Hell yes let the sludge and sickness of Hardcore and Blues fueled Doom come flooding in the headphones I'm using now. Tides of Sulfur is very much that and all I want is more more more.  Let  just say your favor bands got together to make an album that mixes Punk, grind, sludge, noise rock and black and roll elements  and then they made sure it was the most pissed off sound this side of SoCal or Nola. Welcome Tides of Sulfur. You do not need to name drop when a band just kicks this much ass on an album and everyone on should hear it. This album maybe perfection to my ears. Horns up and Southern comfort in bottles all around and let that amp just feedback into perfect drones of bliss.. 


Bait- Sunburst-CD/ Digital ( Wooaaargh)

Well Well Well another band that just has taken me for a complete surprise and journey that really does fucking rock. Are you a fan of UK Grind, Swedish  Death metal and Bay area Hardcore then Bait is going to be a flash of brilliance to you like me.  This is where three very important bands meld into something that should have happened years ago and almost did . If you could combine  Neurosis, Dismember an Napalm Death together Bait is born. They Really do sound like a more punk / crusty version of Swedish Black/Death band "Dawn".  Bait all I will say is we need more from you as "Sunburst" goes you have made an album 2016 will not soon forget..


Armagh- Venomous Frost- CD/ Digital ( Third eye temple)

I do use the word retro often as something that is annoying well there can be another side to it all my friends ans that would be with Armagh. Remember 80's/ Early 90's when  Punk.Thrash, Death metal and extreme metal were all combining to make something that was going to do take the world in the form of Proto Black metal .. This is what we have here this is all the best of bands like  Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Dissection and Venom. Really  digging this album just in the way it sounds and how a bunch of kids can reproduce something like this and make it sound like 1987 all over again..


Vindland- Hanter Savet- CD/ Digital ( Black Lion Productions)

So here comes the review of action words describing the band lol and here we go...
Pagan, Atmospheric, Epic, Melodic Black metal for those into the bands like  Negura Bunget, Windir, Falkenbach, Bal Sagoth.. You get where I'm going with this. Vindland are impressive and talented at what they do and make great music but this is a hard genre to get known in as there are so many good and bad bands. I would say they are one of the better ones for sure. The fantasy element and odd futuristic synths at time seem out of place other then that. Vindland makes the God's of old very proud I'm sure I do even hear elements of bands like Thryfing and Mithotyn in the sound of this band.  There is a strong viking style coming out of Vindland as well and that does this old Asatru's heart well.


Acheronte- Ancient Furies- CD/ Digital ( Satanath Records)

So my readers this is where I'm going to be split as this is a very odd combo of sounds. Acheronte is very much one part that Swedish War Metal/ Black metal of bands like  Marduk  and then this odd mix of 80's classic/thrash metal and it just seems to come across as an odd demo tape of cool idea's that don't really gel into something groundbreaking. I like the band but maybe it's just he very static filled guitars and vocals that are taking me a back.  I understand they want to be ultra brutal, raw and extreme but then add melody and other elements to seem avant at times but it's really trying to hard for my good.  I can't like everything and this is one of those times.


Winterhymn- Blood & Shadow- CD/ Digital ( Sound Age Productions)

What a way to end this review edition on a band that is a shining example of   Viking/ Folk Metal . This has all the passion, fury and drive to impress any fan of this style.  Are you into bands like Amorphis, Vintersorg, Tyr, Manegarm, Borknagar,  Bathory, and Amon Amarth...  Then this is a must own album as with every track this get better and better. This is a journey I just do not want to end.  Epic there could not be a more epic band they even have elements of bands like Blind Guardian, Rhapsody and Ice Earth.  Winterhymn you have made my sunday with an album this stunning and stellar. Keep up this level and you will be an elite Power/ Viking/ Folk metal force.