Southern Lord Artist - Big Brave Interview is up ...

1. The band has such a Post Punk meets Heavy Noise rock vibe going on . Tell us about Big|Brave as the band is very new to my readers

We are three piece band consisting of drums, two guitars and vocals. Our sound ranges from loud, heavy to ambient and quiet. Our concepts are that of patience, tension, contrast tied with the performance aspect of playing these pieces.

2. How did you hook up with Southern lord . I could see you more with a label like Neurot, Translation Loss, Constellation, Charnel House or Subpop.. Just wondering how you came to sign with a very Black and Doom metal label?

We sent Southern Lord a letter as we are huge fans of the label ourselves hoping for them to at least hear what we have to offer.

3. Your from Montreal a very vibrant city for experimental and noise bands . That must have rubbed off to the over all sound as I can hear a kinship to other bands and label styles on the new album.

Montreal is a very vibrant city for all genres of music. We’ve never modelled ourselves around any one genre or any group of bands. What we do thus what one hears and experiences came to be organically over the past few years and will hopefully evolve and be pushed to different levels.

4. The Female vocals are sometime like a delicate flower and other times a full on war machine. The music sounds very free form as well. How do you go in to record an album is the ground work of music there, is it a complete package and record or do you go in with ideas and let it breathe in studio?

I must vocalize that I take issue with calling my vocals Female vocals, as they are just vocals. Do you refer to the vocals of males in the same way i.e. Male vocals when talking about a band and their sound?

We have most of what is recorded completed and refined with little changes. When there are changes, they help the pieces come across better in the recordings.

5. What bands have influenced the sounds of Big|Brave on the new album " Au De La"

Absolutely every single piece of music and musician we have heard, loved and hated and everything in between. We believe that everything influences everything.

6. The artwork for the new album seems very tied with the music as well . Is there a story or theme underlying the album " Au De La"

The artwork and design was done by our talented Mathieu Ball. The image fit the mood and emotive qualities of the album.

7. How does Social media and Digital Media play a role in getting a band like Big|Brave exposure to the world?

Well, it plays the huge roll of exposure and reach.

8. How does the album/ recordings differ to the live show?

It differs greatly as our music tends provoke and evoke a range of thoughts and emotions. But every person’s experience is different, so one would just have to come to one of our performances to understand.

9. In 3 simple words how would you describe the band to someone that never heard it?

Loud, minimal, patient.

10. What new artist are impressing you in 2015 are there any album you like to turn us on to?

Heather Leigh’s Abused Animal

11. Do the members of Big|Brave have other projects they work on and would like to expose the world too?

We have solo projects as well as our visual arts endeavours.

12. If a major label came to you and wanted to release your next album 1st would you do it and if you would how would the band make the experience different then you are currently with a bigger indie your working with?

No we would not. And as we wouldn’t be we doing it, we don’t know.

13. Were do you see the sound of Big|Brave heading more experimental,heavier, darker etc ..

We have absolutely no idea. This is the best part however because can go anywhere without any preconceived expectations from anyone other than pure curiosity.

14. How is a band shocking in 2015 as I would say your sound is very jarring to someone that has not heard it before. There is a lot of pain in the vocals and music. Is this type of project very cathartic in releasing the negative and positive energies to the world ?

There are aspects of playing any and all kinds of music that can be cathartic yes.

15. thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you!