4 more reviews cause I love thee...

Trials - The Ruined World- CD/ digital (Self Released)

Oh where to begin with a band like Trials as they expand and reinvent themselves with every release this being the 3rd I've hear. This time out the Death, Thrash, Grind and Power metal is coming out strong with some very progressive elements as well. This chicago force like to mix the extreme and challenging through out the album. The guitar work and solos really at times are stand out as they really go for the melodic Death and Progressive thrash sound through out . There is a kindship to bands like  Strapping young lad , Nevermore and Meshuggah the more I listen to this album and spoiler alert funny enough they cover " Strapping young lad " at their band camp page HOW SHOCKING....  To call this band expansive is an understatement to say the least. The want the listener to dive in to the music and really get out of it what they want to hear as there are so many layers and the album is massive in sound, style and production. If you a metal fan you will find something to love about this as well progressive music fan. All I can say is in July this is one of the albums of the year for me right now.. Stellar output !!!!


William English-Basic Human Error- CD/ Digital ( Grandad Records)

MMMM Sludge Crusty Doom just like I love if you fan of bands like Cavity, Crowbar, Weedeater, Eyehategod, 13 and Damad then this is a home run for you. There are some very post hardcore elements as well in the much more extreme nature as well that add in very well to the over all complexity of the album. This is one pissed off force and I would ask for nothing less. It's what makes the project all the more impressive. William English is what you are looking for in a noisy sludge force and the massive sounds that are coming out with the tormented vocals just work so so very well. The blasting and slow molasses like moments work like a charm as well. You can here the So Cal, Nola, Low East side NYC and Midwest Noise elements of good crust / Sludge coming through as well. If you want to let out your aggressions then this is the release for you. just get out your demin vest with the patches out and make sure to add them to the collection...


DEIPHAGO - Into the eyes of satan- CD. Digital.Tape ( Hells Headbangers)

I don't hear many extreme metal bands from the Philippines and maybe this is why because Deiphago is so extreme and brutal they have laid waste to all the rest of them.. This is one of the most extreme, brutal and technical black/death bands I've ever heard. The chaos and madness being created here is second to none. They are one step from being a black noise band but always keep it in more of grinding fashion and never move it to pure noise. I wish in words I could explain how over the top this band really is but it's just not possible. I want to say they are close to some of the bands on labels like Norma Evangelium Diaboli, D.M.P, Season of Mist and Moribund as the sound is so raw and blistering but there is sickened melody to it all that only extreme music fans can truly hear. Deiphago make we want to listen to them more and more as I can not believe what i'm truly hearing . Extremity and amazing control something you don't alway hear in this style of music ..


Mamaleek- VIa Dolorosa-LP/digital ( The Flenser)

Well well well this is going to be one very odd journey my friends. If you can mix the weirdo fringe of Black metal, electronica, power electronic, noise and jazz into something more extreme then Manes, Odder then DHG, close to Ulver at times then even closer to Mysticum and Vond at times. They seem to come from the world of bands like Fleurety as well too almost free form in nature but need to keep that grim cold element through out. The words extreme experimental are something that could not fit a band more strong. There is so much left of center going on this going to be a very fringe or outsider release. For some of us this will connect immediately connect with.  The Flenser is a strange force to begin with and I hope they never change. They bring us challenging music and we need more of it always. Mamaleek nice work of moving forward with sounds that should not work together but really do in the end. Mike Patton and John Zorn must be damn proud.. 


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