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Creepers- Lush- CD/ Digital ( All black recording company )

Wow did the 90's shoegazing movement come back in full with Creepers as they remind me of  Catherine wheel, Ride, Slow dive and Jesus and mary chain. I can see how Deafheaven is influenced by these sounds as two of the members are shared by both bands. This is that dark dreamy indie rock i did love while watching 120 minutes on MTV many many moons ago. There is a bit of a heavier rock movement with Creepers but it never takes over. The ethereal and drifting element are very similar to bands like Alcest and Jesu today. I love this style of music but some will think its to soft for there liking . It's very hard to make shoe gaze sound powerful , open and majestic at the same time and Creeper does just that. I know I'm late to the game as this came out last fall but I'm telling you this is an impressive album and worth looking for and getting !!!!


Hadal- The Obscure I- CD/ Digital- Self Released

So this an odd mix of very old school UK Doom the Peaceville sound as I call mix with Gothic and darkwave elements.  If i could be 100% honest this is what  My Dying Bride,Paradise Lost, Canaan, Katatonia and This Empty Flow would sound like with help from bands like  Novembers Doom and Antimatter. I really love this band the mix clean gothic vocals with guttural doom movements the guitars  that go from darkwave to doom and back and the melody of the warm bass and the thinking mans drumming. There are some very cool Folk metal elements going on as well but that is more just layered in to make it all the more of a great journey to listen to. Over all I'm shocked Hadal has not gotten more international exposure in the  doom metal and goth metal scenes. I hope this bit of press helps some. If you like the bands I'm mentioned you will very much dig this ..


Black Flame- The Origin of fire- CD/ Digital (Avantgarde Music)

Ah so we have  Black death and yes it's very much a black death band with that cold hollow guitar tone with the razor vocals and blistering blackened drum assault but there is a  very melodic and slowed down doom element to this band at times as well in intro and transitions through out the album. If your a fan of  bands like Dissection, Limbonic art and Marduk this is going to be a very special release for you.  It's played very well in almost an orchestral way. There are very musically complex in presentation and the songs draw you in to listen. I always feel weird saying this but it has the Avantgarde sound very ancient and distant in why band creates the hymns they give us. This is what metal is about challenging the listener is a well known genre making you rethink what you thought you knew.. 


Minsk- The crash & the draw- CD/ Digital ( Relapse)

Post Rock, Sludge, Doom and Drone all in a blackened hardcore cacoon is where Minsk comes from and yes I agree it's a total mindfuck. Neurosis, Crowbar, Grief, Isis and Melvins are the 1st bands that come to mind when I'm listening to this. There is a darkness and hatred that comes from the speaker at a very slow and molasses like state that you need to have felt suffering and loss to every understand. There are elements of bands like Halo and Red Harvest going on in this beast as well. Relapse has had  reawakening to Doom and Dark Post Metal metal sound that in 90's and early 00's made them one of my all time faves . There is very much a Mastodon groove going here too. Minsk keep up what ever you are doing as this album is truly making me grin with a shit eating smile . STELLAR WORK !!!!


Boar-Veneficae-Digital/LP ( Lost Pligrim)

I know they say it has stoner doom elements in the press I got  but I hear zero of that. This is industrial Sludge Doom adventure. That as of two songs in is one of the most pissed off journey's I've heard. oh wait there are some tripped out elements that they pepper in from time to time. if not its a mix of Post Hardcore, noise, sludge and wall of epic reverbed and feeding back guitars and a vocals so tormented I can tell that madness has fully set in. I do not want to limit this review with other bands so you keep an open mind but this band very much fits that SoCal Sludge/Noise movement, That Nola sickness as well as that dirty NYC squat crust doom movement. I hands down just need to hear more from this juggernaut of sound and power. Love THIS!!!! Boar is the furtherest from a Stoner metal band they have moments of this but are so so much more.


Cult of Endtime- In Charnel lights- CD/ Digital ( Svart)

So this that very dark and mystical Death metal that has always impressed me over the years its more mid tempo and very heavy. Cult of Endtime reminds me of Early Amorphis, Entombed and even Bolt Thrower in its very creation of track and how the atmosphere comes into play with the vocals.  I think its the punk element that shine with that occult and old world theme. Cult of Endtime is the kind of band after a show you are completely drains and have let all the demons out for the next chapter of you battle of life. That are just a haunting force once heard you will not forget them. There is ritualistic over tone going on here and its what makes the band all the more hard to full explain about. I hear elements of Edge of Sanity in them as well. I know there is so much more I want to say but you really need to make the conclusion yourself as great metal does that creates  " THE GREAT DEBATE".. It's your turn....


Humours- The Onanist- CD/ Digital ( Eolian Empire)

It's always seems like bands from the Northwest are mixing and cutting and twisting 3-4 genres into some tasty or odd style that you either over or hate and with Humours we have nothing in differance. So with this chapter of the 21st century musical drama of the Northwest . I would like to genre define Humours as Post Prog Noise Futurists as this really does set up the sounds we here there is Post rock, Prog, Noise rock and Industrial/ Electro elements through out this Jam!!! This another one of those bands that I took a liking to in 1st two songs but many of you this will be an event and time consuming to find that place I did. The Onanist is a very difficult listen if you like a lot of the mover fringe Neurot, Alternative Tentacles, Translation Loss, Svart, Discord and Constellation records bands thank you knew where I'm going with this. I would even say if you into bands on Touch and go you will be in a good understanding . There is so much going on every song has a common element but is so very vastly interesting and different.  This is a must listen for 2 or 3 spins before you make your mind up .  I will be looking for more from Humours and hope to speak to them as this is the album of the review that really made me say damn...