Svart Artist- K-X-P Interview is up

1. For those of us in North America  very new to the Project tell us a bit on what the bands vision is?

Vision of K-X-P is elemental. 
Like gravity of the planets and the atoms of sunshine that hit this earth and gives life.

I will just speak my own thoughts and visions here. K-X-P is many members that all think differently about music and life in general.

2. Just from III Part one I hear elements of  Ulver, Can, Early Genesis , Hawkwind , Third and the Mortal and  Phillip Glass? Were did the mix of Electronics, Prog Rock and Avant sound scapes come from?

Great references!
I've been listening music since age of five or so.
I think it just comes from the records we listened.

At younger age you are eager to copy music you like. After some time you understand why some bands are so amazing. They are one of a kind, unique.
I try to make music that is as original as possible without alienating listener from it.

We never listen any references or anything before studio or jam session.
We just begin and let the music and ideas flow. of material we record.

3. How did you come to Work with Svart ?

First I thought they were from Sweden. 
Their vinyl products were so beautiful.
We talked on a phone few times and then I took a train to Turku.
Visited their office and we agreed to work together.
I guess it was mutual respect and freedom that was the idea. 
Tomi saying to me "we should make gatefold album with color vinyl" was a deal closer.

4. Will K-X-P be performing more now with this release any options to see you in North America?

At the moment there is no plans.
We play in Levitation festival in Angers France this September and maybe that will open some doors.
Would love to.
We played in SXSW 2013.

5. Is there a theme behind your releases as they seem to play out as a story or collected works?

Well, the album III is released in parts.
I'd like to think them as flipsides of a coin. 
Closest would be mortal life, death and afterlife.

Collected works also is true. 
We started first songs on this series 2011.

6. If you were to have but 4 words to describe the band what 4 words would be used?


7. How has the digital age change music do you say for the better or is it harder for bands to shine in 2015?

I've already lost all hope to become successful at the modern time "market (uuuh... I just hate that word so much).
But what can I do? I'm addicted to K-X-P.
If it would be drug, I would spend all my money to it and shoot it up my sleeve.
In other words. I see K-X-P as piece of art that needs to be completed.
Times are dark, but artist needs to bring light into darkest of places and times. 

8. If you could collab with one artist and make something new who would it be any why?

Maybe some free jazz or black metal people of Norway.
More with fellow finn Mika Vainio.
Arvo Pärt for sure.

9. There is a mix of Melodic, groove, electro beats and 90's indie rock over tone. Is it hard to mix these elements into something that is this original is construction?

If you have strong composition, melody, words and performance you already have something original.
It's difficult cos you have to make 10 songs to get 1 good one, but I'm used to work this way.

10. Where do you see the band exploring sounds for future releases?

We make the record and then play the songs live. I would like to first play songs live and then record them.
So the record would be full capture of the live show. Not other way around.
This I feel is the future of K-X-P.
I'm working on the technology around this idea.
At the moment we are opposite of minimalism, we are maximalism. 
Would like to try to turn this around.

11. What are members of K-X-P currently exploring muscially?

Ambient music, classical.
Religious choirs.
Drumming from Africa. 
Chanting from Tibet.
Throat singing from Tuva.
Judas Priest "British Steel".
Venom "Black Metal".
Eliane Radigue: "Adnos I-III"

12. Does Social media seem the best way to expose music in 2015?

I don't know. Maybe its great.
Social Media seems so controlled, plastic and passive. 
So sterile. So NOT punk in a way.
It's almost like big brother gave all the alternative and radical people a sandbox "play here and we monitor your behavior. Use this data for trend studies and sell it to marketing for profit"
Maybe for K-X-P no Facebook, no Twitter, No Instagram, no interviews, no info would have worked as well or even better. 
We are in same limbo as everyone.
There is also many benefits from this new media. People from Timbuktu can find our music as easy as people from Finland.

13. Any words of Advice for Fringe experimental artist to get there music to the masses today?

It's really difficult to get your music out there.
So many great and bad artists there.
Just stay true to your style, be original.
Keep developing your sound. 
Work hard. 
Stay positive. 

14. Any closing thoughts here