Non Serviam Artist Raventhrone Interview interview up

1. Belarus has a long and powerful underground metal history how does Raven throne plan into this?

We started in 2004 and never really focused on the opinions of other people.
We were in a certain isolation. We like this position. There are many talented groups in Belarus.

2. I miortvym snicca zolak is your 6th proper album and is the 1st for Non Serviam how did you come to work with them ?

We began to communicate via the Internet and came to a decision to release our album on the label.

3. It seems every album is on a different label is this by choice of because of the time between full lengths?

So it happens by accident. We sit on the bank of the river of life and look at the flow of water)

4. In the Eyes, Ears and Minds of Raven Throne who does your Debut album Великая тень Чернобога differ from I miortvym snicca zolak ?

We have become more experienced musicians. We are moving more confidently. We know what result is needed. We are constantly experimenting.

5. I hear elements of Epic Folk, Viking, Black and Doom in Raven Throne on I miortvym snicca zolak what were you trying to bring to the work with new release?

The new album turned out to be the slowest and melancholy in our discography. As texts we used poems of Belarusian poets, many of whom died because of Soviet political repressions.

6. If you could make a proper video for any song off I miortvym snicca zolak what track and how would you like it to look?

I think it would be a track Pole Cicha šaptała Kałossiem ... Minimalism. Harsh natural scenery. Classic dark metal video

7. If you could tour with any band for a world tour what band and why?

I think that Paradise Lost would be the ideal option for a joint tour)

8. How does the Album cover of I miortvym snicca zolak play into the story or theme of the tracks?

We like classic covers in black metal style and we are inspired by the greatness of Nature. The transience of human life and the power of nature - this contrast we reflected in the design of the album.

9. What bands or albums are impressing the members of Raven Throne? Speaking of albums of the black metal genre, these are the classic works of Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal ...

Personally, I listen to a wide variety of music without restrictions. For example, the delightful soundtrack to the Interstellar movie)

10. Do the members have other projects my readers can check out of is Raven Throne's Majestic sounds the only wanted musical outlet needed?

We do not have any serious projects: only Raven Throne)

11. Do you feel Metal music needs longer songs to get the full picture to listener or can you make short tracks with the same power ?

It depends on the atmosphere of the track. I never thought about it

12. Are you fans of Social media or does it water down the underground metal scene too much?

Social networks have a place in our lives! This is a convenient to communicate and promote our music.

13. If the Members of Raven Throne were not creating music what other outlets could give you the same release?

Literature, philosophy and contemplation of Nature are very important for me (besides music). I hope that I've understand your question )))

14. Thank you for the time any closing thoughts there

Thank you! Follow the Raven!!!