A389 Recording artist Noisem Interview is up ..

Noisem Interview

1. Tell us for those new to Noisem about the band a bit?

We're a death/thrash/grind band out of Baltimore, MD. Self proclaimed Replacements of depressive death metal.

2. I very impressed with mix tech Death metal and grindcore into something that almost has an noise or industrial element to it as well. You remind me of those old earache and relapse days.I hear so much Napalm Death and Brutal Truth in you was that the goal with Noisem?

Said sound is what came naturally as we progressed with our songwriting. We didn't set out to create something like that and we've always had a rather organic approach to writing. I'm very proud of what came out of it.

3. A389 is a label I've only heard a few releases by Integrity ,Ringworm and Seven sister of sleep. How did you come to work with them?

An intoxicated Blake Harrison from Pig Destroyer harassing Dom to check us out. He did and absolutely hated us at first. Later on in the next few months we played the A389 Pre-Fest at the Ottobar, he saw us and just asked if he could put our record out. He was very punctual, treated us right, and the rest is history!

4. The 1st time I heard you was on Sirius liquid metal and has the national push been helping this young band?

Very much so! Nothing wrong with more exposure. Just as long as you don't play Mayhem Fest.

5. If there are any band you could tour with how would be and why?

Well obviously The Cure. They're the absolute best band of all time. I will bow down to the feet of Robert Smith, I just hope he would still be able to see my face now :(

6. The cover of Blossoming Decay is very inspired to me by the crust and sludge artist Pushead with is Cavity and Damad artwork on is label. Were you going for the dirty gritty element?

Most definitely! I was looking for something similar to Unholy Grave or Dropdead artwork but still involving the themes from the record, of course. What Billy did is absolutely astonishing. I love it.

7. Is the theme or central idea behind the new album?

The blossoming of personal issues, and seeing them through new eyes as you get older. Frequent thoughts of suicide, as well as a constant cascade of depression fueling you. Flowers.

8. I do want to know why make the album so damn short? I know leave them wanting more but come on there seem to be so much power and magic going on here a few more track would have made it feel like a proper full length?

Nobody wants to hear a 50 minute death/grind record. We stay by the short, sweet and to the point stigma. Maybe as we start to add more & more elements to our music, and it may at that point be necessary to make a longer record, we will, but at this point, nah.

9. What are some of the bands that are impressing Noisem right now?

Wild Honey, Boy's Don't Cry, Lotus Fucker (duh boys), Antigama, Bell Witch, Bible Thumper, just to name a few.

10. Being from Baltimore a hotbed of metal, noise and hardcore of label even have a yearly fest there now. How has the made the extreme music world change there?

It's made it different for 4 days a year. The scene here has it's up's and downs as any, right now it's fairly strong with bands like Humanmania, No Way, Lotus Fucker, Purtrisect, and Bestial Evil just to name a few. We stay strong in B-More.

11. If there was a song you could cover and make it your own what would it be and why?

Cold by The Cure because no matter what any band does to try to be heavy, they can never make a song heavier than this, or a record heavier than Pornography.

12. Is Social Media a blessing or a curse in 2015?

Curse. Period.

13. Were do you see Noisem next album heading more experimental, extreme a mix???

We shall see! We have plenty to of ideas that we dish out, we're always going to stick to the same template, that's who we are, but none of us are opposed to adding any sort of element or influence we all take.

14. If Noisem could sign to a major label and have the budget, touring and push would it be the right place or will this style of music never be in that realm?

We're looking for the big bucks honestly. Relapse, call me!