From Grind to Doom to Black exploring new territories...

Human Cull -Revenant  - CD/Digital (WOOAAARGH )

This  band has been going strong scene 2012 and I know very little about them. Though listening to this 18 massive assault on the senses I will say that Human Call are a Grindcore force of Short and blistering track that come very much from that old school  Punk/ Hardcore school of  the style . There very much is a Crusty Deathcore element to this all  there is a strong love for Napalm Death, Doom, Seige and Nails in my opinion as well as early Carcass . These UK war masters of short, in your face crusty grind have really impressed me and I will listen to this over and over again most songs are under 1 minute in time and get it all done it that time. There is such a complexity and violence to the music an vocals I just know that Grindcore has major hopes in 2018.

MOS Generator- Shadowlands- CD/ Digital ( Listenable)

This  Washington State based unit has been around a bit for sure and the are a mix of Heavy Rock, Fuzzed out Stoner metal and love of proto Doom and melodic prog . They have the love of Sabbath styled vocals from Ozzy and Tony ... The are mixing elements of late 80 thrash and power metal too.  MOS Generator have been around since 2002 and have been making this Grooving  Doomy sound for quite some time. This band could be very much on labels like Rise Above, Meteor City or Tee Pee records . This is total 70's and 80's heavy metal loving music with the catchy elements and metallic fury too me. I actually like this very much as the vocals really work well with the guitars and driving rhythms. Check them out for sure.

Fister - No Spirit Within- CD/ Digital/ LP ( Listenable )

MMMMMM bands like Fister warm my hateful heart with the sounds of  Sludge Doom with a Anti life and Destruction of all way of being. There is Bombastic, Ultra thick and the vocals are filled with the venom and spite of 10,000 Crust and Punk bands. If your into bands like  Dolorian, Unholy, Primitive Man and Loss then you are going to hear what I mean. There is also this hypnotic and just ghostly off kilter tone about the band that makes the Doom they make all the more avant and ugly. If you like bands like  IT IS I and Esoteric too there is going to be many gems in this for you as well. I could easily hear this on  Relapse, Southern Lord or 20 Buck Spin.  This is Hardcore inspired Doom were they are even very may brother is sonic ideals like  Unearthly Trance too. This Album as made this band from Missouri come out of the woods and become a leader in that Bleak Doom scene. Eyehategod is a band that gives me chills like this and now Fister !!!!!

HERON -A Low Winter's Sun -CD/ Digital) (Sludgelord Records )

Must be the season for kick ass Doom bands as now with Heron we have an epic crusty sludgy Doom unit with some guttural and hateful vocals going on. They are very much tormented to say the least.  With Heron we have a very Bluesy and Slow tempo that almost feels apocalyptic to say the least. The songs then getting into a full on crusty black death side at times too and the two styles really work well. There is a strong occult vibe in this one my friends. There is very must a massive dark atmosphere going on with Heron too. The creepy Devil Doll Pianos I hear are awesome to say the least as well. Heron is all over the spectrum for Doom and Heavy Dark metal and Heavy rock modes but damn as I was saying it all ties in so well. So lets call it folks Heron is  Epic/ Atmospheric Sludgy Doomy Black Metal ..

Djevelkult -Når Avgrunnen Åpnes - CD/ Digital  (Saturnal )

So if I say Black metal from Norway do I really need to say more? Yes this is Cold Atmospheric and Grim with a very gritty low fi style all in the under belly of this band. Black metal is something that very music started from this region . I really like the very avant synths that comes and go through out the album. Black metal bands from Norway no matter what age also have a strong love of Punk and Thrash and that is the sounds that work best with more traditional Black metal. I will say there is a good dose of Viking and Pagan metal going on within this album as well . I love the very grim and slit throat vocals going on with  Djevelkult. With this record let the Gods of old really shine through and see what heritage and bleak and disturbing sounds can really create.