10 New Reviews ( Welcome to the 3rd age of man)

Malokarpatan- Stridzie dni- CD/ Digital  (Invictus)

Wow we are in a time warp here I feel like the 1st time I listened to Venom, Bathory,  Diamond Head, Early Metallica and Hellhammer. This were the sounds of Malokarpatan come from this eastern European band.  We are so drenched in late 80's  Black/ Thrash moments I don't know what else to say . There are some very King Diamond vocal attempts as well. I can hear that Raw thrashing Germany and Polish Black metal vibe going on as well that you would have gotten on labels like No Colours , Pagan and Avantgarde in early 90's. There is even that Beastial Warlust chaos going on with these madmen. It's truly sounds like a Demo put on CD and I love that retro feel. The vocals are so primal and hate filled and the static in the guitars and productions makes this all the more  ritualistic and cult like. Great work on the over all presentation right to the artwork looking like its out of 1989.. I will be listening to this over and over again.

OfGhost- The Awakening- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

So Finland comes with another oddity in the way of OfGhost.  This is the some of all its parts he loves to mix, Thrash, Black/Death, Industrial and Symphonic elements into some that is very lo-fi as the heart of the beast and is somewhere between the following bands Behexen, Kovenant, Aborym and D.H.G . I would say there is even a strong Impaled Nazarene Punkish overtone going on the machine like drumming with chanted and grim vocal play into the black industrial thrash musical journey at times it sounds so polished and then reverts into one of the nastiest, harsh lo-fi black noise albums and then the symphonic's come scream back. OfGhost is truly one of a kind and mixes so many of the styles and bands I enjoy.  This project needs more exposure as it is almost  criminal that are not much larger and on a proper label like Code666 or A.M.T.F as these would be perfect homes for music this experimental and creative.


Magister  Dixit- Opus Astral- CD/ Digital ( Scum)

This album is very simply put all the symphonic black metal you loved in the 90's  ( Emperor, Limbonic Art, Saytricon, Dimmu Borgir, Sigh  early Bloodthorn) well it's all back in this band and it comes like they just took up where they left off esp Limbonic art. What else is to say Epic and over the top and very machine inspired. Not bad at all but so many have done this before them I would hope for a bit of flair to make the sound a bit more of there own. You can hear the talent through out the album I just was looking for a bit more.


Tendagruta- Ensalmo Do Sargaco- CD/ Digital ( Dissociated/ Signal Rex)

Black Industrial full on and relentless. Damn I love music like this and I'm not even going to play games about it are you fan of MZ412, Kommandt, Valefor and T.O.M.B then we have an album for you. This is wall of  Black choking metallic noise with ritualistic and occult elements. The low rumbles and deep tones that mix in with it all give it that sound many of the bands on Cold Spring and  Black Plague / Malignant create. This is not for the easily fearful or those that are not aware of ritualistic music. This is a very difficult album to digest to begin with I would say this is for the more advance listener unless your ready for dark and aggressive industrial/ noise hymns. Damn this album is making it hard to review other albums as I want to listen ti it over and over again.

Tiles- Pretending 2 run- CD/ Digital ( Lasers Edge)

Lush and Epic Prog Metal in the way only Lasers Edge/ Sensory Records can give it to you . This band was on inside out for years as well too. So you know what your getting before I even really begin with a review . Over the top prog metal that has a love of bands like  Porcupine Tree, Devin Townsend Project, Spocks Beard, YES, Symphonic X and White Willow . I think we got this one down. These are musical painting, Sonic landscapes, Symphonic as its Delicate and has elements of Blues, Bluegress, Country and Arena Rock too. The mix of rocking and art rock is so there They have a love of melodic were bands like Blue Oyster Cult and Boston come mixing into the music as well. This for Prog Rock fans that like Hard rock and Metal mixed in. If your like Kings X  you will love this.  THere is a not a power metal feeling here like Iced Earth or Savatage bring in. Very very impressive...


Debunker- The Invisible Disorder-CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Dear Lord at times some bands just sound like your childhood and make you relive a time in your life and with Debunker you have just done this you are Thrash band and there are three thrash bands you have mixed into one sound and I can't get is out of head now Overkill, Forbidden and Destruction and you have everything you need to now listen to Debunker. Good thrash is just that Good Thrash is you like that Melodic over the Top blistering thrash there you will not find a better album out there is you don't like that raspy voiced Extreme thrash sound you need to just move forward..


Immensity- The Isolation Splendour- CD/ Digital  ( Hypnotic Dirge/ Solitude Productions)

Immensity you take me on two very different journey with your album " The Isolation Splendour" This is a mix of Doom/Death and Melodic Prog Doom. Are you fans of mixing  Novembers Doom, Paradise Lost with Katatonia , Anathema and a healthy Does of Mid Period Opeth into something that is never one or the other but a compilation of all. The slow and lumbering tones with heart breaking melodies they ever at time really remind me of Grey Skies Fallen or Old Dead Tree as they took this path. I can not say enough wonderful things about an album like this as it is so doom inspired in the two directions I would want it to head. There as few Gothic moments as well and it just add to the sinister sound over all as well. This music is for Hope and Loss and that is what makes us all human so keep it coming.


Irkallian Oracle- Apollyon- CD/ Digital ( Nuclear War Now!)

Sludge and Bleak sounding Guttural Black Death with a have oppressive doom and war like element going on and you know that low end rumble just make extreme music fans like myself want to listen to it more and more. Incantation, Womb, Ceremonium and many of the bands on A.T.M.F have this amazing tone and sound at times it almost is industrial but it's so much more a primitive and primal occult sound that just makes this something so damn creepy.. " Apollyon" is more dark pissed off album and I can hear more and more with every track there is even a Nile and Deathspell Omega influence going on with this album as well. Nuclear war now is really releasing some grat metal album in 2015 and 2016 impressive most impressive ..


Nilexistence- Existance in Revelation- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

I'm just going to again get to the point with this band this is War/ Deathmetal in the highest of regards. The production is stellar you can hear everything the guitars are massive the bass and drums are relentless and the deep guttural vocals just work to make this a Death metal album of elite status. Do you like Hate Eternal, Nile, Vital Remains and Origin well you now have Nilexistence. Death metal needs to follow this path and every band I hear in this genere just is getting better and better . That wall of suffocating tones and then the band goes into so very experimental ways with how to make the band sound more off putting and otherworldly. Death metal is about letting out aggression and pain so you don't hurt each other and with bands like this the pits will be full of moshing and we will all be able to go home and remain a bit more relived for what the world has in store for us.


Skaphe- Skaphe- CD/ Digital ( I Voidhanger )

So Mr Poole I know you a long time collabing parting of N.Imperial and a live member on Krieg and now with Skaphe I can see why. As you don't even come close to being with of the oddity and just weirdo musical factor till you hear Skaphe. Krieg is a wonderful mix of Noise, Black metal and art rock but to make it Skaphe you ahve to had Post metal, jazz, Avant art/ kraut rock moments and them just white wash it with full on madness, This is the musical equal to full on mental break downs. The guitars are not of this earth and the vocals are just a cry out to a dimension to warm them of what they are going to see in ours. Skaphe to do it any justice one will have to hear the universe ending in your music 1st hand.  If I was to explain your style in any way I would say Post Apocalyptic Black Noise Drenched in Shoegazing Prog jazz all while a Power electronic band is performing in the room next to you where the sounds are bleeding together. Let the 3rd Age Begin...