10 New Reviews ( The adventurous edition)

Worship of Keres- Bloodhounds of Oblivion- Digital/ CD EP( Self Released)

I'm normally not a huge stoner/ classic doom fan. I think what is winning me over here are the female vocals as the elements of bands like Sabbath Assembly,  As Divine Grace, 3rd and the Mortal  with mixed sounds of bands like Trouble, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard. The female vocals are so melodic and beautiful and work with the retro doom over tones. The almost sound like  Solace or Monster Magnet with a female fronting them. There it is the reason I like this it has a very Space rock element too it as well. There is a lot of Hawkwind in the music as well. Worship of Keres are a ritual in the making for sure. There is just a strong mix of  Primitive and Modern through out the 3 song ep.. Look forward to hearing more.


Necrot- The Labyrinth- Digital/ CD ( Tankcrimes)

So what do you get when a couple of Vastum member decide to make a band well from this review you get all the things that made Earache and Relapse amazing in the early 90's raw and crusty death metal with some experimentation in the mix. The more I read this is a collection of a few old demo put on one album for ease to find and I'm damn glad Tankcrimes did this are you a fan of bands like  Grave, Incantation, Deceased, Abscess and Entombed well you have another gem of a Death metal album to add to the collection. There is a strong nasty punk/crust element into all of this that just make its so blistering and pissed off. This is the kind of real death metal I just love. This is pure passion and ugliness the way extreme metal is suppose to be.  I hope to hear a proper follow up as this material is that ass kicking ..


Protou- Lost Here- Digital/ CD ( Cryo Chamber)

Sasha I want to tell you this is labor of love and I can hear it in every pain staking layer, tone and drift that you are building as the album goes along. I know many are going to want to call this a Dark ambient album as if goes with many artist of the year gone by on labels like Dark Vinyl, Eibon, CMI, Cold Spring and Cyclic law but at the heart of the beast ( let me tell you there is a darkness to this release) "Lost Here" is much more  a Soundscape/ Musique Konkret break through release. I hear so much on this album that would be in common with bands like Mandible Chatter, Troum, Robert Rich, Aube and Birds of tin.. With Protou there is a primal ritualistic story going on as well. The fear of the unknown is very strong in the tonal qualities that are going on through out. There is structure without being a true structure another project this reminds me of is Sleep Research Facilities.  Drone is another strong love coming through this release as well. We need more people to open their minds to what music is and can be. Sasha you have made an album to impress the most close minded electronics/ ambient music fan. Well Done..


Like Rats- II- CD/ Digital ( Southern Lord)

Another project of well known guys from Weekend Nachos with a very focused sound and style do you like that buzzsaw Death-metal sound mixed with a dose of Grind and Punk through in for good measure as then here is the band for you are you into Early Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed then you have another one to get into and really love. This at the heart of it all is Death metal that is loving the industrial sounds and mixing it into the bands sound with out becoming industrial metal like  Godflesh, Ministry and Pitchshifter etc. This is very close to a full on death metal version of Fear Factory if that makes sense.. I do hear Celtic Frost and Coroner riffs coming through this monster as well. Like Rats are not a happy band and the music like this is supposed to be pissed off. What else can really be said other then this album slays...


Inherit Disease- Ephemeral- CD/ Digital ( Unique Leader)

Well it had to happen this is the death metal I just don't get. The drums esp the snare are so raw and up front in the mix it's just annoying it drowns out the guitars and bass lines. The gurgle metal vocals are way to up front in the mix as well. I just can take it. I'm only two songs in and it's making it impossible to listen to. You can hear the musical talent too which is a damn shame . The production of Ephemeral is just ruining the album as a whole. Gentlemen go back and remix the album and I think this could be a stunning Brutal Death metal release.


Victims- Sirens- CD/ Digital ( Tankcrimes)

This is Sludge, Crusty Hardcore in the vein of His hero is gone, Tragedy, Integrity, Deadguy and Born Against. Nasty, Fast, Raw with elements of melody and the passion and fury to tear between all struggle and get to the truth of the matter.  A pit will begin the second the guitars and vocals start at a live show this is just one of those kind of bands. If you miss old school vfw hall shows for $5 from the 1990's this band will have you re-living those days and I can tell you there was nothing better back in the day they shows like that or at ABC no rio and CBGB's in NYC.. Let the sounds of Victims just wash over you and release all that anger is a healthy manner back when the would pick you up if you fell in the pits. We were all Brothers and Sister in the same musical cause. Victims thank you again for making this album and letting hear what music with meaning can really do for a world in pain..


False Gods- Wasteland EP - CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

If Black Flag and Buzzoven could have a love child it would very much be False Gods as they embrace the sounds of Sludgy Punk inspired Doom. There are some very southern Nola moments too that remind me of where Crowbar and Eyehategod come into play . One of the bands I hear in them is the mighty Fudgetunnel is the way the guitars and vocals are arranged. False Gods you make some truly bluesy pissed of sludgy music that make you want to move and release aggression from the power of the all mighty riffage you are creating. Just a word to the wise we need more then a damn EP next time. Thank and that is all..


Sophia- Unclean- CD/ Digital ( Cyclic Law)

Peter is most well known for Arcana a staple on Cold Meat Industries for over a decade has now been creating Sophia for almost as long. This is his very Martial Industrial side. Very dark and oppressive and everything you would want in this style of music are you a fan of bands like Puissance, Der Blutharsch, Arditi and Triarii. Sophia is a massive percussive war machine coming to take you like that tanks and warships did in world war II. This could be music for a post apocalyptic film as you know these are the sounds you are going to hear as the next war lords come to take control of what is left after the ruins are laid upon the masses. Nightmarish and Grim these are the tones of all that Sophia creates. I have not ever been disappointed by Sophia and I don't think I can be as each release is stronger then the next just in arrangements and complexity. This is clearly not for everyone but if the calling hits you there is no better band to start or end with then Sophia.


Izegrim- The Ferrymans End- CD/ Digital ( Listenable Records)

When the powerhouse sounds of thrash and death metal come together we can have two results . The 1st being something medicore and sound like they were trying too hard to make something that can have groove and brutality or you can get a soul ripping, game changing sound and style that other band are going to want to find out how you did that. With Izegrim new album they have mixed some of the best of the two genres into something that just simply kiss ass. This female fronted power house has all the best elements of bands like Testament, Kreator, Arch enemy, Hate Eternal and Carcass. There is a razor sharp tone and arrangement to this epic release. The guitar solo are just something out of the best 80/ 90's Thrash duos books. The vocal snarls just make the album all the more impressive and the bass/drum back end rhythms add that full and powerful edge to make this a pleasure to listen to over and over again. I really dug  Izegrim last album and with " The Ferryman's end" they have taken their way past next level...


Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas- Mariner- CD/ Digital ( Indie Recordings)

Post Metal is a mix of Jazz, Experimental, Noise, Doom, Post Rock, Hardcore and Shoegazing elements into something massive and expansive as the universe will allow and with these two forces joining together you get something you will not normally hear. If you like Miss Christmas band Made out of babies you will be surprise as her voice on this is more melodic and haunting but still has that snarl that makes female vocalist like  Jarboe, Karyn Crisis and Anneke ( of Gathering Fame) just a cut about the rest. This is as powerful as Neurosis and Isis and out there as most Madder Mortem and 3rd and the Mortal releases.Julie's solo album hinted at the diversity she had but it was never been used on these level before. I'm so glad a band like Cult of Luna could pull this majesty vocal performance out of her. At times she sound like Mike Patton with all is styles at play.   With Mariner there is a very strong Progressive element to the music as well.  I know I'm gushing over this album but it really is that damn amazing. All you have to do is take the next step and listen yourself.. You will not be disappointed for sure.