August 2nd Reviews @ Absolute Zero Media

Bahimiron - Southern Nihilizm-CD (Moribund Cult)

This Texas troop of hateful and scorned Black metallers made quite a raw and noisy debut for the folks at Moribund Records. It's reminds me of the the darker side of the Blackened path that you would hear from Poland, Germany or Brazil now. The razor sharp guitar and the low powerful bass rumbles. The drumming is one step from total chaos but always masterfully controlled right be for that point. Using a words like tormented, nightmarish, insanity and beyond all hope of ever seeing the light of redemption just don't even come close to the pain and agony that the vocals portray . Beherit, Krieg, Judas Iscariot, Genocide Kommand etc you will be simply blown away that a band can still be this brutal, pissed off and keep amazing structure all together. The're are moments were a doomy atmospheric feeling comes across even some odd chanting like vocals effect. Bahimiron is Black metal the kind that only those that live and breathe it can truly create....

AZRAEL- Obdurate/Unto Death-CD (Moribund Cult)

So from what I'm reading this is early Demo works from Azrael a band that I think is the elite in the Post Black metal movement. They mix elements of Avantgarde, Doom, Black and Death metal. Then enter huge patches of atmosphere, dissodence and ambience into the picture to twist the already twisted sounds into something all there own. Azrael to this reviewers ears are much like if Burzum, MZ412, Naked City/ Pain Killers and Nuerosis all created a supergroup. You can hear even in these very noisy primitive records or demo releases as there calling them . The experimental nature that Azrael will bring in and take over the black metal world with. These track very much what bands like Velvet Cacoon got so very press on a few years back. I think Azrael were visionaries 5 yrs before as I could swear that some of the movements on Velvet Cacoon's releases are being played on these demos. Obdurate/Unto Death is a very important look back at a band that is moving into sounds that are even beyond post black metal now. Yes there lo fi and harsh but that was the point and purpose of it all back them. No just for fans of the band but anyone thats looking form some great obscure black metal with feeling and thought behind it. I would call it a essential listening and that high praise for what is to most a out print demo.

Klabautamann - Our Journey Through the Woods-CD (Vendlus Records)

Klabautamann is a bit shocking as it start with a very Folkish element then with in a few moments the become Mayhem meets Ved Buen Ende. There are some heavy Blackened Progressive Metal movements going on in this release. There is even an air of Opeth and Dan Swano sounds that are happening in just the 1st song alone. Prog anf Folk mix seems to be an odd creation at 1st but once you really sit down with it and give it a proper listen it works very well almost in a Skyclad or Subway to Sally vibe I get here. The vocals are very Black and grim so do not expect something flowing with clean melodies and group sung folklorish vocals. The acoustic guitars are what really make the songs shine as they add this other element of the old world into the already story tellers vision. I don't know why but at times they really sound like Finntroll too . I think it maybe just me here but I can see why Vendlus reissued this release as it's something the Metal world really needs to take hold and witness. Very impressive work.

Head on Collision - Ritual Sacrifice-CD (Beer City Records)

Welcome again to the never ending saga of retro thrash that is taking the world by storm again as it did in late 90's in 2008 we have many bands that think the greatest bands that ever lived Exodus, Sodom, Kreator, Nuclear Assault etc... As the vocals and guitar are those of that angst and buzzsaw nature that would make even Kerry King and Jeff Hannamen give a crooked smile. This could be a mix of South of Heaven and Fabulous Disaster if I closed my eyes with the vocalist of DRI at the helm. There is nothing hear but good heavy thrash riffs Bombastic drumming and thunderous bass. Everything you would want to make thrash just plain kick ass and for fuck sake there on a record label called Beer City you have to throw the horns up for that alone. Nice work....

20.SV-Apocalyptic Desert-CD (Autumn Wind Productions)

This my friend is what Industrial is all about there is nothing musical about this !!!. Its one 28 minute track of scrapes, tones, hums, drones, screams and harsh noise all made into a perfect package of angst and reflection. 20.SV is from the Middle east Lebanon an area of the world filled with chaos, war, destruction and sorrow as a daily event and you can clearly hear all of this in this very unsettling release . Apocalyptic Desert is plain and simply a Digital audio nightmare come to life and put out for the world to witness and heed as if were not careful the world could look much like this release sounds I'm not sure which in the end is really all the more frightening. Another Excellent release on Autumn Wind Productions. Do not miss out on any 20.SV or his Seeker side project as they are all worthy or multi listens...