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1. For those us new to Antagoniste tell my readers about how project came to be?
Antagoniste is the latest piece of a musical puzzle. The beginning of the band was pretty simple: I wanted to create “Metal” Music I would not be bored to listen to. It meant not to stick to the stubborn approach of metalheads, i.e. no boundaries in term of mix of styles.
I started developing the concept in 2013 and recorded the album in 2014. I knew I got something great there and I am very proud that Luciano from I Voidhanger Records shared this view and decided to publish the album.
2. The sound of the band is a mix of Doom. Post Black metal, Post Hardcore , Prog and Desert rock all with a very Futurist over tone. Has this sound developed over the years or is this just how the band became?
In a way it has developed over the years in my head, and exactly sounded like that when I put the first demo in 2013.
My Mind has eaten a lot of music during the years and had to throw out something mixing all of that, but still coherent.
3. Is there a story line behind  " The Myth of Mankind"?
The album develops some concepts that I cherish, and that have also been used in Metal since its beginning. However, I tried to build them in a coherent way, thinking of what would be left of “Mankind Philosophical Concepts” when we will have all disappeared.
4. Your working with I Voidhanger a very eclectic label with some stellar bands . Was this the label you wanted to work with they seem to really care about their artists?
I Voidhanger was the perfect fit for Antagoniste as they are pushing One Man Band Project, put a lot of attention into the whole concept such as artwork, promotion. Not to mention I enjoy my discussion about music and 90s indie bands with Luciano.
5. How do you create the music and lyrics for the project as your a one man force do other help in studio or is this a true labor or love?
The concept of “The Myth Of Mankind” was clearly defined at the beginning. Then this is where I would say “Magick” is coming along. Just let yourself guided by something higher when you are with the instruments (musical, pen and paper). Then comes the most brainy and geeky part, which is about studio’s work: how to really makes what you heard in your head real?
6. What are the bands that have influenced Antagoniste ? I can hear some Noothgrush. DHG and Voices for some
Over the years I would say more than 500 of artists have influenced me in some way. Few of them are in the metal scene; I would say 10% of what I am listening to. If we dig deeper in the metal I would mention: EmperorI/hsahn and related, Blut Aus Nord/Vindsval and related, Terra Tenebrosa, Deathspell Omega.
Add a bit of Slowdive (for the dreamy guitars), My Bloody Valentine (for the way they mix their music and vocals) and Deftones (for the softer part) and I believe that would bring a good idea of what the album sounds like.
Funny enough I have never heard of the band you mention.
7. Is the digital age helping or watering down the really good bands as anyone can make a demo and get it out there?
Why arguing about the fact that anybody can play music or record it in an easiest way than 20 years ago? I started with a Tascam 4 Tracks Tape recorder, I believe I would have been pleased to have access to all that is available now at this time.
I still prefer the idea of teenagers educating themselves with music, learning and possibly doing bad records, than playing video games or watching TV.
Anyway, the debate is not about being able to record music, it is about making a good album or song, and this comes up to the Magickal part.
8. What are Antagoniste Reading and listening to as it tells a lot about the projects directions.
I have been lately listening a lot to Joe McKee, Snowman, Metz, The Soft Moon, The Cure. I am not sure if will tell you where I will be next, I believe in a very different place that them.
In term of reading I would mention some Schopenhauer, Crowley, Nietzsche and Bataille.
9. Will Antagoniste be performing live or is this a studio vison only?
There is no short-term plans for some live, however, only ignorant say never.
10. If you could make a video for the album what song , why and what would the themes be?
I got in touch with a guy to shoot a video of “The Fall Of Man”. However this never came to reality.
If we ever do one, it would have to be a collaboration between the Director and Antagoniste.
11. Do you create music of other styles or under other names?
As mentioned, Antagoniste is a part of the Music I create. I am also part of different bands and projects that keep me creative and busy in different genres, as Indie, Acoustic, Rap or Darkjazz.
12. How does the album cover play a role into theme of songs I know it must?
Francesco Gemelli did this amazing artwork. We needed to find the best way to represent the concept of the Album: the place of Mankind within the Universe. What Francesco came up was beyond my expectation.
13, Is social media and good PR what a band needs today to get name out or does a record label still play a major role in promoting a band?
Sure Record Label still plays a major role in promotion. The reputation of a label is very important. They are people who listened to my album only because they know the quality of I Voidhanger releases.
14. Any closing thoughts please place here
I would like to thank you for your interest in Antagoniste. People like you keep the music alive.
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