8 more New Reviews ( part 2) told you I was getting some work done edition

Sigh- Graveward- CD/ Digital ( Candlelight)

Where to begin with Sigh the extreme music of 10,000 styles. Just mix Avant Black, Grindcore, Jazz, Theatrical and Oriental Metal. With heavy dose of Arena Rock and Soundtrack works and you get something close. I always call it if Journey, King Diamond,  Bal Sagoth, Emperor and Arcturus has a project together you would get something as interesting. Sigh love to mix lo fi, Operatics, Retro and Futurist sound. Words are really very hard to explain something so left of center its more of am aural experience and it needs to be something you listening to Sigh full collection as they go from a moe Black metal force to something out of this world. With each album I love this band more and want to hear more and more. Where Sigh will head next is anyones guess and I don't want to just keep creating wonder and amazement like this is all we can ask...


FamishGod- Devourer of light- CD/ Digital ( Xtreem Music)

Dark epic slowly building Doom Death with a very spacial and funeral over tone. This is low end depressive music to say the least. I makes we hear the old days of bands again like Thergothon, Dusk, Ceremonium, Womb, Morgion and early My Dying Bride. There are moments of the very doomy Incantation songs as well. I want to call this Ultra slow epic Death metal as it's has so much of that death metal tonal quality going on. The production is very bass heavy and needs to be to give it the proper feeling that needs to be presented. The low guttural vocals with the guitars and bass in the sub level works do well wtih  the war like mid tempo drumming and with out the organs like movements filling the music in background this would be missing something even more. FamishGod with Dave Rotten on vocals is a classic in the making..


Apophys- Prime Incursion- CD/ Digital ( Metal Blade)

When you mix that  buzzsaw 90's Death metal sound that was so much part of Earache, Relapse and Nuke Blast then add a modern twist of the Sci-fi and Tech Death elements were labels like Willowtip, Listenable and Season of Mist has really shined. Music like this alway turns my head. I don't need to name drop here you very clearly see where we are going with this. Apophys is massive and expansive in sound like many of the other Dutch Death forces out there. With that catchy groove that good death metal needs for the pit actions. The vocals go very much more in the Throat and Raspy not guttural or ultra low and it works for this kind of riffage of so well. We say this  a lot but good death metal doesn't need to reinvent it need to just show skill and passion in the presentation and with "Prime Incursion" you get that and healthy dose of extreme thrashing movements as well. Keep it up gentlemen.


Skyforger-Senprusija- CD/ Digital ( Thunderforge)

As I dig into Skyforger I hear the elements of  Pagan, Viking, Folk and Black metal but it all sounds so middle of the road nothing that is keeping my interest. It sounds like its all been do much better of the years with bands of the past. The production is making it to thin and retro in sound maybe that is what they are looking for but even the vocal are just are like a dozen other bands. Heathen music like this needs to stand out. The really sound like a 2nd or 3rd tier band. Sorry to say I'm going to end here as I'm losing focus on this album. To much paint by the numbers here.


Helfir- Still Bleeding- CD/ Digital ( My Kingdom Music)

Electro Dark Rock with a Goth metal over tone is really want I'm hearing bands like Katatonia, Klmt1912, Antimatter and Canaan are things that come to mind every Early This empty flow. Helfir is all about the emotions trapped in ones soul and how it seen by all around. This is a heavy recording in the tone of the album not in the song writing . There are even moment I would say that they have a love affair with band like HIM or Mid Period Anathema.  The songs are layered so much from delicate to epic back to personal and introspective. The vocals are not weak the vocalist is very powerful and works well. This would even work for Pink Floyd fans I would say. You get it not buy it..


Omrade- Edari- CD/ Digital ( My Kingdom Music)

Ok folks Omrade wears their influences on the heart sleeves and with that I could not be happier and there are 3 bands this band wants to show the world that are the reason to create music
Ulver, Manes and NIN... Mix those  3 together and you have every thing that Omrade want to be.
This is the most wonderful mix of Avantgarde Jazzy Indie / Electronic music with a backbeat in the Prog Rock world. I simply love this album it holding everything that albums like Perdition City and Fragile hold with all the un metal ideals that has made Manes one of the more interesting bands in last decade. There are some very aggressive moments but not in a way that you want to call it extreme metal. Classic arranged Electro Rock with a very very dark underbelly. THe more you listen to this it will change you ideals on how underground music does not need to be pigeon holed in any way.. Great Great release...


AM:PM- Aberrant Minds Provoke Murders- CD/ Digital (Self Released)

So what do you get when you mix Nu Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore and Modern Death metal you get AM:PM.  This band is trying to be something of everything thing to every more and it works best when they just let the odd elements settle a bit to the background and let that Tech Metal extremity come in to full play.  They are super talented and you can here it as the are very much about the flashy riff and arrangements in death and grindcore and the vocals are deep and powerful. I could very much see this band on Unique Leader or 20buckspin maybe even willowtip as they just have that edge that would for for those labels. My only warning it's not about the number of time changes and new ideas always. You have a good game plan with I with with some time and reworking of ideas this band could be a force...



Shining (Sweden) -IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere ends- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

This band has been confusing, confounding, perplexing and jaw dropping the music world for well over a decade now and with this release nothing is going to change. Mix Symphonic, Neoclassical, Dark/ Doom/ Suicidal thoughts and range of styles you would never thing you would hear together and just simple let it over take you. Yes Niklas and crew have been offending and pissing off with their extreme image and ideals but that is what this is all about. Madness in extreme music is just what is needed and without it make the world a very boring place. This is for fans of Deinonychus, Bethlehem,  Forgotten Tomb, Silencer and Happy Days.. Over the years like Bethlehem they have expanded those styles to make it even harder to pin point where the ideal comes from. This is a major release by a band that never half asses it . I would even say at time the revert to that Taake and Khold element of Primitive frozen black metal that has never been fully embraced. I could talk about this album all day but its just more time for you not to listen and expand you musical understanding. Shining is a musical destination now go there..