8 New Reviews Happy 4th of July edition...

Infera Bruo- In Conjunction- CD/ Digital ( Bindrune Recordings)

I was taken aback by this release as it has all the late 90's/ early 00's elements I love this band out of Boston mixes Thorns, Ved Buen Ende, Mayhem, Emperor and Dimmu borgir into something a bit more prog and avant at times with hints of heathen folk through out as well.  The Delicate moments make the bombastic war like tones seem all the more extreme to the listener.  The get a bit of the Enslaved vibe going on as well. There are so many mystical and magick ideals going on through out this release. Later Emperor this album has much in common with and that is by no means a bad thing as that is by far the most creative side of the band. The melodic and raw over tones work so well as well for that unsettling vibe that comes across there is a tonal mood throught out where if the moved a bit more extreme it would be more noise then music and I love they teeder that line.  Stunning release by a band I need to keep an eye on now.


Alda-Passage- CD/ Digital ( Bindrune Recordings)

Ok so we  can start with this band is from the Pacific Northwest ( Washington State) so you should if you understand Post Black metal were this band is going to stay and I will say this far more folk and pagan then most. This reminds me more Neoclassical/ Folk form bands like Blood axis, Changes etc with that raw black metal meets prog rock element that many bands from that region have. Alda make a very powerful statement in the way the songs and sounds make you react emotional and mentally. There is a despair a grey feeling were its not bleak but you know the world around them is not happy and if things do not change the earth will being to rebel.  Alda  have a strong love  for  Negura Bunget and Drudkh from what I'm hearing and I love this for pagan and nature based elements works so well. The mixing powerful sung vocals and blackened shrieks works so great here it's giving me chills.  The melodies going on are achingly beautiful and get stuck in you mind over and over again. This album was a massive undertaking I can tell. They must have a kinship with bands like  Aerial Ruin too as there are moments they sound cut of the same cloth.  Mandatory listening here folks. 


George Kollias- Invitius- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

I'm sure most of you know him by his powerful and masterful drum work for Nile . Well this time out Mr Kollias has made a one man death metal album ( yes he recording and played everything himself). 1st question is why wait so long to show us what you can really do? This is a blistering Melodic Death metal force that could side with any band side by side. The songs are composed and  full of great solos and arrangements. The production is massive and epic in creation. This is just how death metal should be fast, loud, experimental and pit insighting.. Your vocals are that classic earache death metal sound as well. He does move between grinding riffs and melody so it makes the album ebb and flow as well. The eastern elements come through from time to time as well just to add another layer. Season of Mist major score here ... 


Nocturnal Depression- Spleen Black metal- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

I know people love to call this style suicide metal for it's slower and more nightmare tones. This is very much a back metal release but in that more simple early Burzum, Judas Iscariot etc style. The lumbering and drone tones make the hypnotic element work all the more with the full on tormented vocals you with hear with bands like Happy Days, Bethlehem , Shining, Deinonychus. You get where this band is at and if you like stuff like this then you will need to put this on an let the happiness drain from you very soul. There is a darkness a sickness to music and vocals like this that you know only the very mentally wounded can truly create. A band like Nocturnal Depression is about making it to the end not just understand why? This will be way to much of a release for many but those that like this need this and without it the world just doesn't smell or taste right without..


The Exploding Eye Orchestra-I- CD/ Digital (Svart Records)

So I don't think I've ever said this before but there is a retro 60/70's heavy rock sound with organs and massive female vocals and Noise rock and yes I like it. If motorhead and jesus lizard formed a band and had Buzzo of Melvins produce it this is what The Exploding Eye Orchestra would sound like. There are strong Hawkwind moment going on here as well. Then out of no where it goes into 50's early rock movements and the next you know I swear they want to be Wings or Fleetwood Mac. A massive area rock experience. This was created by Jess and the Ancient ones guitarist Thomas corpse. This album is  wonderful and down right confusing all at the same time just like his other project. Just when you think you have a hold on this it twists and turns now they sound like 70's movie soundtrack. I love the anything goes approach here but catchy songs this has a mountain of and they make you want to sing along. Svart you have done it again another band impossible to explain and brilliant to listen to. Get it just get it..


Wicked Inquisition- S/T-CD/Digital (Tridroid Records)

Retro / Proto Doom in the loving vein of bands like Trouble, Candlemass, St Vitus etc. This is never going to win me over it's a band Rise above and Meteor City will adore and think is the 2nd coming of Doom and they are not even stoner enough or Sabbath enough to come it. I would even say they are very similar to The Cult in many way is sound and style. Not for me again. Enough Said.


Bone Gnawer- Cannibal Crematorium- CD/ Digital ( Pulverised Records)

So this is the 2nd release of guess what a gore filled death/grind band with a band name like this what did you think you were getting folks. Kam of Massacre fame is the founder of this brutally and wonderful morid release. It's just what the doctor ordered. Sometime you just need over the top death metal with love for blood, guts, gore and all things horrors. What am I talking about you always need this in your death metal.. Bone Gnawer again are not reinventing the wheel here just making a fun and catchy death metal release every time you put on if your into the extreme sounds will be proud to own and listen too. It's amazing well done and sound great to boot. I hope to get more Bone Gnawer are is just a fun band with good songs..


Midnight Odyssey-Shards of silver fade- CD/ Digital ( I Voidhanger)

This is a solo release by Dis Pater and from what I'm hearing this is very ambient, experimental , chorus music with a very dark rock and metal edge. It's reminding me of artists like Oxiplegatz or Ayreon at the moment. They synth, string, frozen drifts and orchestral ambience with layers of clean vocals are very impressive to say the least also the track are extremely long some over 20+ minutes.  I maybe very weird but the metal comes in through out the tracks but I don't ever hear the black metal  in anything other then the vocals . Its more avant and prog metal in a dark metal format the way it's presented. It's other worldly in its presentation and this seem to be written like a novel for a world that we need to experience an feel to really dig deep into. I know this is one of several releases for Midnight Odyssey and with this being a double album I'm all the more impressed.  You feel that this mysterious frozen world by the cover is somewhere we actually may travel in the distant future.. I want you all to take a leap of faith and check this out as you will be rewarded but the album and mastery of story telling here. The music paints so many pictures you need to hear this. At time Dimmu Borgir and The Kovenant come to my ears in the music as well. Symphonic Dark, Majestic and Awe Inspiring release for Midnight Odyssey..