Autumns Grey Solace Interview is up


1. For those of us new to the band tell us a bit about how the project came to


(E.W.)The project came to be when I, Erin, stole one of Scott's tapes that he
recorded his lonely music on. I wrote lyrics and came up with a vocal melody, sang it for Scott in a very quiet and shy manner. He was stunned! He finally found a singer! I was rather stunned myself, but anyways that was the beginning of our musical journey. This was in the late
nineties, and we have never stopped creating and recording songs thus far...Our name, Autumn's Grey Solace came about upon our first release of "Within The Depths of a Darkened Forest" in 2002.

2. You've been with Projekt for 4 releases now . They must help you grow and
expand your audience and exposure. Tell us how you came Projekt and what the future holds with them.

(E.W.)Our very first "promotional tool" was the internet, where we came into
contact with Projekt. Scott was introduced to the record label by a friend, he truly liked the music he heard and wanted to be a part of it, so he persisted in getting accepted by Sam Rosenthal. We were elated when we officially became one of Projekt's artists! Our hopes of getting heard
were high, and over the years we received much positive feedback, but we never quite got as big as we would have liked. Yet we still create music and we always will, whether we make it "big" or not. That is how the future looks to me: record music and make albums for others to
hear, using the internet to make our music available to those who want to hear it.

(S.F.)The only thing I can promise about the future is that no matter what label
we are on, our music will continue to be true. I want to reach the people that would like our music, but the reason I am making music is not for monetary gain or chart placement. To me it is much deeper than that. I don't consider music to be a job OR a hobby, for me it is an identity.

3. Scott, the music and vocals are so delicate and lush what are some of the
projects that you think have help mold the sound of Autumn's Grey Solace?

(S.F.)It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Cocteau Twins. I like the way that
Robin Guthrie uses modulation effects and delays to get an ethereal guitar sound, instead of just turning up a reverb pedal. I'm also a very big fan of Johnny Marr of The Smiths, especially on the "Meat Is Murder" album. The first time I heard the opening track "Headmaster Ritual", it forever changed the way I looked at playing the guitar. I'm also influenced by a lot of music from the seventies and eighties. To me, the earliest origins of ethereal and dream pop music came from songs like "Sara" by Fleetwood Mac, "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc, and other songs of that era.

4. Being a duo is it difficult to tour at all. Or do you have a group of live
members work with you.

(S.F.)Our time has been very limited lately, so we are not pursuing touring at
this time.

5. Has Autumns Grey Solace ever had more members as I'm new to the band . Would you ever want to add more full time members?

(S.F.)So far, it has just been Erin and I. It is possible that we may add a
bassist and drummer in the future.

6. Erin's voice is heavenly and atmospheric to say the least. I was wondering if
she would give us some of her inspirations vocally ?

(E.W.) When I first voyaged into Scott's music, I was listening to Hooverphonic
and The Sundays and the soundtrack to the movie "The Crow". I also loved the Cure and now that I think about it, I liked A LOT of music. But the vocalists that I seemed to be compelled to sing along with were singers like Lisa Gerrard, Elizabeth Fraser and especially Geike Arnaert from Hooverphonic. I also liked Delores from the Cranberries' first album.

7. Erin if you could collaborate with any vocalist on lets say a duo who would
it be and why?

(E.W.) That's a tough question because how can you know if your singing can do
any justice for the other singer? I guess if the challenge was presented to me, I would hope it would be from a vocalist like Robert Smith! I think his low breathy tones and intuitive sense of feeling in music would sound so enchanting with my breathy high tones. Ahhh, dream on....

8. Autumn's Grey Solace sound to my ears mixes , Pop, Jazz, Ambient and Avant
music not the typical projekt sound. Do you feel your a fringe band on this label or is that what give the band the edge that is needed?

(E.W.) Our music is something that is spun out of a web of emotions, fantasies
and escapism. Our only intention is to create music that is soulfully satisfying and merely hope that our music is just as satisfying to others. We have a unique sound that is difficult to put into a specific genre, so maybe we do have an "edge"!? I appreciate Projekt as a step into the
music industry, and I hope that AGS can grow further on into a positive direction.

9. I like to asked more seasoned bands this what is your thought of the current
state of Indie music. Is this truly the start of a great age for the them or has it become impossible to have a career with underground music.

(E.W.) We have been with Projekt for about 4 years, and our success has been
very modest. I think the only way to even have a chance at being successful in the music business is to get signed by a major record label. They have the means to work hard at giving bands what they need to promote themselves with: money and people with a significant amount of clout in
the industry. But, sure, I think anything is possible, especially when what you have to work with is music of great quality and presence, and I think our music has grown in that direction. I'm not a cocky person, but I do feel you must have a certain amount of confidence in your own music.

10. Is there a running theme on Ablaze our just a collection of wonderfully
crafted songs?

(E.W.) There does seem to be a theme to Ablaze: Coming out of denial and
entering into who we are as musicians and human beings. A collection of songs that the BOTH of us are truly proud of.

11. What's you thoughts on the digital age of music , what are the pro and con's
you see?

(E.W.) The internet and its ability to give people easy access to music is a
double edge sword in the industry. Its a resourceful tool for, especially, the "underground" musicians in acquiring fans, but only a few lucky ones get noticed by those who can "make it happen" for them. As far as digital downloads go, I think they have robbed the sound quality of
music, along with much of the revenue from musicians and record labels. Doesn't anyone appreciate the excitement of a new CD and leafing through the sleeves of lyrics and neat artwork anymore?

12. Are there bands out there that really impress AGS being new or experienced. If so let us know what you think is great out there.

(S.F.)What impresses me is when a band or musician captures a sort of intangible
"magic" element, that moves me on an emotional level andmbeyond. I have heard very little of that element in the music that has been released within the last 10 years. The vast majority of music being released now is weak and superficial. I create the music I want to hear to
fulfill the need for new music in my life.

13. Do the members have other projects that work in or is AGS the sole focus for
the both of you.

(E.W.) I have done work for Nick Phoenix of Eastwest Sounds recording vocals
for the Voices Of Passion virtual instrument software. Other than that I am loyal to Autumn's Grey Solace.

(S.F.)I don't think I could ever find another musical situation that fulfills me
like Autumn's Grey Solace.

14. When the band closes it final chapter what is it that you hope your fans
take from the band?

(E.W.)Ha, a closing chapter? I can't fathom that. But if I ever do become
geriatric, I hope our fans are left with a sense of solace in there lives.

(S.F.)I want people to know that we were a band that created music for the sake
of artistry and expression and that we never compromised the integrity of our music for money, popularity, or the desires of any record