Nuclear War Now ! Artist Ill Omen Interview....

1. As I know very little about III Omen Let my reader about this one man Dark metallic force?

Ill Omen started 10 years ago as a vessel for myself to explore various thoughts and inspirations and put them into musical expression, Black Metal felt the best way for me to carry these ideals in the strongest and most profound atmosphere.
More importantly, This band offers complete artistic freedom which is something considered rare and in turn, sacred. There are no rules when it comes to writing/creating which is something I wish to pursue 

2. I'm reading about the band and everyone is calling you Black metal you are so much more mixing Doom, Ambient and Ritualistic elements all into you sound. Where did this Droning Black Doom style come from?

Ill Omen is undoubtedly a Black Metal band. However, The slower, darker and more skeletal direction I used on the Æ.Thy.Rift album is simply due to the fact that I felt a funerary pulse/atmosphere best supported the lyrics and material I had written for this work.
Who knows? In the future i may venture further down this path or perhaps not. Time reveals all... 

3. Your from Australia as well I just did an interview with Inverloch and ask a similar question why do you think so many dark depressives metal bands come out of your nation bands like Abyssic Hate, Portal, Disembowelment, Mournful Congregation , Alchemist etc?

I cannot really answer the question as each musician speaks for themselves. We have a lot of other, more aggressive and primitive sounding bands here to which we are probably more well known for. I don't think each country should be known
nor restricted to a specific sound. If a work is truly unique, Then it will speak it's own voice. Geographical location is pointless when it comes to creating art driven by thought. 

4. You have been working with Nuclear War now for a few releases now what makes this partnership work so well?

Yosuke is a total die hard and I respect his hard-working approach, the way he runs his label and the bands he signs. I supported him long before we started working together releasing music and I will continue to do so regardless. 

5. If a band like III Omen was ever offered a major metal deal with a label like Century Media, Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner  would you even offer the idea would music like this even effectively be promoted properly by those houses?

No. My music/tastes are a natural reflection of myself and i don't follow or respect what the majority of other/larger labels do to their bands nor the way they work. I have lurked within the underground for many years and I see no desire in that changing.
These larger labels throwing money and stupid remarks around via marketing campaigns, absurd looking flyers and magazine covers. It's hollow and has absolutely no appeal to me so i pay no attention to their involvements just like they pay none to mine.

6. What is the theme behind  AE.Thy.Rift ?

It is a continuation (lyrically) from an older piece I did entitled 'Remnant Spheres of Spiritual Equilibrium' which is based on the process of spiritual ruin and when the mind separates from the body at the moment of death.
Based on esoteric teachings and archaic religious ideals from around the world and it's various cultures. However, I have bled my own adverse thoughts and practices into this topic as that would feel wrong to follow the path of
someone elses teachings as the drive for this comes from within myself yet the inspiration comes from a magnitude of life's experiences.

7. Would III Omen want to perform live and if so what would a show be like ?

Ill Omen played one show back in 2012 which was an odd experience for me personally. That being said, I am not adverse to another live show, I would just have to find the correct session members to help out.
However, I play in another band which is taking most of my preparations for live shows so if Ill Omen doesn't play again, It's not a huge loss as i am busy with other live endeavors. Perhaps some day I'll step out from the shadows providing we play with
interesting and like minded bands, As difficult as that may be to find here in Australia... 

8. What bands influenced you into creating this band?

No direct influences aside from the points in the answer to question 1. Basically, I wrote a bunch of songs based on lyric ideas and recorded a bunch of demo tapes which is what helped develop the bands own sound. 
I had played in a dozen other Black Metal bands prior to this and it was time for me to leave them all and follow my own mind to wherever it wanted to take me.

9. Are you a fan of Social Media ( Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Internet radio etc) or has it just watered down a scene for underground music letting anyone with a 4 track and a usb connection get out to the world?

I use some of these avenues to help find new bands to listen to, organise live shows and keep in touch with friends around the world but i don't use them for Ill Omen. 

10. In 4 words how would you explain III Omen to someone that has not heard a note before?

Occult, Black Metal Esoterica

11. What bands are impressing you in 2016?

Vassafor, Grave Upheaval, Slaughtbbath, Necromantic Worship, Impetuous Ritual, Dakhma, Sinistrous Diabolous, Goatcraft, Revenge, Eucharist (Oz), Abominator, The Haunting Presence, Black Feast, Venefixion, Heirophant's Descent, Volahn.

12. Does Image still play a role in the over all presentation of extreme underground music in 2016?

Whatever happens with a band, The art/lyrics/sound should be a reflection of the individual(s) ideals and not driven by ego or image. If you're referring to image as far as band pictures/corpse paint etc. I think if it ties in with the overall theme and feel
of the album, Then it's good. On some occasions it works very well and others it just seems like the main objective which is disappointing. On that note, I remember a point made by Fenriz talking about the early Darkthrone covers in saying
that at that time, Every album coming out had 'cover art' such as a painting or something whereas they rebelled against that and went with the classic covers we all know that have become iconic. I support this ideal as they went against the grain and
did their on thing as they always have. Now every fucker has some mundane image on their covers that are in no way a reflection of the albums content. It's disappointing that humanity has become a parody as opposed to being free enough to do as they please. 
I say, Fuck social acceptance. In life, you're going to run into people that don't agree with you, These are the types of people you need in life as challenge you and make you use your own mind which only confirms your own beliefs. 

13. How did you record the new album being one man project how is it created do you have an instrument you like to start with do others help record at all?

I write/play/record/mix everything myself but the last 3 outputs have been mastered by a close friend of mine which has been helpful to have an alternate view on the overall sound. Generally I start with writing lyrics and then i pick up a guitar 
and write music based on what they reflect. Generally I let it all 'write itself' and add in what i think compliments each section or idea.  

14. Do you have other musical outlets besides III Omen?

Temple Nightside is the main one, There are some others but Temple Nightside and Ill Omen are enough to keep me active at this point. 

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here.

Thanks for the interview.