Its the 4th of July and lets celebrate with some very diverse sounds....

Hohenstein- Weisser Hirsch - Digital/CD/Vinyl (Purity Through Fire)

I'm not sure what to think here . This is very Mid tempo Black metal that has a huge love for the punk inspired side of the genre. Hohenstein at moments is very catchy and atmospheric but it is really leaving me wanting more. I've heard it all be for its almost if early Bay area  and German thrash bands after a few recorded said " Hey let's try this Black metal stuff and see". I really want more and I'm not getting it all. the songs seem to have one sound and go on much longer then needed. Then in the middle of record there is this odd ambient/ piano piece that seemed very out of place. Ok maybe I'm not in the right frame of mind or this album came out in April and it took me till July to finally write about this. I just going to say there in nothing memorial here and leave it at that.

Close The Hatch -Modern Witchcraft- Digital/CD (Red Moth Records)

This is  Bluesy and Dirty Post Doom that is driving and moving in ways that I very much love. Are you fans of bands like  Baroness, Mastodon, Neurosis and Cult of Luna. You totally get were  I'm going if mix of Prog, Doom, Jazzy, Blues and that heavy back beat that can crush you were you stand. Close the Hatch are already making Ohio better then I remember it. This album is hypnotic, twisted and just plain good.  The more I listen the more I hear. There is really a cool experimental side to this. I love those sludgy Deftones moments that come in and out. Damn that's what I keep hearing  if Deftones and Melvins got together they would be Close the Hatch. God Damn I can sleep now . I cracked the fucking code here . You just keep doing what you do Close the hatch and I will keep listening.

Akolyth -Akolyth-Digital/LP/CD (Amor Fati)

There are albums that are raw and nasty and then there is Akolyth. Wow this album is lo fi in the best of ways. I reminds me of the early atmospheric Black metal albums you would have to wait weeks for in Mailorder from  Redstream, Osmose other obscure distro to arrive because you read about this european and occult metal band from New Zealand and could not wait till you got your hands on it and it was like nothing you had heard before.  It's another one man creation with that He is letting out all his hatred and disdain for the world with this 4 song gem.  When I use the word ugly I mean it Akolyth is an UGLY Black metal record that really is not here for anyone other then those that want anti music and to feel the same pain that is coming from the mind of this person. That right Akolyth this is the Black metal you listen to at night with the candles lite and the incantations are about to begin. Well done, Well Played!!!!

Shape of Water- Great Illusions- Digital/CD ( Eclipse Records)

So I'm going to start with I hate the term Alt Metal and all metal is the alternative to mainstream.. So fucking stupid. Shape of water are not metal they have metallic elements but Shape of Water is so much more. The mix  Radio AOR, Industrial Rock, Doomy Heavy Rock and other odd electronic elements .  If you could mix bands like Muse, NIN, TNT ( The Hard rock band from Sweden YES!!!), God live underwater, Alice in Chains and Prog Metal bands like  Sons of Apollo, Porcupine Tree and The Gathering. You have something close to the bizarre and eclectic sounds coming from the speaker. There are times I hear The Cure, The Mission (UK) and Killing Joke. Shape of Water I was not ready for what you presented me. At times its super poppy and sweet but there is a darkness and complexity to this that if you just casually listen will be very much lost on you. This is going to be a tough sell to many as it really is all over the place musically but there is a focus on the madness if you really listen.  We need more music that is not temporary and you need to sit , listen and absorb. 

Maud the moth- Orphnē-Digital/LP/CD (Música Máxica, Nooirax Producciones, La Rubia producciones)

What do you say when a band hits you so hard with a release you maybe speechless. Well Maud the moth is just that this  Spanish wonder machine is a mix of  Folk, Neoclassic themes, Jazz, Avant Pop, Gothic darkwave and touches of Avant Rock. Just from the 1st two or three listens we have a heavy love of  Third and the Mortal, Rajna, Amber Asylum, Arcana, Autumn Tears, Dead Can Dance, Diamonda galas and Tori Amos and that is just to break the surface of what I'm witnessing here. There are some moments I hear bands like Current Anathema, Antimatter and bands like Mors Syphilitica and Lycia too. Again words really are not enough to understand and experience something as flowing , majestic, beautiful, Sorrowful, hopeful and joyous of an undertaking as an album like this. Those soaring female vocals and epic piano movements.  Maud the moth have a lot in common with  I AM THE MORNING very much as well. Well again I could talk about this amazing album all day but you really need to get to listening to this .