Time for the well known to be challenged...

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DeafHeaven- Ordinary Corrupt Human Love- CD/ Digital / LP ( Anti )

Over the Years I have really been impressed with what people are calling Post Black metal and Black Gauze .  DeafHeaven are really Pioneers of this style starting back in 2010. This being their 4th proper album  and second album with Epitaph sub label  ( ANTI) the sound has been changing quiet a but . I would say with  " O.C.H.L " this is moving more into a post rock, shoe gazing and prog metal band with blackened vocals. Though the clean female and male vocals really give this album an ethereal meets heavy indie rock vibe to match. Were  Deafheaven used to be all band the Angel and Demonic in sonic and vocals . They now are really adding haunting melodies and distant  left of center ideals. I know people want to call this a hipster album with the popularity of the band over the last 5 years. This band is still never going to have a pop single with the harsh vocals and dissident riffs sonically through out .  " O.C.H.L " is  Deafheaven most complete and complex record to date and are really finding the bands course into being there own sound and ground breaking band.  Where I see the other album being a very centrist in that the band wanted to create . With this album they are focusing on an album from beginning to end. I really think Album # 5 is going to be the make or break album for DeafHeaven and will take them into Massive Success or Back into the Underground forever as Cult Icons. 


Immortal "Northern Chaos Gods"

Immortal- Northern Chaos Gods- CD/ Digital / LP ( Nuclear Blast )

So a decade between records and a main member gone ( Abbath ) . We have a new Immortal album with Peter of Hypocrisy/ Pain on Bass and doing all the recording for this . What has been presented to the fan???  Well one of the best Immortal albums ever this is on the levels of  " In the Heart of Winter"  the difference his the music is more melodic and driven and the vocals seems to have a fury and complexity that have been missing on last two. That Viking/ Pagan Black metal element is really back and the Sounds are fast, tight and catchy as all can be.  Demonaz Vocals are spot of for a Epic Fast Black metal release. They are razor sharp not as nasty and gritty as Abbath but the fit this music so much more. Horg your drums sir as that on levels of Gene Hoglan and George Kollias.. Peter just knows the sound of this band and has made everything Clear and Vibrate for a Black metal masterpiece. Immortal we are so glad you are back with the fire and passion of your Brilliant older releases. Know we need this to happen far more then once a decade.


Skeletonwitch-Devouring Radiant Light- CD/ Digital/LP ( Prosthetic Records)

Yes I understand there is a new Vocals and he is from Wolvhammer and that band is very different from this but Adam voice transcends through both band and Skeletonwitch was a much shorter, brutal, thrasher band before this album but have you even listened to album all the way through other then just to the single " Fen of Shadows" . There is a darkness and harmonic element that was very much missing to the band before now. Skeletonwitch always seemed way to retro . With Devouring Radiant Light they have added Prog Black and Melodic Death metal elements that have made the longer songs make we want to listen to them and the Thrashier songs have a more interesting approach . Skeletonwitch as written an album that really does defy what there core sound was and shows the creativity and inventive side of what  Black Proggy Thrash can achieve in 2018. The Dueling guitars really make for an album that makes me want to listen to more and more. They Stand out as a band for the 1st time for me as a reviewing. If you want 3 mins fast thrash of old your not getting anything like that so yes you are going to be disappointed.  Adam vocals really breathe a new life here and had a grindy death element that I feel was really missing. This album is here I want to see Thrash heading we need new ideal and changes. Too much retro going on. I'm going to end I love the Swedish black death vibe mixed with that melodic thrash drive. No matter what I say this album is going to divide and cause conversation and at the end of the day that really does make for great extreme music..