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Torture cover

GENERIC - "TORTURE" CD (Fractured Spaces)

This seems to be a very cold dark ambient release by the founder of Iris Light Records. Generic comes through with deep drifting bass tones , rumbling ambient spacial movements and a heavy does of distant creepiness thrown in for good measure. Generic reminds me also of Sleep Research Facility mixed in with a good healthy does of In Slaughter Natives. Torture has a very occultish vibe to it as well. All the tracks seem to be called " Torture Garden" and there is a running theme of anger , desolation and power through out the release. The tracks are long but seem to build and grow nicely. I really like the deep tones that create an emotional reaction with every moment the tracks breathe and grow in to the void of sound and expression. Generic seems to have taken the time to feel out the tracks and maximize the sonic delivery of Torture as a whole. The packaging is a brilliant looking 4 panel matted Digipak as well and the Brown and Golden tones really add to the over all feel of the music on the release. Another shining moment for Fractured Spaces.

Third FSR release

Osman seems to be quite the prolific recording artist as well here as you will know him better under the names 20SV and Seeker with release on the Autumn Wind Production label. Though this seemed to be the 1st release that Mr Arabi seems to be going as a solo artist and not a project name. This differs very much from the other project were Osman seems to have a strong homage to the Ethno Experimental scene. I would say there is a strong brotherhood to Rapoon and the sadly gone Muslingauze. Being that Mr Arabi is from the heart of the middle eastern region this would make much sense. I myself have never been to Lebannon but I hear it is a beautiful and mystical place where the ancient and modern mix and with Burning Sigils you can get the full on with the minimalness of the tracks but vast Ideas and feeling the CD creates. I almost feel like I'm walking a marketplace in the old world were spice traders, criminals and holyman all work in the same streets. Osman seems to like to create music that is one long track as this is a single 38 minute journey. 20SV follows this theme often as well. There is no harsh or occultish feelings here like Seeking or the former mentioned project.
This is wonderful meditative style release. You can be very reflective and just let the world around to be forgotten. I really feel this is he best work over all.

Jennie Tebler´s Out Of Oblivion- Till death tear us part-CD (Black Mark)

Well this is 180 degree turn from a very lackluster re-entry to the label world from Blackmark with Man from the moon. This is a very melodic dark rock/ metal record very much a mix of bands like Lacuna Coil, Kittie and even at moments Within Tempation. The music at time has a very gothic overtone but in those gothic doom bands style like Trail of Tears, Theatre of Tragedy etc. Jennie's vocals are not overly power but are very fitting for the style that is going on here. The delicate and melodic nature of the voice is what work well with the sometime very epic and larger then life guitar and bass tones. This may even be something fans of Evanessance fan would enjoy. The voice is very similar to Morgan of Kittie almost haunting like when clean sung in Kittie. The music really reminds me of a band called Godgory that I'm sure very few of you remember but were a brilliant project all there own. Black mark has struck back with a very nice and flowing release. Jennie with her band could really make a name for themselves with this release let hope the promotion get the name out there enough for them to get on Festivials and prove themselves to the world...

Metal Church: This present wasteland

Metal Church-This present wasteland-CD (SPV USA)

I loved Metal Church at one point in time back in the late 80's/ early 90's when Mike Howe sung for them. This is not what I was hoping for . The vocal's are just awful. I hate to be like this but the music is very well done and reminds me of classic Metal Church but the vocals are so out of key and sour they hurt the ears. I really will not go any further with this. Metal Church seek out Mike Howe he is your key to a comeback...


Chthonian Of Beatings And The Silence In Between-CD (Woodcut Records)

This is one pissed of Black/Death metal force. They are on a mission to destroy your ear's mind, body and soul and I feel that Chthonian are very well on there way. The power of the blast beat and sub harmonic guitar tone is were they come from. The vocals are a battle cry to all that will heed the call. This gentlemen ( I use the term for respect) can belt the hell out of the extreme metal genre. The samples of women screaming and odd spoken passage just add to the mystery of it all. Woodcut seem to be one of those labels that likes to give you the extreme is what ever manner of music they present you and my friends job well done here. The bass lines at time sound like there about to explode along with the 100mph drumming that is going on here. There are melodic moments that just make the blasts all the more impressives. This is a project to keep your eye on as they going to take the Extreme metal world by storm. Excellent work!!!

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