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Secrets of the sky- Pathway- CD/ Digital ( Metal Blade)

Ok so this was not what I was expecting at all with a band on Metal blade this is Prog Atmospheric Post Metal with heavy element of Doom and Sludge mixed in. This album is massive in the way bands like  Neurosis, Paradise Lost,  Katatonia, Ulver, My Dying Bride even Anathema and Crowbar. This at it's essence is Doom but it add so many melodic, fragile and goth tone through out the track with that very complex riff structure just so slowed down. There is a cold post black metal feeling going through out the album to but that is what gives it that very post metallic edge. This band live must sound like they are going to shake the building down. The sadness of the Gothic element give it a very suicidal quality that work well with this band.  Pathway's is a brilliant deverison for Metal blade seemed to be focusing more on Death and Thrash metal as of late. This is a must listen..

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Perdition Winds- Aura of Suffering- Cd/ Digital ( Woodcut Records)

Raw Epic Black metal just coming at you as fast and violently as it can be allowed too. Sometimes this is just what the doctor ordered. Metal is suppose to be about extremes and with Perdition winds that is what you getting. Buzzsaw guitars the droning bass and wall of drums with vocalist that is ripping through you very will and soul with the harsh element of scream, cry's and bellows.  This is black metal and your going to either love or hate it because it comes from it's very punk and thrash elements were all the early greats came from fighting that Death metal movement.  Dark Throne and Graveland would be very proud to have Perdition Winds with them on this front against the polished and technical sounds of the other side of extreme music. Horns up and let the darkness take you so see what can be explored..


Lord of Pagathorn-Nekros Philia- CD/ Digital ( Woodcut Records)

Well Well Well another Violently raw black metal experience from Woodcut records. Maybe we have  a running theme with the label... Of course we do. Where this differs is this comes more from the extreme thrash and less punk elements and this vocalist relies on mass amounts of reverb on the vocals to give it that caverious vibe that his is on pulpit letting the masses know of the impending legions of darkness and evil on their way. This is mixed with a very early ulver folk element through ut the release as well. The two are blending into a very haunting and unsettling event that I very pleased to have going to hear. Black metal is not suppose to be easy listening if it was then what would have made it so personal and special to the underground. This is another way to should you don't have to rewritten the books or rebuild the wheel to make music that is timeless and powerful..


Winterfylleth- The Fathers of Albion-2007-2013 - CD/ Digital ( Candlelight)

I'm not going to dig to deep into this review other then to say this a great way for those that in criminal fashion have let this band go way side for other bigger releases. Winterfylleth is a stellar atmospheric black/ death metal force that deserve you attention in the way it works acoustics, raw black metal , folk metal and dark metal into something that is very much only bands from Northern Europe seem to master at. These tormented hymns have so much originally and echo back to a time long forgotten and we need to bring to the forefront again. Majestic and Chilling are two words that really do fit into the description of Winterfylleth. Now it's your turn to hear it for the 1st time if you have not before..


Obsequiae- Aria of Vernal Tombs- CD/ Digital/ Vinyl ( 20 Buck Spin)

Classical. Medieval Avant Metal is just the beginning of the story for this band who release a stellar album on Bindrune a few years back . The band created by Tanner also of the amazing Doom metal force Celestiial . What I hear in this band is a mix of band like Slough feg, Ophthalamia and Bal Sagoth in the way this is all created. Obsequiae is so very unusual in presentation and arrangements it's heard to say they are like anyone else. I just hear elements of this bands here and so much more they mix black metal, choirs, celtic elements and so much more into a very classic power metal backdrop then mix darker and death metal tones in as well. This is a very difficult album and will never gain mass appeal but for music like this if it did I would not what to do as I would call this a band for me my personal gems that I show select people to get the same feeling of hairs standing on the back of your neck like amazing music does for the choice path the very 1st time . This would make people like Dan Swano and Ishahn very proud to see more very experimental post metal is being made ... Take the chance and listen because if you ear catches on you will never be the same..


Entrails- Obliteration- CD/ Digital ( Metal Blade)

Now this is what I think of with Metal blade mixing that Swedish Death metal sound with viking metal elements in to something very over the top and full on fucking metal and with Entrails this is what you get . The moshpit grooves, The vomit  and guttural vocal, Soaring guitars and driving rhythms. Are you a fan of At the gates or Dismember then this is going to be a staple for you to listen to as this is where the bands very core comes from with a bit of Altar thrown in for good measure. No more really needed to be said. THIS IS DEATH METAL!!!


Ashbringer-Vacant-CD/ Digital ( Avantgarde Music)

As I read a bit this is a one man metal force. The album starts with an epic folk/doom inspired intro that reminds me of more Post Black metal then anything else. There is so much passion and massive elements going on I want you just to think of Ashbringer as Sorrow, Power, Darkness, Hope and Redemption all at the same time.  The music will dig deep and flow into you very being as you listen  and this is the kind of release you need to listen to completion at with out that there is an emptiness to what you have done.  I will not mention bands here but this is a mix for sure of all styles above and ethereal , drone and shoegazing moments. Ashbringer is something a bit more special in the underground scene. These are the type of bands that refuel and re inspire me to make music again as well . I look forward to many more journeys with this band and where they lead us too.


Antigama- The Insolent- CD/ Digital ( Self Made God)

Blistering  Grindcore, Hardcore and Crust in a short and furious blast on nightmarish tones and a wall of fists. This is just what you want if you miss those old Relapse and Earache days. Antigama are just perfect at this style of music. They do at a bit of industrial and experimentation to it all but nothing that over powers the grinding and crust force in any way. Quick and pissed of is just what  you get here. Any more question just listen and repeat as you will get all your answers there.


War Iron- Precession of the Equinoxes- CD/ Digital ( Self Released)

Crust Industrial Doom is what I will call this. Down right sick and amazing is what I will say this album is. Listen to looping vocals, slow lumbering riffs, plodding drums and just low end fury. This a mix of Godflesh, Phobos, Noothgrush and Winter.. There is a blackened feeling through out the album but its just the hatred that comes from this. Sometimes negative energy is the release that needed and it can inspire others to release that darkness to it doesn't compel you to do things. With War Iron. The Doom elements win over all the time. Black sabbath  to War Iron you can hear the progress of degression by some. All I can say is this is an album I will be listening to over and over again...


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