Few more reviews this weekend part 2 of 4th of July review session

District 97 - In Vaults- CD/ Digital ( The Lasers edge)

So you know this label is a mix of prog, metal, jazz and avant themes and District 97 is all those things and more Imagine for a minute if you mixed 3rd and the Mortal, Fugazi, Anathema and Yes all into one band then decided that you have love of metal too so you threw in elements of bands like Amorphis, Meshuggah and The Gathering in to the mix just to make it all the more odd and wonderful . Some of the riff I hear are even out of hardcore bands like Bad Brains and Shudder to think. The female vocals really set this apart from other as she can really sing in a prog rock, metal and avant style and make it work. The guitars /bass are a mindfuck of talent and the drummer is so controlled it beyond words.  District 97 is going to be a lot to take in for mainstream listener with all the time and tempo changes but for the music nerds this is going to be an amazing time over and over..  So very glad I got to hear this .

Ashcloud- Abandon all light- CD/ Digital ( Xtreme Music)

So do you like you Death metal with a twist . Well please welcome Ashcloud to the mix folks as they go from  Proggy Jazzy Death metal to 90's Earache war machine Death metal to full on weirdo outside stuff like later Pestilence and Atheist and some times even in the same song. With out a doubt this is a full on wall of Death metal with a level of chaos and understanding you do not often here in bands . They worked of all the layers going on here over time . This was not lets go into a studio and see what happens. The chainsaw bass lines, high toned guitar and very snappy drum sounds are very much the nod to 90's extreme death metal. The vocals are so over the top at time I feel they are more another tool then just simply vocals. The weirdness works to this bands advantage through out the release. This is something needing to be heard if you like extreme music period.


Total Negation- Zeitzeuge- CD/ Digital ( Temple of Torturous )

Ok so this is another band that is bending  boundaries and genres to levels it's almost impossible to gave a full picture without listening . This is fully in German understand the madness in the vocals to begin with and it's a one man force as well. This is Dark metal I want to call it Post Dark metal as it adds many other elements but as whole the band is coming from where bands like Dornenreich, Bethlehem, Shining, Forgotten Tomb and Deinonychus. Total Negation is about pain, suffering , oddity, alienation and outsider ideal with a mix of Jazz, Black, Doom and Avant metal movement in a totally unorthodox manner.  We have a sound track to someone losing the mind not slowly but in a very violent and dangerous fashion. I can not say I don't want more as this is the mix of left of center band that I all about. You can not listen to one track this is a band you need to invest the time for listen to a large piece of album or full release in one sitting. A band to watch for sure.


Luciferian Rites- When the light dies- CD/ Digital ( Moribund Cult)

Black metal for me is something very much about power and emotion regardless of what other think and if a Black metal band can give you those nightmares and child and still have a melodic and occult element to it you know you have something. Well Luciferian Rites you have something as this is complex, raw, nightmarish and addiction all at the same time. I going to use more thoughts that are confusing but work for this release there is  Polished rawness to this that lets you hear everything but till makes it very dirty and taboo. The vocals are cries out to the world almost a battle cries for  those ready to fight the next armageddon . The negative emotions and feelings coming from this just get the aggression going to new levels. This album is really something special and another reason why Moribund has kept itself on top of its game for so long.  Luciferian Rites you are making the Mexican Black metal scene very relevant ..


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