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Kawir- Father Sun, Mother Moon- CD/ Digital ( Iron Bonehead )

What we are  getting here is something from two very different landscapes.  1st we have a very Eastern ethnic pagan moment something you would have from the pagan folk metal world then as the album really start to pick up it's equal parts black and thrash metal in a very epic and chaotic overtone. There is such a raw tone on the bass and drumming the rhythms are so under effected and I really feel this is on purpose as the vocals are so nightmarish and grim where the guitars and other element are what give it that melody . Then like a full turn around there are clean sung page metal vocals as well. There is a strong intermingling of Middle eastern, North European Viking  elements. I want to say imagine Orphaned Land, Falkenbach and Suidakra all came together and forged an alliance. There is so much going on this release it's hard to just have one emotion or feeling about it. It's really everything you want from a heathen metal album. Kawir is a massive undertaking in mixing so many elements into one metal band and it actually working. Their Greek forefather will be very proud of them for sure.


Blizaro- Cornucopia Della Morte- CD/ Digital ( I Voidhanger )

Ok this is going to be a very short review.. I fucking hate this album it sounds like two bands I loath more then life itself. Candlemass and Paul Chain. I just never got this 70's Stoner rock stuff every being doom in any way it just whiny and annoying. Lets move on to something that isn't so boring and Black Sabbath worshiped.


Howls of Ebb- Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vow- CD/ Digital ( Nuclear war now ! / I Voidhanger)

Ah and now for something at is a breathe of fresh air and a wonderfully challenging listen. There are elements of  Black metal, Industrial, Noise, Jazz, Death metal and Thrash ripping through the speakers. The layers of madness going on here are second to none. This metal for the year 3000 . This is some kind of occult ritual from way in the future and some kind of worm hole opened up and let us witness it's majesty way way before its proper time.  This is Post metal in the most massive of the ideal it stands for. The tones and arrangements are just so bizarre and out there this will be an album most will just run from as you need to like dissident music to even come to the table with Howls of Ebb. The vocals are just pure insanity and just get stranger on each and every track. There is a Atheist, Pestilence, Cynic Jazz metal thing going on as well. Howl of Ebbs also has a very Post Indie rock element that reminds me of bands like Polvo and Green Machine school. So much going on here and I don't think if you listen to Howls of Ebb a hundred times you will not find something new.

Sarke- Bogefod- CD/ Digital ( Indie Recordings)

So we have member of  Darkthrone, Satyricon and Khold form a band called Sarke and guess they are going to sound like mmmm maybe a Post Black/ Thrash band. Sarke really sounds like influences of the three bands into one more unified sound. Some call this stuff Black and Roll but all I know is it's dirty, nasty, melodic and catchy as all hell. The vocals of  Culto are really a major stand out as they are so throaty and cold but have that power that some of the later Darkthrone albums have really been missing. Sarke is some that sounds familiar but yet is very much not. There are some full on Folk and Pagan musical moments as well. Sarke will make you rethink what musicians that have been making Black metal for over two Decades can really create when they put there minds to it.


Knifeworld- Bottled out of Eden- CD/ Digital ( Inside out )

I really wasn't ready for this at the start of the  review Knifeworld really through me for a loop. Just if you can for a minute imagine if you mixed elements of  Morphine, XTC, Beatles and Yes into something that also has a love for NYC Art rock scene of the late 70's / 80's you know the no wave time as there are some very Talking heads/ early Cars sounds going here and then to wash it it all down a total Beach boys over tone to it just to make Knifeworld kick a little more ass. The horns, vocals melodies and poppy prog overtone just make this a really great listening journey from beginning to end. I sure I should be writing about all the  delicate time  changes and the massive complexity of the album that comes through but by you taking a listen this is going to be a album you adore or just pass by as quickly. Knifeworld you are a beyond stellar musical force and I will be listening to " Bottled out of Eden" over and over again.


Birth of Joy- Get Well- CD/ Digital ( Long Branch Records/ SPV)

Here comes another  band straight out of left field for me to review as I had no clue what I was going to get with Birth of Joy especially from the primitive album art . What I has elements I really do love . This is total Garage Rock meets Punk meets Retro Prog music. This reminds me of all the things in the 70's that loved bands like  Traffic, Stooges, MC5, Styx, Kansas mix with that indie rock folky meets Heathen new way bands like Hexvessel , Sabbath Assembly etc. I wasnt not ready to love this band but you know what Birth of Joy you have just done that and so much more. I'm now going to your back catalog and see what I've been missing all this time. This album is that damn good.