Osmose productions artist - totalselfhatred. Interview up

1.So tell us a bit about totalselfhatred as Solitude the new album is such a mix of Beauty and Despair even at the same times at times?

The combination of these two states of mind has been the foundation for Totalselfhatred since the very beginning. Some also refer to it as melancholy. 

2. I would call the music Depressive Post Black metal. what do the members of totalselfhatred call it?

Actually we don't care. 

3. With this album the production is so strong and massive it reminds me of bands like Deinonychus, Happy Days, Aosoth,  Shining and Silencer . What bands brought you to this sound?

To long list to mention, we're influenced by a vast variety of different music-styles. In the end it is the feeling in the music that's the most important. 

4. You have been working with Osmose Productions for a few albums how is the partnership and how has the exposure to the world been with them?

Really well, especially for a band like us where life takes over here, making it impossible to deliver along tight timeschedules. Osmose has nevertheless been supportive all the way. 

5. The artwork for Solitude is very otherworldly and sinister at the same time how does it play into the theme of album?

It symbolizes the contrast inbetween beautiful nature and the urban cold world. The contradictions we live in. 

6. If you can make a proper video for Solitude which track and how would it be presented?

Maybe Nyktophilia praising the melancholic beauty of the nigh, urban as well as in nature. 

7. Finland Black and Doom have such a somber and flowing style why do you think bands like  Thergothon, Skepticism,  Dolorian, Enochian Cresent, Horna and  Circle of Ouroborus has such a sound that is all linked to the land they are from I would say totalselfhatred is in those ranks.

Finnish summers are short with only a bit of snow. 

8. Do the members of the band have other projects they would like to tell us about?

Have and had but right now we're focusing on TSH only. 

8. How do visuals and presentation of band play in how people see the band ?

Visuals are part of the whole package and we aim to support the overall feel of the music with the visual side. 

9. Does Religion or Occult change a extreme metal bands popularity in 2018 or is that a thing of the past?

Don't know, don't care. 

10. How is totalselfhatred  live vs on recording and what to you want fans to get out of a performance?

Concerning both we aim to channel certain feelings into music and hope they'd reach our audience. 

11. Can Melody be sickly as I swear you have some the most chilling Melodies of any album I've heard.

Thank you, melodies are vessels for feelings, sickly or not is up to the listener. 

12. Are you a fan of the Swedish band Dawn and I hear many influences in what you create?

Sorry, who? 

13. Is Socal media and digital distribution polluting the music landscape for extreme music or is it the next frontier like demos and tape trading was 3 Decades ago?

Like with everything there are pros and cons. Personally I think one positive side is that you can listen to releases upfront and buy only the quality stuff. Somehow I feel this is kinda return to when mostly only quality bands got a record contract. 

14. If the band was to end today what would you want the legacy to be of totalselfhatred?

Strength through pain 

15. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts here

Thank you for the interview. We'll tour Germany, Austria & Switzerland in October. 

Be well

You, too