Few new reviews to hold you over... I'm not in a good headspace....

Reeking Aura-Beneath the canopy of compost- Digital/Tape ( Parasitic Records)

Ugly and Swampy Death metal with overtones of Doom and Sludgy Grinding tones. This comres from members of  Unearthly Trance, Buckshot Facelift, Artificial Brain, Afterbirth and Grey Skies Fallen. These three track are dark, heavy, complex and that triple guitar action really give it a proggy Death metal overtone at times. Colin Marston produced who did some amazing stuff with Gorguts. I love that it has that old school Incantation, Womb, Immolation and Grave vibe to me through out the release then if you lie The early sounds of Peaceville bands like  My Dying Bride, Darkthrone and Paradise lost you get those vibes here when they were more Death then Doom or Black in anyway. These three tracks are a stellar vision of where the band is going to head. There are some blackened elements at times too done let them fool you either. Reeking Aura is much more deserving then just a Cassette and Digital only release. Lets see some vinyl love for this band.

IMPIETY- Versus All Gods -DIGITAL,LP,CD (Evil Dead Production / Hells Headbangers)

Come on this band has been around since the 90's making  extreme sounds how do you not know of this band from Singapore. Impiety start off with an epic orchestral moment on this rager and then go into the epic Black/Death style that just makes you want to thrash around and take the pit by storm. Those vocal snarls and driving guitar and bass lines with a war like  drumming tempo. They really do have mid tempo, blistering moments and those thrashing good old solos going on here. What do you want Impiety make the kind of extreme music you can just listen to over and over again. I really do love the Bathory and Celtic Frost elements you can hear and work so amazingly well. Let the fury of Impiety take you to places that only this kind of music can. Horns high and let the patches of your favorite metal bands always be seen.

PUTRID OFFAL- Sicknesses Obsessions- Digital/LP/CD  (XENOKORP)

I know it odd to say but  Putrid Offal create catchy and melodic  Death/Grind  in the highest of orders. This  French unit going on three decades now reminds me of all the sick and disturbing music that came from the early days of Earache, Relapse and Displeased records. Some are short and fast and others are more a build up of nightmares, pain and aggression. The hardcore elements are really what shine in Putrid Offal with those lower gutturals and screeches that all the crusty punk/grind give us from labels like Slap a ham and Prank back in the day. The mixture of choirs and chants mixed within also make this something of a special journey in itself. There is truly a complexity to what Putrid Offal creates as there are moments I swear they love Bay area thrash metal too as there are riffs that come form Testament, Exodus and Death Angel from Putrid Offal as well. Then right back to the blazing Grindcore and Gore/Death that you know and want. I can clearly see again why this band has kept going for three plus decades and it doesn't look from this they are ready to end anytime soon.

Yanomamo- No Sympathy For A Rat- Digital (Self Released)

Australia huh so is this where my new sludgy bluesy dirty Doom is going to come from? Yanomamo you are in love with bands like  Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins, Crowbar, Cavity and Iron Monkey there is no fooling around there was a few Sabbath like moments but overall this is way to nasty to be that stoner side fully. It has more in common with Electric Wizard and It is I. The C.O.C and Buzzoven elements are here too. Love that feedback and noisy tone to all of what  Yanomamo creates I would say the biggest downside to this is that we only have four fucking songs. No Sympathy for a Rat is  Sludge Metal in all its glory and has the best parts about it to make me want to listen to Damad, Noothgrush, Grief and Corrupted. I just love the thick and flying off the rail sound that they create not sure if this should have a pit or just a bunch of folk just moving in unison to the drones and low end tones that come with that sonic fury. We need to get this band more press and I will be looking to hype this band more for sure..