There is always room for Doom....

The Funeral Orchestra -Negative Evocation Rites- DIGITAL LP/CD (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

This Swedish mystery come at us with 4 songs over 40 mins of punishing and suffocating Doom that has a love for Sludgy tone and a few Black metal elements thrown in for good measure. Blackened Doom is something that work very well especially if you have a love of Bolt Thrower tempos coming for the speakers when that is the speedy part. The Apocalypse in tone and over all aural wave coming from the speakers lets the listener know what that are getting into. The gutturals and deep chanting vocals are just stunning in every way. The name of the band could not be more fitting. Oh come on there are even drones going on here . What more can one say other then if your a Doom metal fan and I mean of the Funeral and Death/Doom elk then look no further and Negative Evocation Rites is the album for you and those around you. There is so much ugliness and sonic hatred going on that you will not want to miss a minute of this recording.

Primitive Man- Immersion- Digital/LP/Cassette/CD (Relapse Records)

From the Speakers comes Feedback and then the more barbaric Sludgy Doom one can ever ask for at times this is so heavy slow and murky its just beyond words amazing . I got to witness Primitive Man live last year here in Phoenix AZ and let me tell you the are more bombastic and brutal live then on record and fuck that is a hard thing to do. At times I think the vocals could be the Bass lines as they are so ultra low and deep.. Primitive man know what sonic torture is and have set out to have a mastery of it. Every time I hear them I think of the Titans battling as the earth trembles. Simply because it doesn't know if it will last till the end of the conflict. The Reverb and haunting echoes on the also ultra heavy guitars are really what draw me to the complete picture of this band. Let talk about the drummer who i swear is mugging not playing the drums. He makes then submit with his power and fury. Primitive man is like the most pissed of Noise Rockers that play as slow and as low as possible. I hope there is not another band in Denver Colorado close in the style they create but if there is we may have the Earth clean split in half...

Poema Arcanvs - Stardust Solitude-Digital/CD (Transcending Obscurity)

So what we have is a band from South America, Six records into their career giving us Gothic Death/Doom in the way the Peaceville Greats - My Dying Bride, Anathema, Paradise Lost and Early Katatonia did in the 90's with touches of bands like  Novembers Doom, Saturnus, Octobers Tide and Swallow the Sun just for good measure. Stardust Solitude is as grandiose and it is dark, heavy, brooding and just plain  fucking DOOM !!!. You can feel the thick and molasses like rhythms coming through with those  sorrowful vocals and dense and crushing guitars. This is a classic  Death /Doom release on all levels. I feel like its 1992 and I getting a new album from my favorite mail-order and just can't wait to rip it open and take the next journey of my extreme music exploration. Again words don't do justice to a band like this. You need to hear this if you like the music above. This will be on repeat often. 

Witnesses- Doom II -Digital (Self-Release)

So this  NY one man project from Greg Schwan and few touches by Matt Kozar , Scott Loose and Kody Ternes is a mix of  Post Rock, Emo, Doom metal and Prog metal movements . If you could mix  Sunny Day Real estate, Mastodon, Giant Squid, Tool and Katatonia. I would say they have elements of the amazing Green Carnation, Anti-Matter and In the Woods as well. There is so much amazing clean singing going on here and not in that shitty Stoner or Doom rock style. This is much more coming from the Prog and Gothic vocal vibes. I would say that Emo element really does shine at times and makes the Doomy parts all the more dark and disturbing. I can hear elements of Ulver and Devil Doll in this album as well. Witnesses is so much more then just a Doom band but have so many Doom elements that Doom II is very much a Doom record at its heart. At the end of the day. I'm really digging this album.