Where the rituals and reasons meet into a festering tour de force...

League of Corruption- Something In the Water- Digital/CD (Black Doomba Records)

Heavy Bluesy, Doomy and full of the good kind of grooves. This come to be from the school of Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet. Damn you get where I'm going right Heavy yet catchy as all FUCK!!!. Love the gruff vocals that work so well with that blues tone. Bands like  League of Corruption mix the best of 70/80's hard rock with the metallic doomy groove that just works. The tasty solos and rolling bass lines just make this some I will listen to over and over again. It really has that 80's classic heavy metal vibe at time too. Really glad I got to listen to this . At time I feel Early Scorpions and UFO elements going on . If you don't know either of those bands you are really missing out too. League of Corruption you got one hell of a heavy record going on here. Glad to have been a part of hearing it.

NĂ´idva- Windseller - Digital/LP/TAPE/CD (Purity Through Fire)

Finnish Viking Thrashing Black metal that is so melodic and catchy I just loving this shit. Damn the vocals are nasty and the music is a mix of upbeat Viking/Folk with a very Old school Blackened Thrash vibe. This got me moving around . Image if  Motorhead and Finntroll put a project together that is really what I'm listening to here. Noidva you are making me smile even with this over the top cover and those very grim photos of the band.  Windseller is really doing my old pagan heart some good to get to listen to this. I love those very heathen folk elements that come and go through out the record as well. Purity Through Fire really has some interesting releases coming my way as of late. Again I get this is a very niche kind of record but for those of you and there are more then you think into  Folk Viking Black Thrash, Do not miss out on this album you will kick yourself later.

Tenebree- Errante herejia-Digital/CD (Australis Records)

This time we come from Chile ( South America) with some stunning faster paced Folky/Pagan Black metal that is very very well done in arrangement and production. I like that he vocals are mixed with the music and not buried it works so well that have more of Black/Death vibe with the vocals and the music mixed in proggy and Folk elements into the what I would call very much a love for 2nd wave Black metal. There is a driving force to what Tenebree creates a times I even hear that more war like Black metal vibe you get from Sweden and Polish Black metal.  There are some very sinister and fury filled moments but they really shine when the let the more melodic mix with the fury and they do that often. Tenebree gets how to mix the elements within each track to make a memorable song and album for sure. I know this came out early in 2020 but glad to be on the train to talk about and expose a record well worth many listens to any Black metal fan.


1 track off last record and 3 live songs is what we get from UK Final Coil . They are Indie, Prog, Emo and Post Hardcore in the best of ways. If you like  Sense Field, Sunny Day Real Estate, Tool and a bit of Pixies and Deftones. I would say this is spot on for what Final Coil is giving us on this Digital EP. I need to go back and listen to the last few records and see if there is a more Emo or Prog side to that band as the Post Hardcore vibe is really what is showing here. I would say they have alot in common with bands like  Jawbox and  Drive like Jehu in tone and musical ideas. This band was far more impressive then I was ready for.  The driving bass and odd proggy guitar textures really works. Final Coil you have me interested in more nice work indeed.

Defeated Sanity The Sanguinary Impetus-Digital/LP/CD ( Willowtip Records)

This is a Willowtip record what are you expecting folks???? I hope it Tech Jazzy Post Death metal madness if so then we are both here for the same thing and I will tell you know  Defeated Sanity does not dissapoint. Low gutturals, harsh death vox and some of the most wonderfully over the top Prog Death Metal you could hope for . Just imagine for a moment  Watchtower, Death, Atheist, Necrophagia and Exocrine all had a band all at the same time you got Defeated Sanity. The Jazz elements are what really add the extra flavor that takes everything over the time. These gentlemen are skilled on a level on few of us will ever hope to play at. Willowtip damn it you have done it again. Just blowing my mind in what extreme underground music can be and what it presents in 2020. There are even catchy hooks at time and I just not sure how that is possible. Defeated Sanity you keep making this and I will keep listening .

Incantation -Sect Of Vile Divinities- Digital/LP/Cassette/CD (Relapse)

These PA Extreme metallers have over the last 30 years gave me some of my favorite  Blackened Death meet Doom albums of all time two of them being Diabolical Conquest and Mortal throne of Nazarene. There have been some moments I wondered if Incantation has gone off to a path that they were going to lose me too " Blasphemy" then they had I call the Listenable year after leaving Relapse on top for me . There have some stunning records and this is where I saw that John could really be the front-man musically and vocally. So here comes 2017 and Incantation comes home to Relapse with  Profane Nexus and I will like it was a bit of a miss step. Now with Sect of Vile Divinities Incantation has come back full circle with a stunning and adventurous Black Death record that adds Prog and Avant elements to the already bludgeoning Doomy tones that they have had over years. The inventive guitar lines and the really fresh approach at a musical genre over 30 yrs old now is very very impressive to say the least. This in my humble option is the best record from Incantation since Diabolical Conquest.. OK its your turn to listen and see why Incantation are truly back on the top of the Extreme Metal Scene.