6 New Reviews July 17th 2015

Sabbath Assembly- S/t- CD/ Digital (Svart Records)

What we have here is the 4th full length from one of my current favorite bands and with thier 3rd album they have taken a turn for the much more aggressive and heavy and I think it works for them. There is this fuzzed out very 70's/80's prog metal element going on . I really like the edge and complexity that is being added to the very ritualistic and dark hymns that Sabbath Assembly has always had. The solo and guitar work and drumming is impressive as well. They seem to be a full band now and have really gel'd . This band will never be an extreme metal but they play more into bands like Ideas of Gemini and Bloody Hammers now.  Jamie Meyers vocals are so dark , haunting and powerful. She just works so well on the over all musical output. Ok folks you get the point. This is the strongest album yet and they get better with each album I can not wait to see what is in store next. Get all the albums and remember just because they are no longer members of Proces Church of final judgement makes this no less important or powerful of a release.


Meatwound-Addio-CD/Digital (Magic bullet)

So this beast has a heavy mix of punk, noise rock and post hardcore. If you could for a moment mix elements of TAD, Killing Joke, Jesus Lizard, Godflesh, Melvins are what I hear and so much more. There is a power and aggression going on here there are even black metal elements that poke there head out in this monster. Loud and Noisy is the best way to talk about this album with the respect that it needs . the basslines and drums are so bombastic. It reminds me of a jazzy version of Rorschach at time too. I will end with the Cop shoot cop if they were a hardcore band.. Ok you see I like this and you should too. There no where else to go other than it's time you get off you ass and get this or stay on you ass and get a digital copy..


Harrow-Fallow Fields-CD/Digital (Avantgarde Music)

What we have here my friends is folk inspired black metal adventure.. This is as raw as majestic through out the release. The primitive side works very well with more adventurous folky avant side of the band. The very dry drum effects add a very otherworldly vibe too it with very deep bass tones. The prog elements with the blackened guitars and vocal shrieks work to an almost brilliant crescendo... The delicate folk movements add a very post rock side to band as well. Stunning release as it seems Avantgarde music is coming back into focus with some stellar releases in 21st century again..


Alfahanne- Alfapohalyps- CD/ Digital ( Candlelight)

So this band out of depths of Norway is a mix of some very odd combo that make me like them and I'm so make it fringe to many other. Post Punk, Indie rock, Retro Metal and 60's surf music soundtracks all into something very original and catchy that will make me listen to it over and over again. It's almost sounds like something that sounds like it should be on Svart, Exile on Mainstream or 20 Buck spin  records. This is very outsider for Candlelight as this is not a metal band in any way. This reminds me of bands like Alaric, Killing Joke ,Beastmilk . I hate the term Death rock but that is where this band is heading stylistically and feelings wise. Really impressed with this and need to hear more. Great release for a band that needs to keep experimenting with it's sounds as it really works here


The Clearing Path-Watershed between earth and firmament- CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

Originally this was an indie self release but got scooped by by Avantgarde and I can very well see why? Can you can you call a band  Post Blackened Hardcore/Rock??? as this is what the band is mixing elements of Post Hardcore and Post Rock with a violent Black metal over tone. This album is nothing less then Stunning and Terrifying all at the same time and I'm very sure this what the band was looking to do and succeeded with every last moment and riff. The complexity of arrangement is just breath taking in the over all presentation the vocals are so cold and grim at times you can just feel the sickness going through his mind. Another great piece to the Avantgarde family and music listen if you want to here where extreme music is heading and the challenging and thought provoking side of extreme music.


Organ Dealer- Visceral Infection- CD/ Digital ( Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

From my home state of NJ come this Grind/Gore metal force that is just what you think it will be. Short, Blasting, Sick, Nighmarish and everything you want in a band like this. The production is great on it as well as the songs are actually catchy for the genre it's in and that is very hard to do. There is a strong crust element to this through out the album so and that add an extra element to this. I'm rather impressed here over all. I could see me listening to this over and over again. There is a power and presence to Organ Dealer that other bands don't have in 2015 love the guttural and crusty screamo vocal mixed to give it that next level. Well Played ...