Tombs Interview 4/14/2009


1. Please let us know about the origins of Tombs as your a very new band to many of my readers?

Tombs started immediately after the demise of Versoma, a band I was doing with Jamie Getz (Lick Golden Sky, Gods and Queens). Some of the earlier material was developed from riffs that I had been working on for Versoma but were never fully realized, as a result some of the earlier songs have a similar vibe to the "Life During Wartime" Versoma ep.

The original drummer, Justin Ennis and I teamed up with Domenic Seita (bass) and we wrote a body of material that would end up on our Self-Titled ep (Black Box Recordings/Level Plane). We parted with Domenic due to creative differences. I think he's a lot happier playing bass in Storm of Light. Enter Carson James, our current bassist. He was this guy that lived across the street from me that played guitar and bass. He was into a lot of the same music as us so he seemed like as good a choice as any for a replacement bassist. We recorded a split 12-in with the German hardcore outfit Planks so we had something new to sell on a short European tour.

It was during this time that we discovered that our original drummer was a loser and couldn't be trusted so the only option left was to replace him. Essentially, Ennis took himself out of the picture by not being able to leave the country for tour and lying to us for months. His replacement, Andrew Hernandez, played in a band that we shared a rehearsal space with. Andrew has a valid passport and as far as I know, isn't addicted to drugs and is a more or less truthful person.

The current line up is me (mike Hill) on guitar / vocals, Carson on bass and Andrew on drums.

2. Tombs mix elements of Neurosis, Swans, Isis etc to my ears would you call your sound Post Metal?

Sure, that sounds as good as any other label.

3. There is a strong emotional elements in Winter Hours . What is the running theme for the release?

The general theme of the record is anxiety and depression. I think that living under two terms of the Bush administration will do that to you. There is also a really heavy end-times vibe on the record.

4. How did you come by way of signing with Relapse?

We sent a demo down to the office and they came to see us play at Siren Records in Doylestown, PA. Within a few months we signed a contract.

5. Your Influences list on you myspace is amazing . Post Hardcore, Black metal, Noise rock and Avant metal sounds. I've never seen bands list Slint and Ved Buens Ende in the same list. Do you really see all those bands as influences?

Yes. Actually, I don't really see much difference between a band like Slint and a band like Ved Buens Ende except that the philosophies of the bands personal views may differ. We are all into a lot of different music and all of it influences the way we write.

6. If you could tour or recorded with any one project who would it be and why?

I would like to tour with Neurosis or Angels of Light.

7. Are Tombs happier in the studio or on the road. If its both then what are the pro and con's of each to the band?

Both are equally satisfying to me at least. The live component is more of a cathartic experience, it's more of a physical expression therefore the euphoria is akin to the feeling you get from completing a session of vigorous exercise. The recording process is more of a cerebral/intellectual endeavor. When a recording is complete it's a static document of the songs so on a certain level, I feel like I've contributed to the overall creative continuum of the universe.

8. Your myspace page seems to be the main site do you feel in this day and age thats all bands really need to promote the music and info to the world??? are we in a total digital/ blogging world now for the indie scene?

The only true way of presenting your music is the live setting. You can tell if a band is real or not by how they play live. Everything else is a distraction.

9. Is there material out earlier then Winter Hours or is it all just demos?

Tombs has a self-titled ep and a split 12-in with Planks.

10. Is there a major differance in sound from earlier material to you Relapse Debut?

The Relapse material is way more focused and has a more aggressive feel to it.

11. did you as a band ever get to perform on CBGB or Continental Divide stage. I feel so honored to have done so? I really feel the world is missing on on great small venues for live music today. What are your thought???

Tombs has never performed at CB's or the Continental My old band Anodyne played at CB's on several occasions. I think that the nostalgia element is over-rated. Though CB's was always a fun time, towards the end it was more of a tourist attraction for out-of-town rubes. In the end it had more to do with capitalism than punk rock. The Continental was never a place that I wanted to play at. This really annoying guy with a funny hat rant the shows and his vibe seemed really negative.

ABC NO RIO was always a way more satisfying place to play at.

12. What is the goal now that Tombs as signed with a major indie label like Relapse. Do you hope to become a Major label and like Mastadon or is Relapse the dream spot for Tombs???

The goal is to continue to play the best music we can. Personally, my only expectations are to work hard and stay on the road as much as possible.

13. Is there a religous theme with Winter hours I ask mainly because of the artwork?

As a band, no. Personally, though I am an atheist, I respond to a lot of the catholic imagery of my youth. My grandmother was from Italy, so there was a really intense Roman Catholic thing going on in my upbringing.

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here?

(No answer was given)