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Nuisible-  Inter Feces et Uriman Nascimur- CD/ Digital ( Deadlight Entertainment)

So when we talk about Crust or old school hardcore this is what I expect. Nuisible is just that element of 80's Hardcore, full on SoCal and Bowery NYC Crust movements and that Punk worship that you want to make it all amazing. This is melodic and spiteful all at the same time and I totally love it . Are you a fan of Integrity, Tragedy, Drop Dead, Deadguy, Black Army Jacket, Cavity and Spazz . Well then you know where this band is , are and going to be. Keep the amps feeding back and make sure that you have that earache sound going on with bands like Bolt Thrower, Entombed and Napalm Death. Nuisible is very much in league with that crusty Death metal element too.  What every is is that you are doing just keep it up as it's working and working well.


Here and Now- Flipside story- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

We have some thing that is a bit progressive, a bit electronic, a bit power metal and all full on modern melodic death metal . What I hear are spectrum's bands like  Dark Tranquility, Lamb of God,  Scar Symmetry , In Flames and Soilwork. This all about the big riffs, harmonies and the almost screamo vocals . There is a very similar tone to Blinded Colony as this band too .  If your a death metal purist this album is going tom piss you off big time as they add that very futurist/ tech death element into the electronic that Dark Tranquility has come to love as well. Here and now are impressive to say the least but love the grandious synth element in the music and jazz structures.. Just be forewarned..


Betrayal- Infinite Circles- CD/ Digital ( Transcending Records)

Death metal this is but so much more again it's one of those bands that add Tech, Prog, Jazz, Ethnic and Eastern elements into the music as whole. You can hear Hypocrisy, Orphaned Land, Opeth, In Flames, Edge of Sanity and Vader all in one song. I think this is something that really is making this album special is they can tie all those elements into one band and make it work. There are total Cynic, Nile and Carcass movements at times too. It's like they have listened to the last 25 yrs of death metal and taken all the element of band they loved and mixed it together to make you feel like your listening to the history of Death metal and extreme metal .. Betrayal fantastic job.  You have really taken off where Strapping Young lads have left off is that makes any scene at all.


MGT- Volumes- CD/ Digital ( Oblivion/SPV)

So the main man behind this project has played guitar for projects such as Mission, Peter Murphy, Tricky, PJ Harvey and Wild Hearts and Young Gods . So musical tastes are all over the musical and spectrum and with just the 1st song you can hear Rock, County, Blues, Goth and Pop. He seems to have vocals from Him, Wonderstuff, Republica and Sex Gang Children. This album reminds me of bands like Replacements, Soul Asylum,  XTC, Sisters of Mercy Sugar and Poises made in late 90's this is Folky, Blues, Soulful Indie/ Dark Alt rock with electronica elements and strong Pop harmonies and I've always been a sucker for this . The orchestral elements are just really the icing on the cake as MGT are making me relive those days.  I'm going to dig into all the elements here and with each vocalists they have a flavor very much to the band they were parts of. MGT is a very talented and surprising journey of late 80's into late 90's ... Nice work.


Fates Warning- Theories of Flight- CD/ Digital ( Inside out Music)

What can really be left to said about a band that has defined Prog metal for over 25 yrs now and with each release a more diverse and challenging as well as melodic and beautful album is presented to us. Very very few bands can make Fragile and sensitive jazzy movements to over the top Prog Metal epic riffs and vocals works in different songs forget about in the same track.  Ray Adlers vocals is one of the most majesty and magical in all of metal  and is range and harmonies are noticed the moments he begins to sing. The guitar and bass interplay is what made Fates warning and that off kilter drummer that was alway off time but perfect to  every note and riff that was delivered. Don't get me started on the guitar and bass solo and how tasteful they always are. If I sound like a fan boy ( You better damn well believe it) This band, Savatage and  Iced Earth got me into Power/ Prog metal and this is what will albums be the warm blanket I can always return to and know I'm going to have a brilliant release even in troubling times.  LONG LIVE FATES WARNING!!!!!


Throttlerod- Turncoat- CD/ Digital ( Small stone)

Bluesy , Ballsy Heavy rock with a groove that goes on for days. This is all things tht Throttlerod. Where some go to into the stoner / trippy trail this is not where Throttlerod excels. I hear elements of Kill Devil Hill, Clutch, C.O.C, Down and Big Chief. This has very Cream and Deep Purple vibe going on too. really love the heavy sound in rock music where it's almost Proto metal mixed . I hear so much punk too with bands like Green River, Mudhoney, Stooges and MC5 going on too. Throttlerod I'm not going to make this a long review just a good one fellows. Your album is music to my ears and will be listening to it over and over again as it does get doomy at time and that just makes it all the more bad ass...


Dialbolizer- Apokalyse- CD/ Digital ( Third eye temple)

We have times it's really hard to review an album and then the moments that you know what you're getting into with in moments of the being of a bands sound well Diabolizer is everything that Punk inspired Black Death can offer. The dueling vocals of guttural and screeching . The razor sharp treble filled guitars blasts. The dirty low end bass and the snare assault  drumming that is needed on this style of music. Nothing is ground breaking of new here and again after years that doesnt make it bad . I so glad to see bands still want to make this style of extreme metal and it can still kick as much ass as it did in 1991... Keep the fires burning and the horns raised high for this slice of nightmares that you have presented to the world.


Noire- The Tracks of the hunted-CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Noire beings with an ethereal and haunting piano intro . Folk and Pagan elements are clearly a part of the full picture of this band. This is something that will fit very well into Post Black metal that bands like  Alcest, Lantlos, Fen, Wolves in the throne room, Panopticon  and Alda create. I will use words I use from time to time this is Thinking man's Black metal as the prog and complexity of bands like this even add a medieval element to the music as whole. The acoustic are very much a major player in this album almost like it was for bands like Ulver and  Ved Buen Ende at times.. Noire is also a band with a sound that is similar but very much there own.  I hear elements of bands like  Tenhi, Burzum, Bathory, Falkenbach and Ophlathamia  as well . Give this a listen and I think you will more then see the wonder in a band like Noire..


Above Aurora- Onwards Desolation- CD/ Digital ( Pagan Records)

Pagan records from Poland as always had a love for Doom and Black metal mixed into something Melancholy and Sinister at the very same moment and with Above Aurora it's been done again. Where  this band shines is the mix of bands like Septic Flesh, Samael and Dolorian in the presentation over all epic effect of the bands sounds I would say there are some very avant elements in the music as well that makes it feel even more exotic and special but over all at the heart of the beast the occult and dark melodies is where Above Aurora should their amazing talent at song writing. The heavy feeling on a new age being born is what you get from this ritual in the making. Love the Virus meets Code prog dissidence that comes from the guitar and very stark bass lines. What else more needs to be said this is a class act and a very impressive release.


Profanatica- The curling flame of  Blasphemy- CD/Digital ( Hells Headbangers)

Raw, Primitive, Dirty , Occult Black metal with a strong punk element push into it all. Profanatica is a sickness that from time to time likes to add synths and melody into the mix just to make the hate and darkness seem all the more punishing to the listener. As times Profanatica is more a Black Noise  Punk experience just trying to piss off all things around it and they do one Hell of a job at getting it done.  The production on this one is very good and you can hear everything rather well. That by no means makes this a pretty or safe album for those that are not ready for what they are up for. The vocals are in such anguish it's hard not to know if it's the last gasps of life or the dead returning to the earth from the tormeneted abyss. I know I'm not the only one to hear it but there is a strong Drone/Doom element through out the album as well and it just makes the album more oppressive through out. Profanatica is one of those bands you will not forget one you have heard them..


Rotting Obscene- Depths of Decay- CD/ Digital ( Transcending records)

Blistering and full on in your face Technical Death metal that is relentless in the mastery of as many riff and complex movement it can give you in one some yet some how there is a harmony that comes through all the guttural and blasting beats that you are brilliantly punished to listen too , absorb and just sit in shock and awe of the talent of a band like Rotting Obscene. I want to know if there were not bands like Atheist, Cynic and Pestilence would there have ever even been bands likes Rotting Obscene and what a crime it would have been if I didn't get to hear this Death metal gem in the making. Impressive most Impressive!!!!


Beehoover- Primitive powers- CD/ Digital ( Unundeux Records )

Damn all I can hear when I listen to this album is Melvin's and Kyuss through out the entire release because that is what Beehoover is  They are a Proto Doom/Punk band with elements of Desert rock over and over again. The over bands that come to mind are Fantomas, Oxbow and Six Finger Satellite. This is so much one of those 90's Amrep meets Touch and go bands.. Prog, Punk, Weird and wonderful all at the same time. Most are going to walk away from this as confused and they started if not more. this is so much more there are moments I hear bands like Enablers too .. I just love this avant oddball indie noise /art  rock stuff. I know I'm in the minority but hell keep making it and I will keep rocking to it.