Axis Power Interview is up 4/22/2009

Axis Powers

1.Axis Power seems to be very new to my ears tell us a bit about the project?

Well we are not a very new band. We actually started back in 1997. And at that time Death metal was completely dead.

So we started the band as a protest of the black metal trend

And all gay melodies that was haunting the scene at the time.

Im sure the trendies hated us and we for sure hated them

When we punished their ears with old school death metal ha ha.

2. You music is what I would call Battle/War Metal very bombastic and percussion heavy. Did it start out this way?

Well I would call us just old school death metal. But yeah

The music is for sure bombastic. All our lyrics deals with

Wars. And we have used that kind of lyrics since we started the band. Its our crazy drummer Chris that are responsible

For this subject ha ha. And we become influenced by his lyrics

And try to sound as disgusting and raw as possible just as

In war.

3. Your live shows must be massive in sound. What are you live shows like?

Our live shows are different from time to time. The last gig

We got we where dressed like soldiers. And maybe we should be

Dressed like that all the time. Sometimes we just looks

Like ordinary metal freaks on stage. Yeah of course we want

To have a massive sound. But it depends on the place we

Plays in. I think our sound fits better on bigger stages.

But you could except a metal gig with a lot headbanging

And aggression that’s for sure.

4. You are working with Pulverised Records how did you get on the label?

Well at first we where on the Swedish label Iron Fist Productions. We released our first album “Pure Slaughter” on that label. And on that release Pulverised was in someway

Involved. So when it was time to record “Marching towards

Destruction” we asked them if they were willing to release it.

And they said yeas immeditly. At first we was supposed

To released it on Iron fist but the label went bankrupt.

So we had to fix a new label. And im glad it became Pulverised

5. What is the ideal of Marching towards Destruction CD. What Statement are you trying to make?

We try to to tell people that the march can lead to to things.

The word destruction can be both positive and negative.

You can win a battle and you can loose. So we tries

To talk about wars as they really are. Brutal hard and raw

And absolutely no funny place to be in.

If you read our lyrics you will understand for sure.

6. Axis Power reminds be a lot of Marduk and Panzerchrist is your sound influenced by these band at all?

No we are not influenced at all by these to bands. I like

MARDUK but we absolutely not sounds as them. We tries to

Sound as Swedish as possible the old swedish scene with bands


And 100eds of more. We also are a bit influenced by the

Great AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER. So to sound as old school

Death metal is was we strive after.

7. Are you fans of the digital age (My space, Digital Audio, Internet radio) or do you miss the days of old tapes, radio and print fan zines?

Well My space is for sure a great thing. Its easy to see

If you like a band or not and if you like it you then

Buy their music. I definitely prefer to read printed zines

Compared to internet zines. But booth are cool in my eyes.

But yeah ill miss the tape trading times it was a great

Way to find out new bands. But it also took some time

Everything is so mouch easier now.

8. Sweden is know for more Black and Melodic Death metal . Does the more brutal Death metal sound with a Martial theme come across well there? or is it still more popular in Germany, Austria , Italy etc???

Well Death metal is still very popular here in Sweden. But

Back in late 90 ties it was almost dead. And there was as you

Said more melodic bands and black metal that was popular.

But compared to Germany I guess the scene is nothing.

Germany is like a metal paradise in all genres.

And its always fun to be their and meet all the great people from there. I think death metal is on the way up again in Sweden. There are many new bands coming up right now.

And that’s really fun.

9. Do the member of Axis power work in other projects or is this your main and only focus?

Well 3 of us also plays in SUICIDAL WINDS. In that bands we

Sound a lot more death trash. With screamy vocals. And demonic

Lyrics. I wouls say both bands are my focus. Since we rehearse with both bands quite often.

10. I feel a punk element in the music to like a Motorhead vibe would you agree?

Yeah im glad you hear that. I think its because of our drummer

Before we started AXISPOWERS in 1997. He was playing in some punk bands. And yeah we all like MOTÖRHEAD very mouch.

And another reason might be that our influences .

Maybe was more influenced by punk and rockn roll.

But personally I never listen to punk. Maybe some rockn roll

Now and then and yeah MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM rules.

11. If you would record or tour with a project or band who would it be and why???

Well we always like to tour an record albums. Both

AXIS POWERS and SUICIDAL WINDS are very important band to me

So it will ofcourse be one of those bands.

And hopefully I will get the chance to do a lot more records.

Cause its damn fun that’s for sure.

12. Thank for the interview any closing thoughts here..

Check out our album “Marching towards destruction” if you are

Into Death metal im sure you will love this record.

Stay metal and CHEERS to all of you out there.

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