3 on the sea to extremity ...

Soliloquium- Contemplations- CD/ Digital ( Transcending Records)

Swedish Band of Gothic inspired Doom death is what I getting from when I listen to this with a love of some Swedish Black Death too. The sounds that come jumping out at me are Katatonia, Saturnus, Rotting Christ and Dissection have a lot to do with what is going on here as well. I elements of Old UK Doom like  Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride . Soliloquium keep it pretty close to the vest on what kinds of sounds and styles they want you hear. If you like the Old Doom sounds of labels alike Avantgarde and Misanthropy you have a good idea of what we are giving here. That ethereal Gothic Doom sound never goes out of style it just if you can make something interesting out of it and Soliloquium clearly has. I'm shocked as even the clean vocals are strong on this no always the case in Doom metal album. Check it out I think this one will surprise many that dig a bit into the tracks.


Jyotisavedanga -Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum - CD/ Digital /LP  (Larval Productions )

So the 1st track of this massive undertaking is a mix of  Ethno Industrial, Noise and Vocals samples that sound like those that came from space. As we move along this about is a mix of Noise, Grindcore and Tech Death with a strong prog element to mix it all together. Jyotisavedanga is violent, caustic, complex and entertaining all in one. There is an extremity and Melody all at the same time going on here . Honestly I never though  Black/Death/ Grindcore could mix and work together but with  Jyotisavedanga it clearly does. The vocals are almost part of the noise of the album that makes it all the more over the top and innovative. Not sure I could explain Jyotisavedanga if I truly tried so I will end by saying this. Noise and Metal are sisters of the night and need to co mingle for to make the disturbing musical child presented to me today .


Inferi -Revenant - CD/ Digital ( The Artisan Era )

The last Extreme music band I feel in love with from Nashville TN is ??????. I Don't think I know of any and with Inferi they are mixing some impressive sound and styles . Symphonic Black metal  Tech/Prog Death and even some very Jazzy movements into Revenant. They come across as more like a Death metal version of Dimmu Borgir or Mid Period Emperor which I can fault zero one. The album cover has a very Immortal or Enslaved vibe and both those bands do come shining through as well. I know the love Ihsahn too as you can hear the movement in a similar fashion. I love Complex Black Death that likes to get into that over the top Death metal that is almost Deathcore. Bands in 2018 are really blurring all lines in extreme sound and you need to take them on a case by case to see what it is that moves you or not. Inferi is fucking amazing hands down for this guy. Get it of miss out . That is all my friends,